There is no will but God’s

If you could KNOW that you WERE/ARE the Love of God…and nothing else, how would you feel? To know that all the other “stuff” you think is you is but illusion, would you be happy to let it go? I am not so sure you would. You would start screaming, “I am an INDIVIDUAL with my own free will and power of choice.” Wouldn’t you? Now be honest! 🙂 That’s how we all got here in the first place! We fell into a little dream that we could be different than God, and here we are! Thank God it IS a dream, that we cannot really break off from Source! Thank God that God is not the punishing monster we fear He is! So, it is OK. You can wake up now! Really! But you say, “Still, I like being an individual, standing before the world singing. ‘I did it MY way!'” OK, just so you know. The Course (ACIM) tells us, “There is no will but God’s.” You don’t like that! You want YOUR will in there as well. As long as you see it that way, suffer a little more.