Your Situation

Everyone reading this is in some “situation,” and the “situation” is keeping you from the Truth. You bring the situation with you to work. You take it home. You live with it. You don’t like it but you can’t get out of it. It enfolds you in layers. You can’t see out of it or beyond it. You almost panic and think of giving up. But if you can wait with faith in your higher Self, you will be given a solution. Someone will be brought to you who is not caught in your situation, and s/he will bring to you the path of your own heart. Maybe you are a religious person. You are caught in the situation of religiosity. It is sticky and clingy and pulls you down but you can’t see a way out of it. But you have just a little faith in something higher than your religious self. One day someone comes into your life and you can sense that your higher Self has brought him/her to you. S/he is NOT religious. That’s not his/her situation. Maybe s/he is into nature and because you know you love him/her you go with her into nature. Your higher Self knows that your heart wants to flow with the Tao so it brings this beautiful person into your life. Now your situation pulls at you and says, “don’t let me go.” But you really want to be with this wonderful person. Your heart has been buried in this situation. Can you hear it enough to follow it with her? Your heart has never really been into religiosity. That was just your situation. Now you have a chance to make a leap with your heart and look above, see beyond. Will you do it? Or will you cling to the situation? Krishnamurti said, “There are no problems in life.” Can you dig that? Where would you have to be to see that? You’d have to be clear of your situation, wouldn’t you?