How would you avoid an immense confusion?

How would you avoid an immense confusion? This is part of an ancient Zen saying, a koan, “If you work on your mind with your mind how will you avoid an immense confusion?” The “mind” it is talking about is your perception here on earth, your “earthly mind.” The Course explains this koan more thoroughly. There is a lot of material in the Course that is Buddhistic so it is not a long leap to see the Course as a further explanation of this koan. The Course says that every mind and matter on the earth, in the universe, is a part of a Whole Mind which is divine, eternal. But our minds seem to have split into many and projected this world of dualism. So we believe we are separate from each other and from God, and then everyone has opinions about everything, and we call that “knowledge.” If we try to use our opinions as though they were divine truth, how indeed will we avoid an immense confusion. This confused mind is called an “insane” mind in the Course. The insane mind does not even know what eternal truths are! It does not know virtue. It does not know the Love which only knows to give. Not one of the divine facts that are in God’s universe of Spirit is known by the insane mind. Can you imagine that? It would be sort of like being born as a human but thinking with all dead seriousness that you are a chicken! We don’t know heaven’s truth of who we are, and that is all there is to know. But there is truth to be found in stillness, in the holy instant of “now.” Nature knows such peace it can give you stillness. A child has peace to give to the world. Every child brings heaven’s Light. Will we learn from the child? Will we reverence the child as a gift from God and learn his truths? You see, you thought that you needed a child for some reason of your own. Maybe it was just ego need. “This is MY child. It belongs to me.” But God has sent that child to bless you with heaven’s remembrance. S/he whom you regard as “yours” to mold in your own confusion has been sent to give you Eternal Truths that you don’t even know exist. So you can’t reverence the child. You cannot raise a child of God because you cannot learn from the child, It is an ego thing. You say to the child, “You will think what I think. You will believe what I tell you. You will go to the church where we go, and you better believe.” So you invade the child’s holiness. You assault God by refusing to reverence the child and learn from him or her. HOW CAN YOU AVOID AN IMMENSE CONFUSION?