The world looks different now that forgiveness has come

The world looks different now that forgiveness has come. The coarse, thorny vines have softened and given way now to beautiful flowers and berries. Where there was no way forward, now the Light House is easily seen and we steer our “course” (I couldn’t resist.) by it. Where an ancient hatred had lane upon the world, only peace is found now. Where before we saw a world ready to self-annihilate, now we see a reflection of Heaven, so near, that it is but a small step to its gate. Let this be our vision of the earth and God Himself will reach down and pick us up to Him. We came to this vision, not by first seeing the old world real and fighting for reform, but by forgiveness and the faith that a new vision would be given to us, and so it has been given. Those who hold this vision of the earth are its Light Bearers. In Peace do we hold this vision with kind tolerance for those who perceive a threatened world in need of more and more defenses. “If I defend myself I am attacked,” and on and on the old world would go. “But in defenselessness I will be strong, and I will learn what my defenses hide.” Hold but this Vision of the world for it has been given to you by your own memory of Truth which your insanity could not destroy. Bravely walk the world with this vision as your only defense and our return Home is not only assured but quickened. God’s son is rejoining and awakening from a long, silly dream.