Of didactic ways I would repent.

Of didactic ways I would repent.
My school years have passed.
The time for learning is over.
In this space I would put away all time and learning.
I would come afresh to stillness.
In that stillness there sparkles all the truth my learning could not attain.
In that stillness I find you,
perfect with the innocence of creation.
You have not changed.
As wisdom-bearer in Brahman’s House, who could change you?
As natural as the flow of the Tao, who could change you?
As the silence on the Buddha’s lips, who could change you?
In this space I have come to stillness
And in this stillness I have found you as perfect.
In perfection does my mind hold the moment and share it with you.
In this space where stillness shines there is relief from time
and freedom to remember the vast ages of our knowing.
Lifetimes upon lifetimes present themselves in parade of gallant splendor
for at last we remember.
Millions of years come to us in memory of who we are and the Love that grows within us.
We have not changed.
My alchemy shows its art.
In this space I have summoned stillness and I remember.