Projection makes perception

What I think about someone is always a reflection of how much I know about myself. Projection creates perception. What would it be like if we did not resist evil, as if we turned the other cheek? It would mean that we stopped projecting fear. Nothing real can be threatened. It would mean that we have vision and know that regardless of what my brother does to me, I will not hate him for it!!!!! And… just as surely most of us are not there! If someone does just a little offense to us, we are ready to nail him, make his sin real and deserving of punishment. If I truly know myself, I would experience myself as being a part of God. Regardless of what my brother did to me then, I would be incapable of judging him guilty of anything because God knows no guilt. S/he only knows love. This is the way I understand Jesus’ statement, “Resist not evil.” Be non-reactive to externals. But how many of us are there? We have a long way to go and a lot of forgiveness to learn, a lot of One-ness to experience and a lot of Christ-likeness to attain.