Playing in the big leagues of Spirit

Playing in the big leagues of Spirit

In childhood I had wanted to play sports, but my heart condition made that impossible. As God gave me gifts of the Spirit throughout my whole life I was called to play in the Big Leagues of Spirit. There are greats in this League that make Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle look silly. These greats are the angels and other great spirits that work with them. The head Coach is Jesus. For some amazing reason I got brought up to the team. I was put into a big game very quickly. I did some great work at the beginning of the game and then screwed up major time in the later innings. Coach put me on the bench. He let me go into the game here and there as a pinch hitter. I came through on some of those, so he let me stay in that capacity for a while. Then he put me in another big game. Again, I did really well in the beginning innings but screwed up the later innings. Teammates kept saying stuff like, “you have such potential. Hang in there. Coach really likes you.” But I was back to sitting on the bench and coming into the game here and there as a pinch hitter. I was getting more consistent at that role but I was still discouraged that I couldn’t find my stride.

Recently he put me in as pinch hitter during a very tough game. I came through in flying colors and we won the big game. Everybody on the team was “high” and coach was really happy. He put me into another big game a little later and I hit a home run in the early innings. Coach left me in the game! Then in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, I struck out! We lost the game. I lost the game. I went into a real funk. I just knew that Coach was going to kick me off the team. Instead he benched me again, this time, to the deep back bench. After a while I complained bitterly to Him about it. Take it from me, you don’t want to talk to Coach like that. He said, “This is my team, Joe, and it is my prerogative to bench you. You got it!” Wow did I get it.

I am still on the team and hoping I can learn and become a consistent player for Coach. I love Coach with all my heart. There is nothing I want more than to make Coach proud of me.