Miracles are our natural inheritance

Miracles are our natural inheritance and when we receive them our natural urge is to release that vibration into the world. All minds are connected and no one is alone in experiencing his thoughts. Just so, the miracle in one mind affects the minds of everyone. “A Course in Miracles” is a book, but my life and yours is the space for “our” book of miracles to be written. I don’t want just to believe in a book. I want to experience the miracles God has to give to me daily. Each miracle is a page in my book, which is yours also. The Love of God. The Love of God is all there is. These social identities we have made, our egos, are illusions. They are not eternal. When the Love of God comes upon you, you will laugh at the little self you thought was you, and also appreciate it for all the lessons it gave you. You can just let the Love of God wash over it now. You can forgive the world all the terrible things you held against it. You can forgive your brother all the mistakes you held against him. The Love of God has come. Your insane thoughts about the world cannot stand now. The Love of God has come to wipe away all illusions and give you a fresh new vision of a world so bright, so gleaming, that it reflects Heaven. And could heaven be far from this vision? Only a tiny step remains from this vision to the Gates of Heaven. Now do you hear the voices of angels sing the song that praises God and you along with Him, for you are a part of Him and share His holiness. The Love of God has come and brought you before angels, wiping away your mistaken view of the world. And would you not lift your brother up with unto the Gates of Heaven? Share this vibration today with the world and with your brothers. The Love of God