Thoughts Shared with God

Thoughts Shared with God

There is a Goodness which is non-dualistic. It is the Good that is beyond the dualistic categories of right and wrong, good or evil. This Goodness is the part of me which I want to find because it is real. It will last. It will stand the test of time and opinion. To find this Goodness I must see real empathy. Real empathy does not share the illusions of others and then try to dispel them. True empathy only sees the son of God, lost in his illusions though he may be. He may be lost in his dramas. I do not want to share them only to try to dispel them. I want to look upon him as found even while he is lost, and that goes for me too. I want only to see myself as the perfect son of God that I am even when I am tempted to dwell in dramas. Everyone is in some situation and everyone wants to change the situation. I want to just let it be. If I am in a bad situation, I want to find peace. Let the situation alone. And then in the middle of the situation, finding my peace, I find my Goodness, which is also my immensity. Then I have something to give to others. Then I can keep my peace. If I dig into what the world calls empathy I will get lost in illusions and I will lose my peace and my Goodness. Tonight I connected with the twilight. The world is at peace for a moment at dawn and twilight. I connected with that peace tonight after a day spent wallowing around in other people’s illusions. Not as the world sees empathy do I wish to see it, but as the Holy Spirit sees it, as my Goodness sees it. And now I am at peace again and I have something to share. This Goodness looks through my eyes and sees only Love. It sees the Will of God which no one is outside of, and His will I share because I am His Son. This is my immensity and my Goodness. I share it with you for we are One Mind in Truth.
Dwell no longer in dreams and dramas my dear ones. Come to stillness. Bring your mind to peace. Then we all have something to give to the world.

What Attracts Us That We Call It Love?

What Attracts Us That We Call It Love?

One of the interesting after effects of a Near Death Experience is that the spouse of the person who has died and returned often cannot handle the positive changes that have happened to the near death experiencer. The spouse sees him/her as a different person. Even if the changes are for the better, the spouse falls out of love. The spouse “fell in love” with a mate who was a certain way. He/She may have been a flawed person but all that “stuff” is a big part of what attracted the spouse. With all that stuff gone, with only Love in its place, the spouse feels all alone. S/he falls “out of love.”

If that is the story of a typical marriage, and it seems to be, what can we say about the “love” of marriage? For one thing, it is very shallow. All of the stuff of one personality gets attracted to all the stuff of another personality. In Buddhist psychology we would call all this personality “stuff” the “skandhas,” the aggregates or “bunches” of things, attitudes, and deeds that manifest as a person.

Marriage is said to be of this world, not the higher orders (“Til death do we part”). We can get a big help in sorting all this out by the cosmology of A Course In Miracles. The Course points out that there is a God created universe called Heaven which is characterized by Love, Truth, and Eternal Laws, where the Father and the Sonship forever extend their Love. In this Cosmology we learn that God is only unconditional Love. “He” does not know judgment, punishment, evil or any of the things that characterize the man-made world within the illusory universe. The man-made world does not know Love. It knows attachment and attraction. One set of skandhas finds it fits in with another set of skandhas! Then all the conditional rules come it: “Don’t you change on me…don’t think about other men/women…come home after work…I don’t like you hanging out with the boys…I expect you to show me some respect…we never make love anymore…I need you to want me.” And on and on it goes. Two unreal personalities are entangled in an unreal mess that we call marriage! Is it not insane? So, into this insane marriage comes an event of awakening for one of the spouses, whether it is an NDE, meditation, ACIM or something else. The awakened spouse gets to peek behind the curtain and see some Truth. S/he gets awakened to Love’s presence and S/he thinks: “OMG THIS is what Love is!! I had no idea.” So all s/he wants to do now is think about Love, helping others, including her/his spouse. He may make dinner for her and vacuum the house, bring her flowers, be kind and considerate.

SHE sees this and says, “OMG where is my husband and who is this man in my house!” She tries to like the changes but she can’t because she doesn’t know the real Love that he knows. She only knows “fitting” into his skandhas, and they aren’t there anymore!! They are gone! He has new ones now based on Love. What is she to do? She explodes, “Where the hell is my husband?” Eventually they divorce. She finds someone else who fits in well with her skandhas and he becomes a Lightworker. It is at this point that the Course in Miracles offers us a new understanding of a true and lasting relationship. It can last past death because death is not real. The Course offers us a “Holy relationship” rather than the marriages found in the man-made world. A Holy Relationship does not come from finding someone you fit in with like one set of skandhas finding another set to match. A Holy Relationship is one in which two people experience real Love, the only reality in truth, in each others’ presence! It is unconditional Love so there are no contracts of expectations and demands. Love is wise and will provide the atmosphere and the actions the couple need to stay real. The two, experiencing One Love, join in mind and become an example to the rest of the Sonship of the journey of joining before us. A Holy Relationship does not require a formal marriage ceremony. The relationship is already real by Love and the two are joined in mind. However, if they choose to have a former ceremony it will not contain any of the contractual neediness of the man-made marriage. Like guarding their peace, the couple will guard their Holiness. In their lives they will chose to do their work while sharing the Love that joins them in mind. There is no other rigid template. It is as flexible as Love is unconditional. If they choose to have sex, the sex will be an expression of that Love they share. In the man, that divine Love evokes the desire to give to his partner. In the woman, it arouses the desire to receive and nurture. There are no templates or plans. Their lives would be given to them through guidance. None of the earthly rules apply. Their relationship will not be based on physical attraction, body shape, age, or any of the other skandhas. Their relationship is given by God, and because it is, they respect the body of the other. If you really Love someone with Divine Love, it doesn’t matter what their body looks like or how their personality is shaped. You just know that the most real and wonderful whole of being you is found within the Love that you share with that other person!

