Stillness is required

Stillness is required to experience the Now, and in the Now, in the presence of that Stillness, I am not a body. I am free for I am just as God created me. The situation I am in gives me most of my lessons. I have a body which believes it is deathly sick. A lot of my time is spent in finding a way to do something in spite of my body’s belief in its sickness. The other day I was fighting so hard to breathe. I could not stop coughing and yet I needed to go to the grocery store. I headed over there coughing all the way. While in the store I tried mightily to suppress the cough with limited success. There is a young lady there who wants to be an actor but she is stuck in HER situation at the IGA. I always talk to her and try to lift her spirits. She was at the checkout when I brought my small bag of groceries. I engaged her in conversation and said something that boosted her spirit. I could see and feel that happening, and in that moment of boosting her spirit I was NOT a body and there was no sickness. As I left the store I saw a young man pathetically begging. I went over to him and gave him some money and then I started to walk away. But spirit said, “Go back and talk to him.” I did that and I saw his spirit rise. In that moment I was not a body and I was not sick. Liberation comes in the holy instant when we choose to believe that someone else’s interest is our own. Then the miracle comes…and I am not a body.