Deeply Asleep

I have encountered something that should not exist! I have encountered and interacted with someone who is totally “dead” in the Spirit. I didn’t think that was possible. Oh I know the evangelical Christians talk this way all the time, but I am not one of their bunch. I don’t think that way. I know many people are totally ignorant of spiritual things, maybe even most people, but they are still aware of spiritual realities at a deeper level in their minds. You could hypnotize them or take them into deep meditation and they would become aware of spiritual aspects of themselves (and they usually say thank you). The person I am talking about registers as spiritually dead. That means she does not know what love is. She does not know its value. She is a living walking Ego who believes that she is separate from anything anyone could call “God,” and she believes she as an Ego is her own source! You can tell her the deepest secrets of the Spirit and they roll off of her like water off a duck’s back. In the terminology of ACIM she is deeply, deeply asleep, and such depth of sleep is an absolute wonderment to me. And yet, I come back to the wonderful lessons of my dear teacher in ACIM, Tara Singh, who told us, “Many of our brothers are deeply asleep. That’s OK. Let them sleep. They will all awaken some day.”