Now by this time you may be asking, “How can this work in the world we live in?” It is a good question. The man-made world is all based on separation and duality. “I like this. I don’t like that. I am unique. I am separate from you…etc.” And in addition to all that, “I am also separate from God…whatever that is,” because in the dualistic world you would not know unless you discovered Light. So into this dualistic world with special relationships (special loves, special hates) comes the Course in Miracles and it shows you how to live a non-dualistic life within a dualistic world!! You really get it that Love is the only thing real. You will stop projecting the opposite of Love which is fear. The Course will take you by the hand and very gently but very firmly help you to undo all the mistakes in thought you made about how things really are, including relationships. You will discover that God’s plan for you is that you should be a Light to the world by offering forgiveness. One person who has seen his own Light has something to give to humanity. In a Holy relationship, two people who have joined in mind and seen their own Light can speed up the joining process within the Sonship and bring the Kingdom of Heaven down on earth. That is just a little bit better than what you thought a relationship could be. Holy Relationships are the result of miracles that Jesus inspires. The miracle gives Light where there was darkness and Love which is to be shared. Holy Relationships are not earned because there is no economy in Heaven. There is no lack, only abundance. The Holy Relationship is of the spirit, although it respects the body. It is not of time, which is an illusion. It is of eternity. “Til death do us part” belongs only to the body and man-made marriages based on patterns. The Holy Relationship is a perfect picture of the whole Sonship joined in One and in One-ness with the Father. There is no place where the Father ends and the Son begins, neither any place where the Son ends and the Father begins. There is perfect One-ness, extending Love and Light throughout the universe of Spirit they create. The Holy Relationship is a picture of our co-creation with the Father. Yes, this can work in the world we live in now! It just takes work and vigilance. Is it worth it?

No Boundaries….

No Boundaries….

Is anything in life truly divided? Is not life all one? Is not the illusion of separateness what we are here to dispel? One person who has seen his immensity will never believe in boundaries again. He will not see anything as separate. So when The Course talks about removing the barriers and barricades to the awareness of Love’s Presence, it is talking about removing all your ideas about boundaries, isn’t it? It is only the ego that divides. “This is my space. You step away. Your space is over there. And don’t you come into my space unless I tell you to come.” What madness is that? And then this mad person says,”We can be what I call ‘friends’ but that’s it! Don’t talk to me about love. That is reserved for my husband.” And yet she doesn’t see that such an idea is the essence of “special relationships” that fail. It is the marriage of the earth with 2.2 kids, a house in the suburbs and a big mortgage. Then the marriage fails, we get divorced and start all over again! What more do you need to see to identify this as madness? The real space we are in need of developing is internal space in the mind so we can make room for our boundlessness! It is not ego space that separates.

Forgiveness can only happen within Love and all Love is of God.

Forgiveness can only happen within Love and all Love is of God. Therefore egos cannot forgive. Egos want a substitute for forgiveness which is suffering. The ego attacks back in anger rather than forgiving on the fly. The ego wants to set up conditions for its substitute forgiveness/suffering. “If you really promise never to do that again, and you promise to respect my boundaries, then maybe we can have some sort of relationship.” That’s the ego’s plan. It makes mistakes into sin and sees sin as real. It wants to save up stamps so that somewhere in the future it can say, “Do you remember what you did to me back there?” The ego knows only the past and tries to keep it alive in your response. In contrast, God’s system says that mistakes happen and we can easily forgive them and let them pass by, as though they never happened, and you can then look upon your “offender” as still perfect. You don’t choose to see him as a villain in your play. However you see him, it is your choice! The sight comes from YOU. See him as a villain whose mistakes were sins and you hide the light of God from yourself. You will bring on to yourself the darkness that you chose to see in him. For you are responsible for your sight!

“I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.

Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. Acknowledge but that you have been mistaken, and all effects of your mistakes will disappear.” (ACIM T.21.II.)

Counseling with A Course in Miracles…

Counseling with A Course in Miracles…
There are psychotherapists in my city that use ACIM as their modality of work for counseling couples. The couple comes with some complaints about each others actions or reactions. Their first wish, often, is for the Counselor to take sides and pronounce one side as right. That is the ego’s wish to perpetuate conflict. The Counselor has to get them to see that each one is responsible for how they see the other one. Someone reacts. OK. That doesn’t mean that you have to choose to see him as attacking you, much less give you a right to attack back. In the moment of his reaction, you have the ability to let it pass as a simple mistake, and see him as perfect as God made him. So mistakes can easily be let go and conflict need not develop. If Nazi concentration camp survivors can learn to forgive the Nazi’s using the principles of The Course, you can learn to forgive in your daily life.

Playing in the big leagues of Spirit

Playing in the big leagues of Spirit

In childhood I had wanted to play sports, but my heart condition made that impossible. As God gave me gifts of the Spirit throughout my whole life I was called to play in the Big Leagues of Spirit. There are greats in this League that make Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle look silly. These greats are the angels and other great spirits that work with them. The head Coach is Jesus. For some amazing reason I got brought up to the team. I was put into a big game very quickly. I did some great work at the beginning of the game and then screwed up major time in the later innings. Coach put me on the bench. He let me go into the game here and there as a pinch hitter. I came through on some of those, so he let me stay in that capacity for a while. Then he put me in another big game. Again, I did really well in the beginning innings but screwed up the later innings. Teammates kept saying stuff like, “you have such potential. Hang in there. Coach really likes you.” But I was back to sitting on the bench and coming into the game here and there as a pinch hitter. I was getting more consistent at that role but I was still discouraged that I couldn’t find my stride.

Recently he put me in as pinch hitter during a very tough game. I came through in flying colors and we won the big game. Everybody on the team was “high” and coach was really happy. He put me into another big game a little later and I hit a home run in the early innings. Coach left me in the game! Then in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, I struck out! We lost the game. I lost the game. I went into a real funk. I just knew that Coach was going to kick me off the team. Instead he benched me again, this time, to the deep back bench. After a while I complained bitterly to Him about it. Take it from me, you don’t want to talk to Coach like that. He said, “This is my team, Joe, and it is my prerogative to bench you. You got it!” Wow did I get it.

