The Myth of Ascension Dec.21st, 2012 and The Mistake of the Futurists!

The Myth of Ascension and The Mistake of the Futurists!

This article will probably make you mad but it needs to be written. In the last half of the twentieth century until today we Western humans have been busy re-mythologizing our religious myths we inherited from traditional Christianity. A myth is a story which is supposed to express something deep that otherwise is inexpressible. The old traditional myth of Christianity said that there would come an “end times,” and the “elect” (the Chosen Ones) would be taken up into the air and join Christ, while all the other people would go through terrible events of the earth. Before the end times, the myth was that people who had accepted Jesus as their personal savior would go to heaven when they die. Of course, like most myths, the people who believe them, did not get that they are myths. They believe them literally.

When I first came to A Course In Miracles I called down to California to ACIM headquarters and got to speak to one of the “original” founders, there with Helen Schucman, the scribe of ACIM. We had a nice chat. I explained how I had a background in Christian theology but had now moved to the Course. She said something very interesting to me: “All of these Christians who think they are going to heaven when they die are going to be very surprised. If they haven’t gotten their work done, they are not going anywhere!” Now there is the truth! Hold on to that for a few moments as we look at the new myth which has replaced the Christian one. The New Age Myth which replaces the Christian one, is Ascension, especially the belief that Dec.21, 2012 is a special date when all those who have learned love will begin to ascend into a fifth dimension. Even the earth is ascending, just as the Bible promised a “new Heaven and a new Earth.” I’ve got news for you! This is just another re-packaging of the old Christian myth, and likewise, “If you haven’t done your work, you are not going anywhere!” What IS your work? It is a lot more than walking down the isle and shaking the preacher’s hand accepting Jesus as your personal savior! It is also a lot more than joining in with the New Age crowd as they talk lovely things about love and peace. OUR WORK is the nitty-gritty of relationships, our classroom in which we learn our lessons of true forgiveness. True Forgiveness means that we let things go, look past them, precisely because we know that the world is not real and nothing real has been done to you! I am interpreting the myth now using ACIM. Time is a vast illusion, so there is nothing special about Dec.21, 2012, regardless of what the Mayans believed, and we don’t really know what they believed. We are here in this classroom to learn our lessons of forgiveness, join in mind with all our brothers and awaken. This is not ascension because we have never left Heaven. We travel but in dreams while safely at home. The world is a dream and we are here to pop it and remember our true identity as the Mind of Christ, at One with God.

SO MANY PEOPLE are SO sure they know what is going to happen on Dec.21, this year! These people think God created this universe. He did not. They think the universe is evolving towards God. It is not! They think that “consciousness” is evolving! IT IS NOT! The universe is not real. It is our projection! “Consciousness” cannot evolve because it IS the ultimate illusion of separation. “Consciousness” is not real. It cannot evolve. Illusions cannot advance! WE have given ourselves the date of Dec.21, 2012 as a time WE wish to advance. The whole issue is in US because there is nothing outside of US. Many people are working like dedicated egos to help “the universe.” Illusions cannot be helped. They have to be popped! If we wish to do anything on Dec.21 and beyond we have to work inside, to get rid of the blocks to Love’s awareness, forgive the world and you will not try to change it! The Course says, “Seek not to change the world. Seek to change your mind about it instead.” All the “stuff” will happen inside of YOU!!!!!!!! That is the fallacy of the Futurists. They see the universe as real and want to help it. They don’t see that there is nothing outside of ourselves. So you think you are going to evolve into a 5th dimension do you? You are not going anywhere until you have learned all your lessons! You who still believe yourself a powerful individual (ego), are going nowhere real fast.