The Lies we tell ourselves hold us back.

The Lies we tell ourselves hold us back. These lies seemed like truths back in childhood, but as we grew and progressed we didn’t revise these untruths. They hold us back and keep us enslaved to the past. We keep our lies in the secret most part of our minds so that we cannot look at them. But they carry out their effects anyway, like a malicious script in our computer. As a voice teacher, I have discovered that when people come to me with some deep trouble in singing, it is because they have believed a lie, somewhere, sometime, about their voice or themselves. At the heart of all these little lies is the one huge lie that says, “God cannot use me for anything! I am just…a baker, an insurance salesman, a grade school teacher, a laborer.” We believe our social roles ARE us and we tell ourselves the big lie, “I am not capable of fulfilling God’s function for my life!” Whatever that is, and we as social egos don’t know. If you were told that God’s function for all of us is to be the Light of the world, would you believe that? That is something you would have to discover, isn’t it? You would have to look deeply into yourself to know that, and then you would have to get rid of all those lies you have kept hidden. For that is in truth the function we all share as God’s function for us. No other function can we substitute and be happy. Start a journal and write down all the lies you have told yourself or believed from others. You will find that it is a long list. And then say, “I am the Light of the world. That is my only function. That is why I am here.” (ACIM, WB Lesson 63)