I am still on the team and hoping I can learn and become a consistent player for Coach. I love Coach with all my heart. There is nothing I want more than to make Coach proud of me.

Madness and the Ego

What do you do when you have a dear friend who does not want God’s will for her life? Such a person would have no faith in the Source of life itself. Such a person would, in their mind, be separate and totally alone in a meaningless universe. S/he would literally have to believe that the exertion of personal will is the only thing keeping him/her in existence. S/he would have to think s/he was self-created. S/he would have to get rid of all ideas of God. This is madness. If you looked at such ideas from the point of view of the Bible, this was Lucifer’s fall from heaven. In A Course in Miracles this idea would be the original “tiny mad idea” that brought about the entire dream of separation. In the Bible, Lucifer’s rebellion against heaven is viewed as an unpardonable sin. In A Course in Miracles, this tiny mad idea leads to the Son of God, split off from his true Self, believing he is an ego, a solitary individual needing to hide out from God who is out to get him. Of course the ego does not want God’s will for his life. The ego believes God will punish and annihilate him. This primordial fear must be behind every insane thought that the will of God is fearful and furthermore, that it can be avoided and offset. The madness of thinking that ANYONE could be outside of the will of God is the dream of separation. And individual minds are projecting that dream every day. That is why we still believe we are here and not in heaven.

Things I Like to Do Tell You Who I Am Much Better than the Mistakes I have Made:

Things I Like to Do Tell You Who I Am Much Better than the Mistakes I have Made:

A few years ago I sat down and wrote out a soul list of things I like to do. I looked at it today, and I still like the same things. If you don’t know me and care to know, my list here opens the door to my soul:

“I like to help people. I like the experience when the seeming distance between two people dissipates and there is a connection–and it is always a connection of Love.

I like to enable people to find, acquire and reintegrate into themselves, the parts of themselves which they had lost temporarily or forgotten.
I am most at home teaching or performing; Of course nothing takes the place of the stage. It was my place on earth for me to be me. That’s fine. The abrupt disruption of my career had to be karma. It could not have been an accident. But now thinking beyond that time, I love to meditate, in either formal or informal ways, the latter being my preference. I meditate in creeks and my spirit shouts as loud when I catch a trout as if I had caught the Holy Ghost Himself. Of course I don’t hurt the little angels. I use only barbless hooks and lures or flies only. I admire the sweet little creature, bless him and let him go. To me, spirituality is about  staying in wonder.

I like to sit in wilderness areas as my “church” and worship my own way, and that changes a lot.

I love to connect to people love to love and watch the surprise come over their faces.

I love the melodies of creeks. I love the sounds of night. They are nature’s music. I love clouds and wish I could paint them. Even more I wish I could find the right sound and melody to sing them.

I love the Ground of Being. With constant wonder and grandeur it manifests itself daily.

I love learning things I don’t know. I love doing research on my own. I love all animals and consider them little bits of the Divine which God left for us.

I love long walks in the forest or by a creek with someone I really love.
I like playing with children and setting their minds on the great journey of love and mystery. I love the mystery called “God.” I feel closer to Him than my fingers to my hands.

I love to sit by a brook–after I have caught and released a few trout–with a lover beside me and talk or be silent, but BE-in spirit.

I love to watch the sunsets over Deer Lake and glory in what I perceive from that grand event.

At other times, I love to teach young actors how to act and young singers how to sing—secretly, as a form of Zen, so that they remain highly conscious as they study.

I love Romantic love and like Wagner’s Flying Dutchman. Like him, I have been looking for ages for a woman who would love me truly and complete this creative block of karma which is me, and it wouldn’t hurt to be happy.”

In the ceaseless chatter of the brain…

In the ceaseless chatter of the brain there is the constant urge to project the opposite. There is a thought of love and the brain projects an opposite. There is a thought of happiness. The brain projects an opposite. What would it be like if we learned to stop projecting the opposite? It would mean that the mind has stilled and stilled the brain as well. Only Love’s Presence would be sensed in everything. The student workbook exercises in ACIM are a very good way to help us with this problem. As long as we project the opposite, this world of separation will remain strong, and we will have to work hard to keep our peace. The lessons of the workbook help us to become aware of our thoughts so that when the urge arises to see something negative, the mind brings up a lesson: “The Light has come. I have forgiven the world.” When I am tempted to see myself as some low image, the mind brings back, “I am as God created me.” When I am tempted to believe in “magic” the mind brings to me, “I am under no laws but God’s.” Gradually we are learning right mindedness, and dispelling separation.

Shall we Find Peace?

Shall we Find Peace?
by Joseph Shore

All who believe they are an ego housed in a bag of flesh bound to die sing this song to the universe: “I want to do it my way.” They see themselves as gloriously separate from every person, plant, or animal. In that “glorious” separation they shout, “I am ME. There will never be another like ME. I am the master of my fate.” People even applaud this and think it is a good thing!!! If we ask these individuals if they know themselves as God created them they would be hard put to give answer. If we ask them if they want God’s will for their lives, they might very well be unsure how to answer. They want THEIR will for their lives. As long as “God” is viewed as Jehovah in Judaeo-Christianity, NOBODY is going to want the will of God in his life! And this is the problem for the mind. The mind thinks of God as a kind of dysfunctional psychic monster. If the mind could know the word “God” refers to our Source and Love itself, it might be able to find right-mindedness and say, “Yes, I want ‘God’s will’ for my life.” Making that change in mind is the very big change we need! In ACIM we learn that our only reality is unconditional Love which is all-encompassing. It has no opposite in truth. It belongs to the God-created world which does not know opposites. In the man-made world of duality we take the Love that is our natural inheritance and form barricades to its awareness because we are afraid of it. We project an opposite to love, namely FEAR, which does not in truth exist. It is a man-made illusion. And we bombard our minds in constant clutter of these projected opposites. Every thought of Love is met by a mental projection of fear. Every positive thought is met by a projected bad thought. Every possible good ending to a story is met with a projection of a bad end. On and on the mind goes projecting opposites. IT is THIS mind activity that creates the world we see. And so the mind can never be still and know peace. It can never just hear the story of Love. It has to project an opposite. And we call this “being realistic.” It is not realistic at all. It is fabricated! It is a mental illusion that takes form as the world we see and live in. Thoughts become things. Mentally project a world of opposites and this is what you get! There is no peace in it, no Love, no Truth, nothing of eternity touches it, and so it can’t know forgiveness. It just knows greed, dishonesty, conflict, lack and want. So shall we find peace? If you really want peace you will have to be serious about how to find it! No extra belief will give it to you. No class can give it to you. No teacher, no guru, no preacher, no rabbi, can give it to you, no religion can give it to you. But the Peace of God is found in a mind made still. In that stillness you would not project an opposite. There would be no conflict and you would know that you are a part of the One, indivisible Will of God, and you would be at peace. How long can you hold that Peace before something kicks your mind back into duality and you start projecting the opposite? We can bring the mind back to stillness and know ourselves as God created us. Let us work on that.

