The Observer is a phantom

Follow me a bit if perhaps you can. Now I can tell you that the real “you” is also the real “we,” and the real “you” and “we” are the flow. We are the flow! I will tell you how we arrived at that conclusion later. We are the flow. We are not the observer. Neither science nor philosophy have ever found the observer. We THINK we are the observer but where is it? It cannot be found in the brain or the Mind, look for it as hard as you can. Now we come back to how we arrived at that conclusion: By deep intuition and deep meditation we found that there was nothing there but the flow. The observer is a phantom, a mistake in thought, if you will. The observer does not exist! Only the flow is real, and nothing is flowing! I wrote it this way in a poem: “In quiet eternity does the One Song sing, Unaware of itself as a Song, singing only Love.” A Course in Miracles goes into this in some detail. Heaven, it says, is a condition of total Oneness. There is only the Father Creator and His One Son. But there is no division. There is no place where the Father stops and the Son begins. There is total Oneness which is also Light and Love. Here’s the catch. We are thinking now in a dualistic world of opposites. We cannot even really talk about a place/condition of total Oneness without using our muddy terms of duality. Really the word “Oneness” would be in opposition to “Manyness,” wouldn’t it? We have no way of really describing this condition except to say that there is NO observer! A condition where there is no observer can only be experienced here in this world of duality for brief periods of time in deep meditation or clarity. We experience our true identity to be the flow, the immensity, the vastness of all that is, rather than our little “self” which we experience as the observer. We think we observe but we do not. To observe reality one would have to be outside of reality and unaffected by it, and that would be impossible, like trying to bite one’s own teeth or see one’s own eyes. If you can see with me that there is no Observer then also look at what that means in terms of Source and consciousness. There was no consciousness until the observer came!

A Course in Miracles explains this in a cosmic myth. It says that in quiet eternity (why is it quiet unless it is because there is no consciousness?) where all is One there crept into the Mind of the Son the tiny mad idea that He could somehow be different from His Father. In the instant He thought that he fell into a little dreamlet and thought He experienced Himself from outside of Himself. His Mind split off (in a dream, because it couldn’t happen in reality) from the Oneness and began to observe Himself as separate. That dreamy split of His Mind IS the beginning of the observer and of consciousness. That split minded observer now is conscious and thinks about the meaning of his split. Two ideas come to him. The first idea is that the separation from Oneness has actually happened and the Observer is now in conflict with One-ness. That idea is what ACIM calls “the ego.” The other idea that comes to him is that nothing has really happened, his seeming split mind and his existence as an Observer are not real. They are an illusion, an error in thought. ACIM calls this idea the “Holy Spirit.” It is the truth that followed him into the dream of separation. These two opposing ideas become new splits and his observer “mind” is now split into two parts, the “wrong-minded” part that believes the separation has really happened and the “Right-minded” part that knows that nothing has in fact occurred. For whatever reason the Son chose to believe that the separation really happened. He chose for the “ego.” He now identifies himself as an Observer who is set apart from the flow, and in conflict with it! He is now conscious! Identifying himself now as an observer he senses Oneness as a threat! To the Observer, total Oneness seems like extinction. This wonderful new identity as “consciousness” IS the experience of being the Observer. He wants to preserve it. He fears for his little life in face of the immense totality of Oneness. But not only does he fear for his existence he experiences “guilt” that he has done something to Oneness. He has diminished it by coming into existence. His wrong-mindedness calls this a very nasty word. It calls it “sin” and the wages of sin is death! Sin, Guilt and Fear now come into consciousness! The Observer is now sinful, guilty and terrified. Remember that the Observer is really a part of the Oneness and has the power of mind. He is not physical yet. This is all, up until now, the beginning of consciousness itself! Being now sinful, guilty and terrified the Observer now projects those emotions outside of himself–what scientists call “The Big Bang”–and enters into another universe in order to hide from Oneness. As he enters this newly projected universe he splits into zillions and zillions of pieces, each now a hologram of himself, each believing it is an Observer. This is, of course, still a dream. Nothing has really happened. Now, I hate to leave you in this condition, but this is where we are! We are so in love with this new thing called consciousness that we have built whole thought systems about climbing higher and higher in consciousness!! Consciousness is not our Source, Oneness is! And that Oneness is not conscious!! This will probably make you want to puke about now! Now you will feel the fear that the original Observer felt as he experienced himself in conflict with Oneness! You will be afraid of losing this precious thing called consciousness. You will not see that consciousness and the Observer are one and the same. You will not see that the Observer is a “distraction,” a fairy tale, or a dream. You will fight to preserve it. You will study religions and philosophies all devoted to praising consciousness!! You will love the new age teachers who talk so glibly about “raising consciousness.” And this is all a distraction from the Truth that you as an Observer do not exist. The “ego” is not real. The “physical” universe the Observer created is not real. Your body is not real. Separation from Oneness is not real. And now maybe you can see…wait for it…that consciousness is not real!!! There is only the flow and no-thing is flowing. In that flow is total Oneness, total unconditional Love, total Peace and total Truth and unconsciousness. It doesn’t need consciousness! That would be a distraction, an interruption of the flow! Do the birds need to speak to be whole? Is not their singing enough? Do they need to contemplate? Aren’t they perfect as they are? Why would Oneness need Manyness? Why would Love need hate? Why would totality need partiality? Why would peace need interruption? Can’t you see the madness of this tiny little thought that crept into the Divine One Mind? And so we begin to undo the thought. We forgive parts of us that seem to have hurt us. What a silly thought that totality could be hurt. As we begin to undo the thought we start to voluntarily give up the special, “unique,” separated stuff of the Observer. WE meditate, we pray, we sit by the river, we listen to the birds, and we begin to identify with the vast immensity of all that is. We begin to identify with the “flow.” We are the flow! There is no-thing flowing and there is no Observer. I wrote the conclusion to this paradox in a poem as follows:

It happened one day very quickly as a singer sang his song.
He listened deeply as he sang and observed his song closely.
He listened to his breath. He observed the tone until he saw his sound.
As his sound progressed he followed it,
First to his ear,
Then to his brain,
Then to his world.
He followed his sound to no place,
And there the One Song was singing,
Not complicated, not embroidered.
The slow, smooth melody began to unwind the fabric of his bones,
The sinews of his body,
For they were made of nothing but the melody made complicated.
As the body unwound there was no fear.
The slow, smooth Song spoke only of a Love that could not be different.
As complicated key and tempo changes resolved into the One Song,
Notes that had been trapped in the body rejoined the melody.
Note by note they flew from the body back into the Song.
As the last note approached the Song,
It tarried just a little as an observer.
Do I need to observe? It asked itself.
And as soon as it asked the question
It chose to rejoin the Song.

Singers, listen deep within,
And hear the Song that makes you sing.
Follow it and let it change you.
The Song that seems to be forgotten is not.
Its melody stays there, firm, beautiful,
structured as it was.
What could you do to change it?
And so it haunts you, coming back in little wisps
of memory, phrase by phrase, asking for its whole.
And you would remember.
Remember, and let the whole Song
Find itself in you.
In quiet eternity does the One Song sing,
Unaware of itself as a Song, singing only Love,