Thank God consciousness is not real!

ImageThank God it is illusion. Were it real then pain, suffering, death, and my broken heart would all be real…and they would then be eternal! That could never be because Love is the only reality and what is all encompassing can have no opposite. All of its apparent opposites are illusions! Nothing but dreams. This Love that is the only reality is impersonal and unconscious. It has no observer, nothing outside of it! This whole world of observers is an illusion, as crazy as any schizophrenics’ mad house hallucinations! Now the great thing about ACIM is that it gives us a clear picture of how this madness began and continues and what we can productively do while we are here!
It is not the answer you might think. It’s not meditating or living in a cave. It’s not being religious in any conventional sense, whether Eastern or Western. What we can productively do while we are here is to forgive our brothers here in the asylum with us. We all made this cage together! And we must all leave it together. So don’t listen to your Los Angeles New Age guru talk to you about “raising consciousness,” or crap about “consciousness” being our Source! That is a madman talking. That is the EGO talking. For yes, consciousness seems to be its source, and yet, seen again, the ego and consciousness are the same thing. The ego is the observer and the illusory act of observing is…wait for it…CONSCIOUSNESS!! CONSCIOUSNESS is an illusion, a mad, insane illusion, that comes from a tiny, mad idea, that part of the Divine could split off, be outside of everything, and observe it! The very idea should have been laughed at the moment it entered the Mind and we would never be here now! We would be IN THE FLOW OF ETERNAL LOVE! And so we have to laugh at it now!! We laugh and we forgive. We forgive and laugh at the very silly idea that some “thing” could be outside of the WHOLE, observing it!