The Peace of God is everything I want

The Peace of God is everything I want and so I say, “Our Father who created a universe of Spirit named Heaven, your name is Holy and we share in your Holiness as your creation. Your Kingdom will come because it is all there is in Truth. Your will is done because it is indivisible and no one is outside your will either in Heaven or in illusory worlds. Give us this day what we need on our journey back to you and forgive us our illusions as we forgive our brothers’ illusions. And lead us not into temptation for the temptation of the Son of God is not your will. Yours in the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory now and forever. Amen.”

The Peace of God is everything I want

The Peace of God is everything I want and so I say, “Our Father who created a universe of Spirit named Heaven, your name is Holy and we share in your Holiness as your creation. Your Kingdom will come because it is all there is in Truth. Your will is done because it is indivisible and no one is outside your will either in Heaven or in illusory worlds. Give us this day what we need on our journey back to you and forgive us our illusions as we forgive our brothers’ illusions. And lead us not into temptation for the temptation of the Son of God is not your will. Yours in the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory now and forever. Amen.”

The Timelessness of Love

The Timelessness of Love
by Joseph Shore on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 12:28am ·

When I was in my early twenties I was just getting started as an opera singer. While doing my master’s degree in Fine Arts I was helped by a kind, elderly lady. I was the paid soloist at her church where she was the organist. She was a widow in her mid-70’s I would guess. She kept her real age quite a secret. She had lost her husband years before and had never remarried. At that beginning stage I had a lot of auditions and competitions to do and there was a lot of expense involved with my doing them. She was kind enough to help me out in that regard. We developed quite a friendship. She accompanied me on the piano when I would do concerts in that area. But soon it became quite obvious to me that she held deeper feelings for me than I could reciprocate. She had illusions that I could take the place of her lost husband. Her feelings for me did not repulse me. I understood her needs.I just could not reciprocate. One day while I was at her home rehearsing an aria she took off her blouse and asked me what I thought? I tried not to react emotionally. I made some comment like, “I am sorry but I have to go now.” My career go started and I moved to New York. But I would return to the Midwest a few times for concerts and she would accompany me. I owed her a lot for her help in my early days. My point is this: If someone older than you says s/he loves you and you cannot reciprocate, don’t freak out or be repulsed. Just let it be. You may see later that person actually did care for you and gave you a lot, and sometimes these things work out so that a younger person actually DOES reciprocate and a happy marriage follows. If you DO react with repulsion instead of kindness then you are setting yourself up for a lesson in your life. Maybe not in this life, but surely in the next one, you’ll find yourself as an older woman, unmarried, who falls in love with a younger man who then is absolutely repulsed! Then you will know what it feels like.

The Timelessness of Love

The Timelessness of Love
by Joseph Shore

When I was in my early twenties I was just getting started as an opera singer. While doing my master’s degree in Fine Arts I was helped by a kind, elderly lady. I was the paid soloist at her church where she was the organist. She was a widow in her mid-70’s I would guess. She kept her real age quite a secret. She had lost her husband years before and had never remarried. At that beginning stage I had a lot of auditions and competitions to do and there was a lot of expense involved with my doing them. She was kind enough to help me out in that regard. We developed quite a friendship. She accompanied me on the piano when I would do concerts in that area. But soon it became quite obvious to me that she held deeper feelings for me than I could reciprocate. She had illusions that I could take the place of her lost husband. Her feelings for me did not repulse me. I understood her needs.I just could not reciprocate. One day while I was at her home rehearsing an aria she took off her blouse and asked me what I thought? I tried not to react emotionally. I made some comment like, “I am sorry but I have to go now.” My career go started and I moved to New York. But I would return to the Midwest a few times for concerts and she would accompany me. I owed her a lot for her help in my early days. My point is this: If someone older than you says s/he loves you and you cannot reciprocate, don’t freak out or be repulsed. Just let it be. You may see later that person actually did care for you and gave you a lot, and sometimes these things work out so that a younger person actually DOES reciprocate and a happy marriage follows. If you DO react with repulsion instead of kindness then you are setting yourself up for a lesson in your life. Maybe not in this life, but surely in the next one, you’ll find yourself as an older woman, unmarried, who falls in love with a younger man who then is absolutely repulsed! Then you will know what it feels like.

