Two Singers In A Yellow Wood

Two singers walked through a yellow wood,

Singing as they went.

Blessed by the songs were the creatures of nature.

The singers were bound together by a love which encompassed both themselves and their song.

The woods made a beautiful path for the singers

And the love in their song went ahead of them.

Being both expressions of the same Love the singers knew one another as the lips know a smile.

As the sun went down, a full moon lit the way, and the singers were bathed in moon light.

They sang into the night, joined by a symphony of nature.

Soon Coyotes and owls, wolves and crickets joined in the song.

The singers knew not that they loved each other.

They knew only the love of the song which they shared.

It happened the next morning: a fork in the path offered two directions through the forest.

The singers knew not what to do.

They had no destination.

They had only their song and a little whim to walk in the woods.

They thought about this until finally one said.

“I’ll take this path and you take the other one.

“We will meet when the paths come together.”

Somehow it did not feel right to split up the song but they did.

One went one direction and the other went the other.

At first they tried to call out to one another but soon the Forest heard only one voice.

The paths which at first looked smooth and easy soon grew very hard.

The forest which first looked so beautiful soon became gnarled with thickets and thorns.

The song which had been so strong seemed almost lost.

Both singers found encampments of people who had settled down in the Forest.

“Come stay with us,” they urged.

The Forest is all we need.”

But each singer remembered the other, and the Love they shared.

Little wisps of melody of the Song came back to them and they remembered.

Deep in the Forest they began to sing, much to the protests of the Forest dwellers.

“Why are you making that noise? Stop it or you will have to leave.”

And they left.

Both singers, miles apart, left their encampments and took up the journey again.

They began to sing parts of the song they remembered.

Soon the animals of the woods took up the song and it echoed throughout the Forest.

As the song echoed the singers began to recognize each other’s voices.

They followed them and there in a clearing they met face to face.

They were so happy they embraced one another for the first time.

They had never been separated before and thought of themselves as One.

In the clearing, the full moon shone brightly, bathing the two in moon light.

They sang their song together in that moonlit clearing.

They sang like they had never sung before.

As they sang moon beams illumined a trail that seemed familiar.

They followed the trail, half knowing where it went, to a beautiful lake.

On the shore of the lake they saw a beautiful cabin.

Suddenly they remembered that this was their old home they had left long ago.

They opened the door and went inside where they saw their home, perfectly preserved.

The table was beautifully set.

The napkins were laid out.

The stove was warm and fresh baked bread lay on it.

They remembered this beautiful home by the lake.

How could they ever have forgotten about it?

They remembered the Love they shared and the song that sprang from it.

They remembered themselves as One, sharing the same Love that filled them.

There they rested in an ancient peace and Love that satisfied and the two were One Love.

No more desire to leave entered their hearts.

They had found rest in the Love that they were.

And the Song rested in their bones.


Of didactic ways I would repent.

Of didactic ways I would repent.

My school years have passed.

The time for learning is over.

In this space I would put away all time and learning.

I would come afresh to stillness.

In that stillness there sparkles all the truth my learning could not attain.

In that stillness I find you,

perfect with the innocence of creation.

You have not changed.

As wisdom-bearer in Brahman’s House, who could change you?

As natural as the flow of the Tao, who could change you?

As the silence on the Buddha’s lips, who could change you?

In this space I have come to stillness

And in this stillness I have found you as perfect.

In perfection does my mind hold the moment and share it with you.

In this space where stillness shines there is relief from time

and freedom to remember the vast ages of our knowing.

Lifetimes upon lifetimes present themselves in parade of gallant splendor

for at last we remember.

Millions of years come to us in memory of who we are and the Love that grew within us.

We have not changed.

My alchemy shows its art.

In this space I have summoned stillness and I remember.

All despots are my brothers

All despots are my brothers.
Terrible things have they done in the world
And terrible eyes have looked upon them.
Must I see them as masters of sin made real?
Must I condemn?

