A human thought is the lowest form of intelligence.

Tara Singh, our beloved teacher of ACIM, said, “A human thought is the lowest form of intelligence.” Would you react to that or would you look at it? Taraji was talking about wiser things than thought. Nature knows such wisdom. Do not all the birds fly out of joy? Do not the fish swim out of ecstasy? Does not nature know a peace that can bring you to absolute stillness? So what about this opinion you have that man is the crowning summit of creation? Isn’t it self-serving nonsense? Do you really think that you are more intelligent than nature because your brain is bigger? Big deal! Size is not everything. My cat is far wiser than I. She knows stillness. She knows peace. She comes from wisdom’s gate. She is a cat of God straight from Heaven and she brings Heaven’s Light to the planet. Look at her sitting in my lap. Look at the wisdom and love. Am I superior to her because my brain is bigger? Absolutely not! That is utter insanity. When you go to nature and are inspired by the sight of a fawn, does not its ability to inspire you come from Eternal Truth, Eternal Laws? And so the sight of the fawn brings your superior brain to stillness, and in that stillness you move to an intelligence that is beyond the brain. It is timeless and belongs to eternity. The immensity of which we are apart does not know thought! Are we there? But if you become afraid of your true Self, your immensity, will you not fall back on thought? You will bring your Self back to the little ego self, wouldn’t you? And in that state you would proclaim yourself as the crowning achievement of creation! Thought never touches on Truth!