Chicken Little The Story of us all As told by an old rooster named Joseph Shore

Chicken Little
The Story of us all
As told by an old rooster named Joseph Shore

Once upon a time, heaven sent a child to earth, full of the Knowledge of Heaven. The child was as fresh as the dawn and brought Heaven’s gift of Love to the world. The child seemed to come into the mother’s womb and be born in a body. She still carried Heaven’s gift with her and knew only to give it to her mother and father. Something very strange happened to the child as she appeared to be born. Her mother and father did not recognize her as a gift from Heaven. They did not know they could learn anything from the child because they, themselves, did not know what they did not know. Instead of welcoming the gift of Heaven, reverencing her, making space for her, they told her she was a chicken! “Welcome to our home, Chicken little,” they said. “We are all chickens here. We will teach you how chickens are to behave. We will teach you how to survive in a world of chickens. You will do what we say and believe what we believe. You are our property now. You belong to us. You will serve our family.” The child was innocent, pure, helpless and did not know fear. She was obedient to her parents and soon learned their chicken beliefs. She played with other “chickens” in the yard and dreamed of things she would do one day when she was a full grown chicken. As she learned from her chicken parents she learned things that were not of heaven but of chickens. She learned fear, especially fear of an old man with mustache and goatee, dressed in white, holding a cane and a sign that said “KFC.” This image filled her with this new emotion called “fear” more than any other. With fear came other new emotions, hostility, attack, anxiety, helplessness, limitation. Her parents assured her that all chickens had these emotions. On Sundays they took her to a special building called the Chicken Church and there she learned that the Chicken World was created by a great, giant chicken in the sky named Jawah the Chicken. She learned that Jawah was always watching chickens to see if they were being good chickens, obeying their parents. She learned that Jawah hated bad chickens who disobeyed their parents or thought differently. If she were not good, one day Jawah would snatch her up and send her to the deep fat fryer with all the other bad chickens. But then she was taught that Jawah really did care about chickens…sort of! He had one chicken son himself who he sent to earth to teach the other chickens. The son’s name was Jebba and he soon saw that the chickens were very evil. They were so evil Jawah would have to fry them all. This caused Jebba to be very sad, so he told Jawah that he would go to the fryer in place of all the other chickens, just to satisfy and please Jawah. And so he was fried! Now he made a deal with Jawah that all the other chickens could be spared his nasty fate if they would just accept Jebba as their personal chicken and give 10% of their chicken feed to the Chicken Church. Chicken Little wanted to be a good chicken and she was very afraid of the fryer so she believed in Jebba just like all the other chickens. She lived her chicken life, scratched in her chicken yard, met a nice rooster and decided to lay eggs, much to the rooster’s happiness. And she lived her life believing she was Chicken Little, having forgotten her true, and only real identity as heaven’s gift. After she was an old hen, she finally died and sluffed off her imaginary feathers and discovered she was something she had forgotten long ago. She remembered a time when she knew only heaven’s love and the desire to give it to others. She remembered a time before she learned fear.
Now just in case you think this is a silly tale (or ‘tail’), it perfectly describes what happens to every child who comes to this planet and seems to be born in a body. The parents do not recognize the child as a gift from heaven from whom they are to learn love. They think the child is their property and of the earth. Instead of reverencing the child and giving her space, they begin to indoctrinate her with their strange beliefs, the beliefs of the world rather than Heaven’s Knowledge. The child learns fear and limitation. The child forgets her Heavenly identity and just grows up like all other children, with fear suspicion, limitation and citizenship! By the time she is three years old she is saluting flags and being entered into beauty contests. She becomes conformed and forgets who she really is. Is this not insane? Is this planet not insane? In this insanity she begins to search for something she knows she has lost. If she is determined she will come into contact with a real teacher and she will begin that long road to unravel the insanity of her conditioning. That is what A Course In Miracles does for all the Chicken Little’s out there. It begins to help you gently to undo all the insane beliefs you accepted as a child in the name of conformity. Then you won’t believe in Jawah and Jebba anymore! The Course will lead you gently by the hand back to the truth of yourself which you have forgotten. It helps you to remember, “I am not a chicken. I am just as God created me, and this God who created me knows only Love. He created me just like himself, so I am only Love! I am not a body of any sort, neither with feathers or flesh! I am a spirit like God who created me. I am not limited. I will not be afraid. I will not be conformed to any chicken law or any law of man. I will obey only the laws of Heaven, eternal laws that are changeless. And if you try to fry me, I will just be feathers in your mouth. I cannot be fried. I cannot be harmed in any way. I am not a body.” Then remembrance of Heaven comes.

The Love of God

This is my present to the world today, “The Love of God.” This is the answer to everything you have been seeking, the answer to all your heartache and unfulfillment, The Love of God is here in your midst today. Angels stand before you trying to turn your gaze upwards even as you are mired in your earthly or hellish situation. No one is outside of the will of God because there IS nothing outside the will of God. God is Love and then we stop speaking. May closed hearts be opened today. May injured hearts be healed today. May past wounds be forgiven today. May the Love of God be in your mind today!! Today is June 23, 2012. May this be a beginning of a new day in your life as it is in mine!!!!!

Miracles are our natural inheritance

Miracles are our natural inheritance and when we receive them our natural urge is to release that vibration into the world. All minds are connected and no one is alone in experiencing his thoughts. Just so, the miracle in one mind affects the minds of everyone. “A Course in Miracles” is a book, but my life and yours is the space for “our” book of miracles to be written. I don’t want just to believe in a book. I want to experience the miracles God has to give to me daily. Each miracle is a page in my book, which is yours also. The Love of God. The Love of God is all there is. These social identities we have made, our egos, are illusions. They are not eternal. When the Love of God comes upon you, you will laugh at the little self you thought was you, and also appreciate it for all the lessons it gave you. You can just let the Love of God wash over it now. You can forgive the world all the terrible things you held against it. You can forgive your brother all the mistakes you held against him. The Love of God has come. Your insane thoughts about the world cannot stand now. The Love of God has come to wipe away all illusions and give you a fresh new vision of a world so bright, so gleaming, that it reflects Heaven. And could heaven be far from this vision? Only a tiny step remains from this vision to the Gates of Heaven. Now do you hear the voices of angels sing the song that praises God and you along with Him, for you are a part of Him and share His holiness. The Love of God has come and brought you before angels, wiping away your mistaken view of the world. And would you not lift your brother up with unto the Gates of Heaven? Share this vibration today with the world and with your brothers. The Love of God has come and asks for an eternal home in your heart and mine.

