Sacred peace fills this space, and all fear is abandoned.

Sacred peace fills this space, and all fear is abandoned.

In clear Light I stand, longing only to see your face and touch the hem of your garment. In those deep eyes the love of the world I see, you who are brother to me and lover of my soul. In your Presence no-thing can intrude upon a sacred heart. Glory is as Love shines. Be blessed by our praise as we glory in your embrace. Oh blessed Jesus, lover of my soul, tears of joy line your face as your brothers come to you and my heart is filled with Love’s Presence. All blocks are removed. All hindrances put aside. All illusions healed. With clarity do we look upon you and see in you the holiness of the world. Now do we remember our ancient Home. Now have we reached the end of Jacob’s Ladder and stand with you before the gates of Heaven. Now does the Father reach down to raise His Son back to the Home he never in truth left. Now all heaven sings with gratefulness for the awakening of God’s Son. Our Song is heard in praise of the Love that we are as extensions of the Father. And now is the Father’s voice heard:

“Let this be our place. Our Light will shine in this stillness. Our Song is all that will be heard.”