Last Summer at Burnaby Lake

I returned to Burnaby Lake today, my Wholly place, at the waterfowl sanctuary. A little taste of summer remains yet. There are yet a few blackberries left in the thickets surrounding the marsh. The gardens too still have a hint of summer. We had a rain shower early and then a beautiful mixed sky of cloud and light filled the marsh. It was not hard to come to stillness. There was just WOW everyplace and everyplace filled with stillness. The ten thousand things of the Tao flowed easily with simplicity, grace and peace. I awaken each time I come to these wholly haunts. I remember “Home” there in the middle of wild flowers, flowing water, birds, ducks, beavers and men. The marsh welcomed me today with mallards, wood ducks, coots, marsh wrens, geese, and peace. The ducks were grateful to be feed and in recompense they eagerly showed off their wondrous plumage. The Blue Herons are still with us, though today they were hiding in the thickets of the marsh. Gratefulness filled me as I came to peace in wonder and welcomed stillness as my old friend.
Now there is always some “spiritual” person who wants to rain on parades by asking, “Well why do you need nature to come to peace? What can’t you come to peace looking at a door stop?” They always think they have said something important when they say things like this! We can forgive them, just let it pass. The truth is, be happy if you find anyone, any place, anything, that will partner with you in finding stillness. I find my “wholly spot,” and then let the peace move out from there, baby.