Who is a healer?

Who is a healer but one who has joined with other minds in wholeness. He looks upon the world as forgiven and sees it as it does not see itself. He has awakened yet lives in the world. What would he do to heal it? He would not look for modalities to heal, however advanced they might seem. Were he to do so, he would have to look upon the world as a terrible place where the sick and wounded come to die. He would look upon illusion and make it real so he might heal it. Can a healed healer know such madness? The healed healer need do nothing but stand in his wholeness before a world that believes in sickness and death. His healed mind affects the whole Sonship, for he is not alone in experiencing his wholeness. Then would his wholeness spark awakening in others with whom he would join in mind. Can the mad illusion of separation stand in such a holy place where minds have joined? What need can there be of healing when the healer has come?

What Would You Give For Inner Peace?

What Would You Give For Inner Peace?
Shared by Joseph Shore

What would you give for inner peace? Would it be worth something to you? Would you know how to value it? What is inner peace? Do you even know? Where would you look for it? Would you recognize it? These are all very important questions unless one just wants to wallow. The true problem of man that keeps inner peace away from him is his unwillingness to change. Things may get so bad that you think you can agree that change needs to happen, so you will go to a guru and start a new program and pay lots of money for it. But if the guru asks you to define the change you want, you will probably be unable to tell him. You don’t know. So a couple starts out with some good intentions by going to a guru for change. They may even see him for some time, but somewhere along the way the unwillingness enters in and no change take place. They become disillusioned and fall back into their old conditioning, pleading their helplessness. Their thoughts are meaningless. Meaningless thoughts create a meaningless world and a meaningless world engenders fear. Now we can use the “God” word and say as does ACIM that God did not create a meaningless world. But that will still leave us a long way from finding inner peace. So the first thing we must do to come together for a sharing of A Course in Miracles, is to commit to moving past unwillingness. We must admit that there may be truths we don’t know. There may be lies we have believed which condition us and disallow inner peace. We would have to start there. The Course would then take us by the hand and help us to question our conditioning, our belief system. We would have to be sufficiently interested to know if there is anything worthwhile in our beliefs, especially the beliefs which we have about ourselves! The Course says that I am as God created me. Do you know yourself as God created you, apart from some belief you learned in catechism or Sunday school? You will have to find out if you are interested in finding inner peace. No teacher can tell you. No university can give you that information. No parent can tell you. You will have to look honestly inside and examine your conditioning. It may be that not many people are interested in that. It could be that the majority of people are just content to keep their anxiety, or go to a bar, have some drinks and sink down to a subhuman level where one can ignore everything of concern. But then you sober up the next morning and have to go to work and you are faced again with a boring life of routines and meaningless endeavors. The Course says that your tolerance for pain is not endless. Sometime you are going to have to break down and look up. You are going to have to find a way out of the inner pain you live with. A sharing of A Course in Miracles is a good way to start. Listen respectfully to what the Course says. Give it the respect due to a proper search for your true meaning. Then, if you don’t feel it is your path, nobody is going to force you to continue. That is the level many of us are comfortable with: “You can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do!” You are absolutely right, but there is a limit to your tolerance for pain and meaninglessness. Many people have longed for death as the great ending of pain. The only problem is that nothing changes at death. You just drop the body. You are left as a mind full of pain and confusion. No one can kill you and end your pain! So the Course comes into this meaningless world and helps you to look at the beliefs that undergird your meaningless life. It starts out very simply with one lesson a day which will begin a process of self-examination. You don’t have to understand the lesson. You won’t be able to. You just do it and it will do the work for you in the beginning. After a while you would come to a more basic level of discrimination in thought and you would see that there are two levels involved, perception, based on beliefs, and Knowledge found in God’s World. There is God’s spiritual universe which is governed by Truth and Universal Laws that are unchangeable and there is the level of man’s thought which we call the “world.” That level only knows opinions, not facts. It knows perception, not Truth. The level of thought we call the world would be as a dream state or nightmare compared to God’s universe of Truth. Somehow you need to get to God’s level. You need to find out that you are as God created you. In order to find that, you need a miracle in your change of perception. It is, after all, A Course in Miracles. A miracle is a sudden pause in your ordinary line of thought. Your thoughts have been created by your beliefs and they meander through your mind with meaninglessness. But the Miracles, which the Course says are directed by Jesus, introduce you to a “pause,” a “gap” in that flow. In that pause there is newness, a sparkling stillness which contains the possibility to see things differently than you did before. As you are introduced to these miracle pauses you would soon see that your mind is really a battleground. There is a voice in your head that you usually listen to. It speaks about all your conditioning and would talk about your limitations as a body, your lack. But there is another softer voice that you have ignored so long you can just barely hear it, and it speaks for you as God created you. The Course calls it the Holy Spirit or the Voice of Jesus. In the pause provided by the miracle, you have the opportunity to agree with the Holy Spirit’s assessment of your situation. So the Course is all about giving you choices you overlooked before. It doesn’t force you to do a thing! It doesn’t have clergymen to bang on your door. It doesn’t have preachers to manipulate you for your money. It just gives you the Thoughts of God! The Course contains the Thoughts of God! It just gives you eternal, unchanging Truth for you to hold up in front of your beliefs. When you see that, you will get some grasp of who you are, how important you are to God! The Course calls you the “son of God.” And you always thought that you were a lowly worm not worthy to take the scraps from the table of God! How much change in thought you will have to undergo! You will see how Holy you are because you share God’s Holiness. It has nothing to do with religiosity, how much makeup you wear or whether you go to the movies! It is about the unchangeable nature of who you are in truth, not what your parents or teachers or friends told you. Religious people are always afraid to look inside themselves fearing they will see monsters, just as Calvin described man as being totally depraved at the center of his being! It is a lie! You are as God created you and nothing can change you because your nature is based on God’s Holiness. His son must be like Him in truth. Do you see apples growing on thorn bushes, or peaches on potato vines? God’s creations are like Him; Spirit, not flesh, possessing all the qualities of God Himself. What could you do to destroy that? Nothing! Absolutely Nothing! This will come as a big surprise to you who think you are a sinner, a lowly worm. You would have to find out about this, and A Course in Miracles takes you gently by the hand and ever so kindly introduces you to the nature of God which you share!

