I made my visit to Burnaby Lake this evening.

I made my visit to Burnaby Lake this evening. I wanted to be there for twilight. The air was still and peace was sparkling. The birds were singing the most beautiful chorale. Before I got more than a few steps into the park I saw a Belted King Fisher, a bird I had never seen before. One of my friends was there, an old Chinese lady who comes most every day to feed the ducks and geese. She pointed him out to me. In addition to the usual Mallards, who are plenty beautiful, there were also Wood Ducks, Teals, Pied-billed Griebes, lovely summer ducklings who have survived the crows now almost a month, Canada Geese, beavers and muskrats! Last year we had a mink living under the bank and he was so aggressive and belligerent that they had to trap him and re-locate him. He was a mean sucker! But I guess if people were hunting you to get your fur, you might get mean too! Just a thought. At Piper Spit we have the oldest beaver dam on the lake, and tonight two lovely beavers came out to show us their industrious selves, muskrats following along. The ducks were so happy tonight. They made us happy. When I go there, I go to put myself back into the flow of all things, the Tao of the marsh, and try to turn off the “observer.” The “observer” is the problem! Where there is the observer peace cannot be experienced. We must flow into the immensity to know peace and then peace is there, in every duck, every bird, every flower, every worm, every bee, and every “me.” What is the observer but the ego? There are no observers in Heaven! Everything is Oneness, which means there is no observer. In peaceful eternity when the tiny made idea crept into the Mind of the Son that He could be something different from His Father, he fell into a dream, and in that dream he became an “observer,” separate from everything he observed. Since this is impossible it never really happened. It only seemed to happen in the dream. That’s where we are! But one person who has seen through the observer and felt his immensity, his Oneness with all things, has discovered something to give to the world, and that something is peace! In my immensity I stand by the Lake in a body and know that I am not a body! I am part of this perfect beauty. This peace also contains within it Love that knows no end. I stand there and flow into timelessness. There is eternity waiting for us in that marsh and so easily does it give itself to us. You cannot look at a Wood Duck or Teal and not be stopped in your time! A simple garden slug can stop you in your tracks and bring the Truth back to you that you are a part of all things! You are just as God created you! Whole, not a part; spirit, not a body; immense, not localized! You ARE the flow. You are not the observer!! If you are the observer you are a body, localized and limited to your senses. Thank God that is a LIE! Such grandeur can be known. I know it when I am sane. Then I put the key into the ignition and back the car out and I become the observer again! Such insanity we have made for ourselves. I vowed tonight that I would spend one complete day this summer at Burnaby Lake and lose the observer!!