What Should We Do In This Current Crisis of 2012?

What Should We Do In This Current Crisis?

There is no doubt that 2012 brings the illusory world into an ending of one form and offers a transformation into another form. Just as surely, crisis stands between the end of the old world and a possible transformation. The transformation is not inevitable, and we are talking about an illusory world changing!! Consciousness IS the illusion of separation! Our Home is Oneness and there is no observer there! There is no consciousness in heaven! The observer is an illusion. Part of the whole cannot break off and observe the whole because there is nothing outside the Whole. But this impossibility is what seemed to happen, and the result is a dream world in a dream universe. The observer is not real, and the unreal act of observing is CONSCIOUSNESS! Consciousness cannot evolve because it is not real. It can appear to evolve only to those stuck in illusions.
A common question that comes up for practitioners of A Course in Miracles goes something like this: “Suppose you were walking and came upon a man standing on the edge of a bridge, about ready it seems, to take his own life. What would you do?” The answer is, You would need to be in your Peace so that you could hear the inner voice of your teacher, the Holy Spirit, and then you would do as that Voice tells you, whether it is to go to him and try to talk him out of it, or even to give him a little push over the side!!!!!! You would not know what to do, but in your Peace you could be told what to do.

Now we are coming into a crisis like that, except it is the world standing on that bridge in panic and threatening to jump. What do we do? The Futurists tells us to band together as spiritual activists, form new networks to help the earth. From the point of view of the Course (which is mine) they have forgotten that there is nothing outside of themselves. They see the world as real and in need of our help. They see the universe (a bigger view of the world) as not only real, but the result of God’s creation which He continues by evolution from matter to mind, to consciousness, self-consciousness, and ultimately to Christ Consciousness. Most theologians today would disagree with this point of view. Such a view is based on the earlier work of Teilhard de Chardin which has been largely discarded today as naive. From the point of the view of the Course, there is enormous illusion here. Problems do not lie outside of ourselves. The world, the universe, is not real. No problems can be solved by projecting them onto the universe. The crisis of 2012 lies within us, and that is where the changes need to happen. God did not create the universe, WE did! Not individually of course, but the mind of which we are all a part. All our work is within ourselves to forgive our brothers and every part of the sensory data we call the universe. As we forgive, our confused Ego mind stills and we can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. S/he will tell us what to do to help the suicidal world standing on that bridge. Our job is to come to Peace and extend that Peace to other minds. A still mind has no problems. Still minds do not project a universe in danger because still minds cannot know fear. That is the big fallacy of the Futurists. They make the universe real, knowing not that it is in itself a projection of fear. They would make that fear real and then try to fix the universe! Haven’t we had enough of that activity? First project problems and then solve them? Aren’t we tired of that yet? In Peace there is no opposite. A Peaceful mind will not project the opposite. A Peaceful mind does not know fear. A Peaceful mind follows instructions it receives from inner wisdom and is confident in his ability to carry out the instructions given to him. As we draw Dec. 21. 2012 to us, think of that man standing on the bridge. You need to be at Peace. If you are not already at Peace when you come to that bridge, you will be tempted to project fear. You will feel helpless. The answer is in the NOW and the NOW extends to Dec. 21 and beyond. Come to Peace.