We invite you to find the willingness to share A Course In Miracles and take a big step towards finding inner peace. If someone gave you a Rembrandt painting worth millions of dollars, you would proudly display it in your home. You would bring friends over to admire it. You would reverence it as a treasure. How is it that you cannot find that reverence for the Eternal Self that God created as you?

Miracles are our natural inheritance

Miracles are our natural inheritance and when we receive them our natural urge is to release that vibration into the world. All minds are connected and no one is alone in experiencing his thoughts. Just so, the miracle in one mind affects the minds of everyone. “A Course in Miracles” is a book, but my life and yours is the space for “our” book of miracles to be written. I don’t want just to believe in a book. I want to experience the miracles God has to give to me daily. Each miracle is a page in my book, which is yours also. The Love of God. The Love of God is all there is. These social identities we have made, our egos, are illusions. They are not eternal. When the Love of God comes upon you, you will laugh at the little self you thought was you, and also appreciate it for all the lessons it gave you. You can just let the Love of God wash over it now. You can forgive the world all the terrible things you held against it. You can forgive your brother all the mistakes you held against him. The Love of God has come. Your insane thoughts about the world cannot stand now. The Love of God has come to wipe away all illusions and give you a fresh new vision of a world so bright, so gleaming, that it reflects Heaven. And could heaven be far from this vision? Only a tiny step remains from this vision to the Gates of Heaven. Now do you hear the voices of angels sing the song that praises God and you along with Him, for you are a part of Him and share His holiness. The Love of God has come and brought you before angels, wiping away your mistaken view of the world. And would you not lift your brother up with unto the Gates of Heaven? Share this vibration today with the world and with your brothers. The Love of God

The Secret and ACIM

“The Secret” and A Course In Miracles are not really compatible spiritual paths. We need to be straight on that. “The Secret” is a mental device to enable you to create more illusions: wealth, cars, houses, etc. The Course is trying to enable you to see that the physical world is an illusion, and regardless of the nice things you can “manifest,” we don’t belong here. We belong in the universe of Spirit that God created, not this fake physical universe that WE created, not individually of course, but as the One Mind that we are each a part of. The Course calls that spiritual universe “Heaven,” and there is perfect oneness there with God and His Spiritual creations. There is only Love there, only Truth, only Fact, only One of which we are all a part. Were you to feel for just an instant this Love you would never care about manifesting anything physical ever again. The Love of God is all I am. The Love of God is all I need and Heaven is my home.

A stillness has come to me

A stillness has come to me which is unlike anything I have experienced before. The Love of God has come into my mind to take up abode. I am not alone, nor lonely,nor do I ever feel bored. I am actively experiencing the Love of God in my mind. I need no TV. The thought of it is humorous. I need nothing. I eat my meals while looking happily out my window at the beautiful clouds and mountains. I walk to the grocery store, talk to the street beggars with a smile and love in my heart while I pull out the change in my pocket and give it to them. I come back home and look at the clouds and the mountains and am more than content. Songs play in my mind of peace and the love of God. I write on Facebook, email friends, and pet the cat. What more need there be? I am still inside and need no entertainment. I know that I am a part of God and share his holiness and glory. I am at the gates of heaven. This is a stillness which I have not had before. This is not the stillness from nature, as beautiful as that is. This is the Love of God which has taken up abode in my heart and I want for nothing more; not fame, nor riches, not wife, nor position. I have found peace and happiness within the Love of God. And I am not alone here in my mind. You are here too. We are all one Mind and we are almost home. We are the Glory of God.
The Glory cloud of God will fall on us. Be grateful that it will fall. Nothing in all your life has prepared you for anything like being under the Glory cloud of God. You will not be able to stand. The body cannot stand in the Glory of God. In the Glory cloud there is the weight of holiness and as much as our spirits belong there, the body does not! The body will groan, shout, and travail under the Glory cloud. But your spirit will never want to be any other place than in the Glory of God. We belong in the Glory cloud of God. We are the rays of His Glory. When the Glory cloud falls the spirit remembers its true home. We know then that we are not a body, but a spirit and a part of the Great Spirit of God. The holiness we feel under the Glory cloud is our holiness as well. But the body can only groan or bark like dogs. In the Glory cloud we speak the language of the Spirit. No human language can work in the Glory cloud.
Pray for the Glory of God to fall, as we awaken to Self, One with God. In the Glory cloud will all our lessons be reviewed. In the Glory cloud will we climb up the ladder. In the Glory cloud will we see Jesus. In the Glory cloud we will know our Home. Soon we will be done with the troubles of the world. Soon we will just be what we are. We are the Glory cloud of God.
The Glory of God is all I need.
The Glory of God is my Home.
The Glory of God is my peace.
The Glory of God removes all illusions,
None can stand in The Glory of God.
The Glory of God is all I want.
The Glory of God is all I seek.
The Glory of God is the will of my spirit.
The Glory of God is the answer to my deepest question:
“Who am I?”
I am the Glory of God,
As rays from the sun,
I am His Glory.
I am The Glory of God.
My newness is secure.

The changes in me by the Love of God will not vanish.

Today I found I had patience. The old me could never find patience.

I stood in line today at the dollar store, contented to wait.

There is a timelessness about this Love which imparts itself to me.

I waited in line and felt the people in front of me, their thoughts, their feelings.

As I came to the check out lady I could feel that she needed a lift.

She felt so low, so used, and so tired.

She just needed to feel that someone cared for her.

I gave her that. Her face lit with a smile. The Love of God is so easy to pass on to others.

