The Secret and ACIM

“The Secret” and A Course In Miracles are not really compatible spiritual paths. We need to be straight on that. “The Secret” is a mental device to enable you to create more illusions: wealth, cars, houses, etc. The Course is trying to enable you to see that the physical world is an illusion, and regardless of the nice things you can “manifest,” we don’t belong here. We belong in the universe of Spirit that God created, not this fake physical universe that WE created, not individually of course, but as the One Mind that we are each a part of. The Course calls that spiritual universe “Heaven,” and there is perfect oneness there with God and His Spiritual creations. There is only Love there, only Truth, only Fact, only One of which we are all a part. Were you to feel for just an instant this Love you would never care about manifesting anything physical ever again. The Love of God is all I am. The Love of God is all I need and Heaven is my home.