How to Raise a Cat of God….

How to Raise a Cat of God….
The process would really be very much alike to raising any child of God. The Cat is, after all, my brother in the Sonship too! The cat comes straight from heaven knowing only love and wanting to share it with the world. You say, “Man you have flipped your wig this time.” ACIM is very plain in telling us that our furry, finny, feathery, leathery brothers are a part of the Son of God. It is possible, even necessary, to join in mind with them as well as our two-footed neighbors. So the kitten comes straight from heaven and would offer the world love. My wonderful cat, Blanche, come to me when she was just four weeks old. She knew only love and protection from her feline parents during that time. When I brought her home with me, I reverenced her. I did not treat her “like a cat” and put limitations on her. I gave her space. I never taught her fear and she never learned it. Instead she taught herself music as she would come into my voice lessons and patiently listen to the singers. She developed discrimination, even personal taste in music. She developed a preference for early Italian song, Handel, Mozart and Verdi and could discriminate between excellent performances and poor ones. Instead of teaching her she is a cat I taught her that she is a child of God and that I treasure her as God does. I have protected her from harm and the ways of the world. The result has been that we have joined in mind and we experience Love in each others presence. If we can do that with a little feline brother, surely we can do it with human babies and raise children of God rather than of the earth.