Chicken Little The Story of us all As told by an old rooster named Joseph Shore

Chicken Little
The Story of us all
As told by an old rooster named Joseph Shore

Once upon a time, heaven sent a child to earth, full of the Knowledge of Heaven. The child was as fresh as the dawn and brought Heaven’s gift of Love to the world. The child seemed to come into the mother’s womb and be born in a body. She still carried Heaven’s gift with her and knew only to give it to her mother and father. Something very strange happened to the child as she appeared to be born. Her mother and father did not recognize her as a gift from Heaven. They did not know they could learn anything from the child because they, themselves, did not know what they did not know. Instead of welcoming the gift of Heaven, reverencing her, making space for her, they told her she was a chicken! “Welcome to our home, Chicken little,” they said. “We are all chickens here. We will teach you how chickens are to behave. We will teach you how to survive in a world of chickens. You will do what we say and believe what we believe. You are our property now. You belong to us. You will serve our family.” The child was innocent, pure, helpless and did not know fear. She was obedient to her parents and soon learned their chicken beliefs. She played with other “chickens” in the yard and dreamed of things she would do one day when she was a full grown chicken. As she learned from her chicken parents she learned things that were not of heaven but of chickens. She learned fear, especially fear of an old man with mustache and goatee, dressed in white, holding a cane and a sign that said “KFC.” This image filled her with this new emotion called “fear” more than any other. With fear came other new emotions, hostility, attack, anxiety, helplessness, limitation. Her parents assured her that all chickens had these emotions. On Sundays they took her to a special building called the Chicken Church and there she learned that the Chicken World was created by a great, giant chicken in the sky named Jawah the Chicken. She learned that Jawah was always watching chickens to see if they were being good chickens, obeying their parents. She learned that Jawah hated bad chickens who disobeyed their parents or thought differently. If she were not good, one day Jawah would snatch her up and send her to the deep fat fryer with all the other bad chickens. But then she was taught that Jawah really did care about chickens…sort of! He had one chicken son himself who he sent to earth to teach the other chickens. The son’s name was Jebba and he soon saw that the chickens were very evil. They were so evil Jawah would have to fry them all. This caused Jebba to be very sad, so he told Jawah that he would go to the fryer in place of all the other chickens, just to satisfy and please Jawah. And so he was fried! Now he made a deal with Jawah that all the other chickens could be spared his nasty fate if they would just accept Jebba as their personal chicken and give 10% of their chicken feed to the Chicken Church. Chicken Little wanted to be a good chicken and she was very afraid of the fryer so she believed in Jebba just like all the other chickens. She lived her chicken life, scratched in her chicken yard, met a nice rooster and decided to lay eggs, much to the rooster’s happiness. And she lived her life believing she was Chicken Little, having forgotten her true, and only real identity as heaven’s gift. After she was an old hen, she finally died and sluffed off her imaginary feathers and discovered she was something she had forgotten long ago. She remembered a time when she knew only heaven’s love and the desire to give it to others. She remembered a time before she learned fear.
Now just in case you think this is a silly tale (or ‘tail’), it perfectly describes what happens to every child who comes to this planet and seems to be born in a body. The parents do not recognize the child as a gift from heaven from whom they are to learn love. They think the child is their property and of the earth. Instead of reverencing the child and giving her space, they begin to indoctrinate her with their strange beliefs, the beliefs of the world rather than Heaven’s Knowledge. The child learns fear and limitation. The child forgets her Heavenly identity and just grows up like all other children, with fear suspicion, limitation and citizenship! By the time she is three years old she is saluting flags and being entered into beauty contests. She becomes conformed and forgets who she really is. Is this not insane? Is this planet not insane? In this insanity she begins to search for something she knows she has lost. If she is determined she will come into contact with a real teacher and she will begin that long road to unravel the insanity of her conditioning. That is what A Course In Miracles does for all the Chicken Little’s out there. It begins to help you gently to undo all the insane beliefs you accepted as a child in the name of conformity. Then you won’t believe in Jawah and Jebba anymore! The Course will lead you gently by the hand back to the truth of yourself which you have forgotten. It helps you to remember, “I am not a chicken. I am just as God created me, and this God who created me knows only Love. He created me just like himself, so I am only Love! I am not a body of any sort, neither with feathers or flesh! I am a spirit like God who created me. I am not limited. I will not be afraid. I will not be conformed to any chicken law or any law of man. I will obey only the laws of Heaven, eternal laws that are changeless. And if you try to fry me, I will just be feathers in your mouth. I cannot be fried. I cannot be harmed in any way. I am not a body.” Then remembrance of Heaven comes.