There is a trap in all of this I AM declaration!!

There is a trap in all of this I AM declaration!! “I AM” is the shout of the ego, according to ACIM, which is my practice. “I AM” is Yahweh or Jehovah’s cry in the Bible. Yahweh/Jehovah was an inflated Ego. He was never the true God. He is the ego’s picture of God. The Real God in spirit has nothing to say! He/She/It is only Love. He does not know “I am not,” and therefore cannot know “I am.” He does not exist in this physical world we created. God did not create this world. We did, and it was created as an attack on God, a hiding place where God could enter not.
In Heaven, our true Home, there are no cries of “I AM” because there are no individuals! There is only God, all loving, and his Son, exactly like Him, radiating the same Love. There is no place the Father ends and the Son begins. See yourself as a part of this Oneness and your only declarations will be, “The Love of God and I are One.”