Shall we Find Peace?

Shall we Find Peace?
by Joseph Shore

All who believe they are an ego housed in a bag of flesh bound to die sing this song to the universe: “I want to do it my way.” They see themselves as gloriously separate from every person, plant, or animal. In that “glorious” separation they shout, “I am ME. There will never be another like ME. I am the master of my fate.” People even applaud this and think it is a good thing!!! If we ask these individuals if they know themselves as God created them they would be hard put to give answer. If we ask them if they want God’s will for their lives, they might very well be unsure how to answer. They want THEIR will for their lives. As long as “God” is viewed as Jehovah in Judaeo-Christianity, NOBODY is going to want the will of God in his life! And this is the problem for the mind. The mind thinks of God as a kind of dysfunctional psychic monster. If the mind could know the word “God” refers to our Source and Love itself, it might be able to find right-mindedness and say, “Yes, I want ‘God’s will’ for my life.” Making that change in mind is the very big change we need! In ACIM we learn that our only reality is unconditional Love which is all-encompassing. It has no opposite in truth. It belongs to the God-created world which does not know opposites. In the man-made world of duality we take the Love that is our natural inheritance and form barricades to its awareness because we are afraid of it. We project an opposite to love, namely FEAR, which does not in truth exist. It is a man-made illusion. And we bombard our minds in constant clutter of these projected opposites. Every thought of Love is met by a mental projection of fear. Every positive thought is met by a projected bad thought. Every possible good ending to a story is met with a projection of a bad end. On and on the mind goes projecting opposites. IT is THIS mind activity that creates the world we see. And so the mind can never be still and know peace. It can never just hear the story of Love. It has to project an opposite. And we call this “being realistic.” It is not realistic at all. It is fabricated! It is a mental illusion that takes form as the world we see and live in. Thoughts become things. Mentally project a world of opposites and this is what you get! There is no peace in it, no Love, no Truth, nothing of eternity touches it, and so it can’t know forgiveness. It just knows greed, dishonesty, conflict, lack and want. So shall we find peace? If you really want peace you will have to be serious about how to find it! No extra belief will give it to you. No class can give it to you. No teacher, no guru, no preacher, no rabbi, can give it to you, no religion can give it to you. But the Peace of God is found in a mind made still. In that stillness you would not project an opposite. There would be no conflict and you would know that you are a part of the One, indivisible Will of God, and you would be at peace. How long can you hold that Peace before something kicks your mind back into duality and you start projecting the opposite? We can bring the mind back to stillness and know ourselves as God created us. Let us work on that.