What if you knew?

What if you knew that every brother who came into your life was brought to you by God? S/he was brought to you so that God might speak to her through you. Would you not be very careful with your words, your communication? What would God have you to say to her? It would seriously affect you as well as her, wouldn’t it? What if you blew it? We often do, but God gives us other chances, often with the same person, sometimes another. It takes two to have the ears to hear. It takes two to obscure the sweet message God would have you give. It takes two to become One.

There are moments of testing in life in which you must choose again, for God or your smallness; for the Holy Spirit or the ego; for eternity or for time; for magic or for Love, for family or for Truth. And your choices in these critical moments define your life. Choose well. It may be another lifetime before you are permitted to choose again! Bravery is required in these moments. If you react to them by denial, you will fail and the future you will create for yourself will not be one you would welcome for review in the presence of angels and your Higher Self. So often we fail these tests and live out our lives in chill penury that represses the noble rage and freezes the genial currents of the soul. And so we come back to this world in another body, dimly remembering the thousands of times we have been here before, and take the same tests again. Will you harbor resentments again and attack God? Will you choose for Love this time? Will you give God’s message to your brother this time?