Projection makes Perception

Recently I taught two students who came from a foreign culture steeped in superstition and witchcraft. They literally believed in the magical thought that one person could actually make another person act a certain way or inhibit the fulfillment of a person. It was amazing to me! It was nothing for people in their culture to hire a witch to cast a spell to get a husband or to fight one’s “enemies” with witchcraft. We might accept this from people living in parts of Africa but it is quite another thing to find such people in my voice studio in Vancouver. ACIM is very plain about this magic business. It says

“I am Responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience,
And I decide upon on the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me
I ask for, and receive as I have asked.” (T 448) [417]

Nobody can MAKE you feel anything. Nobody can inhibit your progress. Nobody can use magic on you and make you do anything. YOU are in charge. The ego does not want to see this! The ego believes in magic and blame and victimization. In truth, The Course is telling us that whatever you experience about “me” is really about “you.” Projection makes perception. See me as loving and you gave yourself the gift of love from within you. See me as fixated instead of loving and you give yourself the illusion of attack and danger coming from within you. The ego cannot be responsible. It cannot choose the feelings it experiences. It cannot decide upon a goal. Everything happens TO an ego, never asked for. It is always a victim. Therefore the ego is dead to the Spiritual world. It does not know the Truth. The ego adores magic because it knows nothing else. It does not know Love for it views Love as its enemy. So the ego invents its own form of “ego spirituality.” It believes in preserving separation while seeming to fight its version of spiritual battles. It wants to be the great individual who will solve problems that it has projected. That is its game: First project problems and then appear to solve them. And spiritual egos spend their whole lives doing such things believing they are spiritual warriors! The ego cannot get the truth that there is nothing outside of ourselves! The world, the universe, is not real. It is our projection. The world has no problems of its own. The problems are within US! You cannot be a spiritual peacemaker (forget “warrior”) while you believe in magic! You cannot help the “world” on Dec. 21st 2012 if you are still looking outside of yourself! The problems are within US and they are illusions created by the blockages to the truth, the awareness of Love’s Presence. This Love is all there is in truth. Everything that seems to be an opposite is an illusion, a dream. This Love is completely One and Whole. There is nothing outside of it. No part of it can really split off and observe it, which is what the ego believes it has done. It is impossible. It is a silly dream based on the belief in sin, guilt and fear. THAT is consciousness. The phantom observer IS consciousness and it is unreal. No such thing could ever happen in truth. Popping the illusory bubble of consciousness itself is what we must do Dec.21st, 2012 and beyond. Leave the magic behind. Leave the spiritual egos behind. Leave the separated individuals behind. See through the illusion of consciouness and Oneness is all there is and has ever been. There is no observer in this state, no individuals, just the Whole of Love flowing forever, unconsciously!