Thoughts Shared with God

Thoughts Shared with God

There is a Goodness which is non-dualistic. It is the Good that is beyond the dualistic categories of right and wrong, good or evil. This Goodness is the part of me which I want to find because it is real. It will last. It will stand the test of time and opinion. To find this Goodness I must see real empathy. Real empathy does not share the illusions of others and then try to dispel them. True empathy only sees the son of God, lost in his illusions though he may be. He may be lost in his dramas. I do not want to share them only to try to dispel them. I want to look upon him as found even while he is lost, and that goes for me too. I want only to see myself as the perfect son of God that I am even when I am tempted to dwell in dramas. Everyone is in some situation and everyone wants to change the situation. I want to just let it be. If I am in a bad situation, I want to find peace. Let the situation alone. And then in the middle of the situation, finding my peace, I find my Goodness, which is also my immensity. Then I have something to give to others. Then I can keep my peace. If I dig into what the world calls empathy I will get lost in illusions and I will lose my peace and my Goodness. Tonight I connected with the twilight. The world is at peace for a moment at dawn and twilight. I connected with that peace tonight after a day spent wallowing around in other people’s illusions. Not as the world sees empathy do I wish to see it, but as the Holy Spirit sees it, as my Goodness sees it. And now I am at peace again and I have something to share. This Goodness looks through my eyes and sees only Love. It sees the Will of God which no one is outside of, and His will I share because I am His Son. This is my immensity and my Goodness. I share it with you for we are One Mind in Truth.
Dwell no longer in dreams and dramas my dear ones. Come to stillness. Bring your mind to peace. Then we all have something to give to the world.