I know what it means to forgive your enemies

I know what it means to forgive your enemies and forgive yourself, the latter being the hardest and coming last. As a young opera singer, I was not just an opera singer. I came into the profession with a voice God had given me in the wink of an eye. I quickly rose to be one of the leading singers of my generation. But not everybody in the business of opera was happy to see this miracle pop on the scene. There were men in powerful positions who enjoyed calling the shots to determine which singers would make it and which would be left!!! I found that I was not only creating art in opera, I was garnering enemies, powerful enemies who wanted to stiff arm me to show off their power. I accomplished some pretty amazing things in opera but my career was cut short because I could not deal with all my enemies! For not a short while that infected me with a bitterness and hatred for them, and the trouble with that was it made ME suffer all the more. If I had been into “magic” I suppose I could have hired a witch to put a curse on them! Some people do that, unfortunately. But I was not into magic and I didn’t do that, I just privately hated them!! Then one day, after a lot of spiritual work, I had one of my experiences of Cosmic Consciousness. I saw my whole life as a play that I had written. I saw all the people in my life as characters I had cast! I saw my life as a kind of melodrama that I had written. Of course I would cast some villains! All good plays need villains! They are often the most interesting characters. I looked on my casting for my life and I was amazed at the wonderful villainous roles I had created and the perfect people I had cast in those parts. All of a sudden, I did not hate them anymore!! I was happy for them! They had played their parts incredibly well!! They were villains to the back teeth and they were great!! Then I also realized how clever a playwright I was because the villains I had created had taught me so, so much!! In my mind’s eye I could see myself walking up to these people and just shaking their hands saying, “Fantastic! You played your role so great!!” And then I would just laugh for joy. That ex-wife I hated? Hey she was one of the greatest characters I ever wrote for!! I now LOVE my villains! They were just wonderful. There was nothing to forgive, just Bravos to shout. Then I saw myself in this play and realized I had played the part pretty well myself! There was no reason to be self-deprecating! I had played this character “Joe Shore” pretty darn well!!

The next time you are tempted to hate someone in your life or yourself, just look at life this way. You will see there is no need to forgive anything and so you can forgive everything and just enjoy the play that you wrote, cast, and starred in yourself. When the play is over we will go back to the Green Room and all have a big laugh, then think up new plays!!!!!!