Stealing my Peace

I’ll tell you a little story about losing one’s Peace. I had had a good day, teaching students and writing spiritual essays. I went out to eat at a restaurant which I expected to be fine dining. I went to the bar first and ordered a vodka martini straight up, dry, stirred, not shaken, with a lemon twist. The bartender said she didn’t know how to make it. She had never been to bartending school. I had to explain to her how to make it. She made it and sat the martini on the bar and left to go find a lemon twist…a bar with no lemon twists. By that time my table was ready but the martini was not. It was several more minute before the martini arrived at my table and by this time it was warm! No apologies were given and no offers to make me a new drink. Next I ordered an entree and explained exactly how I wanted it done. It came to me totally wrong. The waitress just said, “That’s the way we do things here.” Do you think I kept my peace? I should have. I knew better. But I let it get to me. I left and fired off the biggest letter of complaint to the home office you ever saw. Then I saw what I had done! OMG! It took me a few minutes to convince myself to tear up that letter and let it go! Me, Mr. Spiritual guy, had let a silly thing steal my peace!!!! We need so much practice at this!!!