Burnaby Lake and Peace

The barometer dropped last night in Vancouver and we awakened this Sunday to Fall weather in the middle of July!! The temperature dropped about 10 degrees C. I went to the waterfowl sanctuary at Burnaby Lake today. The ducks and geese were all huddled together with their bills under their wings. The birds were singing beautiful chorales as though unaffected by the weather. The marsh was peaceful and calm. What had been a sea of daffodils in Spring has now become a sea of lily pads full in bloom. The marsh is covered with the most beautiful white lilies. There were virtually no other people today, which was good for my purpose of coming to nature to find no purpose! I always find peace here but today it was deep. No people. No purpose. I sat with a group of half-sleeping ducks for hours, just to go into the flow. We ARE the flow. We are not the observer. As I sat with the ducks, redwing blackbirds landed and picked at seeds near me. I love their red wings and their beautiful cry. As a singing teacher I sat their for hours listening to the birds make such beautiful songs. Do you understand that the birds LEARN their songs? Darwin pointed this out. Birds learn their songs from their parents. How can a bird with a brain smaller than a pea LEARN songs?

The King Fisher came while I was duck sitting. What a stunning bird he is! The ten thousand things of the Tao are all there in the marsh, but the Tao is all that is real. We ARE the flow. Look, there you think you see flowers? That is your consciousness telling you that. In Truth, where you think you see flowers, there is the Mind of God in flow state.

It is interesting to watch people come to the marsh with some purpose in tow. They have a bag of seeds and kids. The kids throw the seeds. They leave. Some come with a camera. They take pictures. They leave. They all seem to have some agenda for coming and quickly leave. I come to try to reconnect with the immensity of nature which is my true Self. I know if I can connect with my vastness my observer mind will still and thought will stop. Thought is what stands in the way of peace and truth. Thought never touches on either! And the observer mind, the ego, though it be illusion, never stops thinking. It never stops projecting.
The observer mind is wrong-minded. It believes in separation. It believes in the ten thousand things. It doesn’t believe in the Tao. The Tao would frighten it to death! But it can be tricked and this is what I do. I go into nature and turn the observer mind on to the max. I observe everything as closely as possible. The more closely I observe the slower the mind works to process the increased observation. Finally the observer stops and I am not a thought. I am not a body. I AM the immensity. I AM The vastness, but not as a thought!!!! As an experience!!!
The ducks are part of me and I of them. The flowers grow on my fingers. The blackberries grow in my arms. The lilies in the marsh grow in my hair. And there is flow. Have I mentioned WE ARE THE FLOW? No-thing is flowing. The Tao cannot be named.