For what they have done in the world my eye must see.
But the eye with which I see the other
is the eye with which God sees me.
Lost in his illusions first the son of God I see,
Then brother is he to me.
For whatever my brother does,
there is no home in me to hate.

The Truth that is Peace

The truth that is Peace fills my bones. Too long has it hidden there entrancing me to search for it. Now it wishes to speak and to be known as it is known. A welcomed guest it is, Prodigal to me. A happy home I will make for it and I will listen. For this one is bone of my bone and Self of myself

What is the consciousness of the Tao? What is the consciousness of the One? The water flows. The pebbles whisper to it.

The tiny drop that is “me” flows into the Pleroma. Fullness, fullness, fullness, joy and peace. I am still.

Peace reigns as a slight mist comes off the water to meet the clouds. All is quiet except for the flow of the river over the rocks. My awareness sinks into my soul and I become at One with all things.

Making a Holy Space

Making A Holy Space


Into a place come the people. The place is made of the peace of God. It has been created by the holy intention of two or more to experience the peace of God. This peace first comes from adoration of the Christ, overwhelming thanks, tears of love, and tongues of gratefulness for the gift of Christ throughout all existence. Moving closer, the Christ and we become One and there is only the peace of God. The chairs, the carpet, the doors, all remember and hold this Peace. This place is used for nothing but this. The purpose of this outward place now enters each person who enters it. In this holy meeting place the many will become One in the Christ Mind. No little thought of darkness will be able to penetrate this holy place. No shadow can come into the Son of God’s holy Mind. Here all questions are answered, all fears abandoned, all prayers answered, for the son of God has heard the melos of the ages and responds in simplicity to the call of salvation. Here the son rests in holiness. This Peace is the answer to all the little questions the separated son could imagine in his little dreamy life. And today and for eternity we will extend it, beyond the planet, beyond the universe, into and through the universe of Spirit the Father has made. Now does the Son know His Father. Now are the two One. No space is left to separate the Father from the Son, nor is there any place where the Father ends and the Son begins. In perfect wholeness do they continue eternity’s ancient work of extension. Love has conquered shadows.  Nothing real has been threatened. Nothing unreal has ever existed. Now the Peace of God covers everything as Light without beginning or end, nor is it possible to imagine any place where this light is not. It extends from a center which has no boundaries towards an end that has no end.

We will continue to share this peace as long as the illusion of time and separation appears to be so. This will be our work. Let the little separated minds be healed for the Christ has come and asks entrance into each mind to free them from the illusions of fear that bind them still. Lightworkers and angels unite in this the work of ages. Today we will know the Peace of God. Tears will adorn the little bodies we have made to hide from God. Like Jewels on royal brows the Son comes to Himself and to His Father.

Father, take these my brothers who Love so, and envelop them in the same Love you have for me. Today the Sonship returns to your Peace. Holiness is all we will know and your Home is ours.

The world began as a fearful illusion

The world began as a fearful illusion but I have seen it now as the Love of God, so perfect a reflection of heaven that the distance between the two is so tiny, a toddler could make the step. Father? I am putting one of my little toddler feet on your step. I have remembered your Love. I will never forget it again or go off into little dreams. I have remembered your love in the garden and the river, in the fish that swim, the flowers that grow, the birds that sing. I have remembered your Love in the eyes of my brother, and Father I want to come Home now, away from silly dreams and into your arms.

The Love of God Has Come

The Love of God is so much greater than we imagine. We have to make space to receive so much more than what we thought was true. The Love of God came into my heart today with so much more than  I allowed in yesterday. Today there is no one to forgive. Today there are no debts or debtors, no trespasses. There is just the love of God and the music that comes through me. Today I forgive the world for the Love of God has come. If tomorrow if I find temptation I will say,” I have forgiven the world for the Love of God has come.”  To my hurt brother I will say, “Be at peace. The Love of God has come.” To my angry brother I will say, “Let us start again for the Love of God has come.”  To those who hate me I will say, “I am sorry. Cannot we put it away? The Love of God has come.” For the Love of God has come.