Things I Like to Do Tell You Who I Am Much Better than the Mistakes I have Made:

Things I Like to Do Tell You Who I Am Much Better than the Mistakes I have Made:

A few years ago I sat down and wrote out a soul list of things I like to do. I looked at it today, and I still like the same things. If you don’t know me and care to know, my list here opens the door to my soul:

“I like to help people. I like the experience when the seeming distance between two people dissipates and there is a connection–and it is always a connection of Love.

I like to enable people to find, acquire and reintegrate into themselves, the parts of themselves which they had lost temporarily or forgotten.
I am most at home teaching or performing; Of course nothing takes the place of the stage. It was my place on earth for me to be me. That’s fine. The abrupt disruption of my career had to be karma. It could not have been an accident. But now thinking beyond that time, I love to meditate, in either formal or informal ways, the latter being my preference. I meditate in creeks and my spirit shouts as loud when I catch a trout as if I had caught the Holy Ghost Himself. Of course I don’t hurt the little angels. I use only barbless hooks and lures or flies only. I admire the sweet little creature, bless him and let him go. To me, spirituality is about  staying in wonder.

I like to sit in wilderness areas as my “church” and worship my own way, and that changes a lot.

I love to connect to people love to love and watch the surprise come over their faces.

I love the melodies of creeks. I love the sounds of night. They are nature’s music. I love clouds and wish I could paint them. Even more I wish I could find the right sound and melody to sing them.

I love the Ground of Being. With constant wonder and grandeur it manifests itself daily.

I love learning things I don’t know. I love doing research on my own. I love all animals and consider them little bits of the Divine which God left for us.

I love long walks in the forest or by a creek with someone I really love.
I like playing with children and setting their minds on the great journey of love and mystery. I love the mystery called “God.” I feel closer to Him than my fingers to my hands.

I love to sit by a brook–after I have caught and released a few trout–with a lover beside me and talk or be silent, but BE-in spirit.

I love to watch the sunsets over Deer Lake and glory in what I perceive from that grand event.

At other times, I love to teach young actors how to act and young singers how to sing—secretly, as a form of Zen, so that they remain highly conscious as they study.

I love Romantic love and like Wagner’s Flying Dutchman. Like him, I have been looking for ages for a woman who would love me truly and complete this creative block of karma which is me, and it wouldn’t hurt to be happy.”