Madness and the Ego

What do you do when you have a dear friend who does not want God’s will for her life? Such a person would have no faith in the Source of life itself. Such a person would, in their mind, be separate and totally alone in a meaningless universe. S/he would literally have to believe that the exertion of personal will is the only thing keeping him/her in existence. S/he would have to think s/he was self-created. S/he would have to get rid of all ideas of God. This is madness. If you looked at such ideas from the point of view of the Bible, this was Lucifer’s fall from heaven. In A Course in Miracles this idea would be the original “tiny mad idea” that brought about the entire dream of separation. In the Bible, Lucifer’s rebellion against heaven is viewed as an unpardonable sin. In A Course in Miracles, this tiny mad idea leads to the Son of God, split off from his true Self, believing he is an ego, a solitary individual needing to hide out from God who is out to get him. Of course the ego does not want God’s will for his life. The ego believes God will punish and annihilate him. This primordial fear must be behind every insane thought that the will of God is fearful and furthermore, that it can be avoided and offset. The madness of thinking that ANYONE could be outside of the will of God is the dream of separation. And individual minds are projecting that dream every day. That is why we still believe we are here and not in heaven.