Marriage and A Course In Miracles…

Marriage and A Course In Miracles…

Marriage as the physical world understands it,is the epitome of the “special relationship,” described in ACIM. Two people are “attracted” to one another, and whether they are conscious of it or not, they perceive there is something in the other that they want or need. This relationship is bound to fail and does about 60% of the time, and percentages of failure rise much higher for multiple marriages. Clearly there is something wrong with marriage the way the world views it. The Course talks about our “joining” with others. This joining is of the spirit, of the mind. It means that two characters in the dream have sensed that they share the same identity in spirit as Love’s Presence. When you are with that person, the Love of God is intensely felt, and it is not coming from one and being given to another. It is an experience you both share. This joining is needed for all the members of the Sonship. The Holy Spirit’s job is to bring together all the separate pieces of the Sonship back into one Whole for our awakening journey back into the Mind of Christ, at Home in Heaven, where we have never left in truth. We travel but in dreams while safely at Home. So….if you have joined in mind with another person and share Love’s Presence, what form will that take in the illusory world? It doesn’t have to take ANY form or it can take multiple forms. The form is not important. Such a couple can choose to be married in the world’s sense and share their work together as they continue to share Love’s Presence. That would be quite a different marriage than what we usually observe in the world! But marriage is not needed for these two. They can simply share their life’s spiritual work and live in different parts of the world if they so choose. What if you are joined in mind with someone who is also married in the conventional sense? No problem. For example, I am joined in mind with one of the leaders of ACIM who happens to also be married to a woman. Is she threatened? Of course not! She is joined to her husband as one Love and views joining as does the Holy Spirit! What if she is in her ego and objects to her husband being joined in mind to others? Well this would be a little work the couple would need to address in their own relationship because some “specialness” has crept in to project this jealousy.

What an example for the world could two people be if they are joined in mind, share their spiritual work in life, and share Love’s Presence! Wow! That is the example we should wish to put into the world as a living example for an alternative to the world’s insane ideas about love and marriage.

What if you are joined in mind with someone and they are still in their ego and cannot join with you? Well that would not be a real joining would it? Because both people do not sense Love’s Presence as being something they share. The person in the ego would even be afraid of joining. It might upset his/her plans for having a conventional marriage!! So you who would join, being in spirit, must hold the space for your friend until s/he can come into his/her right mind. Then joining can take place. And then the form it takes is up to them. FORM AND SUBSTANCE is the continual issue we deal with. I hope this helps a little to clarify marriage and ACIM! May the Peace of God be yours today and may you join in mind with your brothers and sisters.

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