So you are a Course in Miracles student. How do we act in the world?

So you are a Course in Miracles student. How do we act in the world? Obviously we do not preach to others. It would not be loving. But how should we act within this illusory world which WE made. God did not create it. It is our illusion that we miscreated or projected. It may help to realize that the Course is not the first spiritual system to see the world as a dream. Buddhists also see the world as a dream and yet they are among the most compassionate people on the planet. They have learned that harming any sentient being is harming ourselves. Course students should adopt the same attitude and the same compassion towards all things, sentient or otherwise. If we see a brother in need we do not go up to him and say, “This is just an illusion. You are OK.” Instead, we need to be in our Peace when we meet people in need so we can hear what the inner Voice tells us to do. I often now, find myself told to sit down next to a street beggar and just talk to him. He needs the most simple expression of God’s Love. One beggar I saw many times at his spot and always gave him money. But one time the inner Voice said, “Don’t give him money. Go into Subway and buy him the biggest sandwich they can make.” So that is what I did. When I handed it to him, he seemed shocked, but then a smile came to his face and he said simply, “Thank you.”

The way we act in this illusory world is important. We carry the Love of God with us and bless all that we see. We stay at Peace in the middle of this stormy dream world we have made, and listen for instructions from the inner Voice that always speaks for truth. Thank God ACIM has not yet splintered enough that we hand out tracts, “The five steps to being saved by ACIM.” It is very important that ACIM remain a self-study spiritual discipline rather than a new age church. Already the short history of the Course has more than duplicated the schisms of early Christianity into a myriad of opposing camps, and it will probably get worse. Come to Peace. You are the Glory of God along with all your brothers. Just be who you are.