The Oneness which is Love flows unconsciously.

  • How could a Perfect, Good God have created a world which fell into such evil? Surely you have wondered that! The answer is simple but it will shock you. GOD DID NOT CREATE THIS WORLD. WE DID! All our minds are a part of One Mind which miscreated this world. The world is more like a dream than real. It is a projection. In truth there is nothing outside of us. God did not create that terrorist act, therefore it is not real! Evil things that happen here are not real! They appear real, of course, just as the world appears real, and we must show compassion to the injured and suffering. The real God is in His own universe of spirit. THIS is the fake universe we made as a place God could enter not. The real universe of spirit is our Home. It is total Oneness and total Love that flows throughout the real universe. In that Home, there is no observer, no individuals. The Oneness which is Love flows unconsciously. Our job is to be a Light in this fake world we have made by forgiving our brothers and sisters. The Light in one is able to awaken the Light in all. Dec.21, 2012 is all about US. The cosmos is a projection of US. There is nothing outside of us. Dec.21, 2012 is a date we have given to ourselves as a time of awakening to Love’s Presence.