The old me, sadly, would have been too self-centered to care about her.

I walked to the pizza shop. The man making pizzas was tired and low. I told him how good his pizzas were and how much better they were than the delivery pizzas. His spirit lifted. He smiled and made me a beautiful pizza.

Back in my car, my Cadillac that I enjoy so much, I drove to Deer Lake at sunset just to catch the vision of twilight on the waters. There is a timelessness to my days now. I know time is passing but I do not feel it. This Love that has captured me knows no time.

I see in my mind the many mistakes I have made in my life but they look now like kind partners in a learning endeavor. What I have learned from them has paved my way to this Loving place and I look on them only with gratefulness. There were some deep mistakes that I made. Temporarily they brought about separation, but they are blessed now. For those who hate me for them, I have confidence in the Love of God to work in their lives.

The Love of God is greater far, than tongue or pen can ever tell. It goes beyond the brightest star, and reaches to the lowest hell. The Love of God, how rich and pure; how measureless and strong. It shall forever more endure, the saints and angels’ sweet song.

Today, having heard the stories of my purported enlightenment,

All of my desires appeared, like the Farengi from Star Trek, cautiously creeping out into the Light.

“Master, the Light is so bright. Could you turn it down?”

“No,” I said, you will have to get used to it.”

“Master, we have some things to ask you…may we?

Master don’t you really need a new job?”

“No,” I replied

One by one they presented their entreaties:

“Don’t you really need then, a new degree, some new award from a prestigious institution?

Don’t you need a wife?

Don’t you need someone for companionship?

Don’t you need more friends?

Don’t you need more money?

Don’t you need a new car?

Don’t you need a nice new university appointment as Professor?

Don’t you need to sing again?

Don’t you need the Limelight again, Master? (Oh not that there is anything wrong with this Light Master, but Oh, it is so bright, isn’t it?)

Don’t you need to be young again, Master?

We have all come to offer you our services, at a fair and agreeable price, of course.

Can we do business, Master?”

I let them stew in their own juice a while as they twitched and grimaced, then I answered them:

“The Love of God is all I need and it is with me now and I am with it. Many of the things you have presented me would be very nice, but I don’t need them. I am content. You offer me things from the past, trinkets which seem to offer joy, but disappoint instead. I will just stay here in this Light, which you find so uncomfortable. You had better go now, for Ferengi cannot exist long in this Light. The Light will dissolve you.”

Nervous and gasping, twitching and whelping, they ran back for cover into the darkness from which they came. But I had to bless them. They had brought to me all the desires of my past and could not understand why I did not need them now. As they crept back into the darkness, I called out to them:

“The Glory of God is all I want.

“The Glory of God is all I need.

“I AM the Glory of God.”

I imagine this little conversation with my desires will happen quite often. No matter. The Love of God has come and brought timelessness with it.

I eat my food and pass my water. I pet the cat and watch the clouds, gather in the twilight and welcome the night.

I teach my students and just stay in this Love which I never, ever, want to leave. It is my Home. It is my Highest Self. I am where I belong, and I am far from alone. You are here with me, and you, and you, and you, and you. “We are all here, Father. The Mind which you created as One has come Home to you. And you know we never really left. We travelled only in dreams while safely in your embrace. Our Love, Our Light will shine forever with You. And the Love you have for your Son is returned back to you as pure as it was when you created Him. Our song, in praise to You, is all that will be heard.”

I thought that, for me, the most difficult part of staying in right-mindedness, and continuing my experience of the Love of God in my daily life would be to control reactions. Reactions can send you right back to wrong mindedness. But I have found that the Love of God actually gently protects me from reactions. I mean, there is just so much space and timelessness! I stood in a long line at the IGA today, without any temptation to lose patience. I just listened to the people’s thoughts and feelings as I waited. That’s another thing about the real Love of God…It is not evangelistic! I had no urge to try to persuade people! The Love of God honors our sleeping brothers! It is like Tara Singh said, “Some of our brothers are deeply asleep. That’s alright. Let them sleep. They will awaken.” The Love of God knows no pressure.

Today I awakened from sleep rather early for me. I thought, “Jesus why am I up so early.” I soon found out there was work he wanted me to do. This is life in the Spirit. We listen to an inner Voice that always speaks for truth, and we happily do as the Voice tells us. We have learned over the years, that those who obey the inner Voice will know the Love of God! May you know it today!! 🙂 Peace.

Today brought a new test for me. My illusory body has taken an illusory cold. I wanted to see if my consciousness would still be awake with the presence of the Love of God I have been experiencing for the past two weeks. It was interesting. There was the body with its symptoms of a cold and then there “I” was still in the Love of God! I could still look out my picture window and see only the Love of God! The body is TRULY an illusion. We will all get that in time. Time was made for our lessons. When we have learned them time will have no purpose and stop. May you all, my brothers, have the Peace of God today. 🙂

There is no will but God’s

If you could KNOW that you WERE/ARE the Love of God…and nothing else, how would you feel? To know that all the other “stuff” you think is you is but illusion, would you be happy to let it go? I am not so sure you would. You would start screaming, “I am an INDIVIDUAL with my own free will and power of choice.” Wouldn’t you? Now be honest! 🙂 That’s how we all got here in the first place! We fell into a little dream that we could be different than God, and here we are! Thank God it IS a dream, that we cannot really break off from Source! Thank God that God is not the punishing monster we fear He is! So, it is OK. You can wake up now! Really! But you say, “Still, I like being an individual, standing before the world singing. ‘I did it MY way!'” OK, just so you know. The Course (ACIM) tells us, “There is no will but God’s.” You don’t like that! You want YOUR will in there as well. As long as you see it that way, suffer a little more.

We must “Laugh at the tiny mad idea.”

We must “Laugh at the tiny mad idea.” Our dream of separation will not continue. Like all nightmares, we will awaken from it. It is important that we laugh at the idea that we, God’s Son, could ever be anything different from His Father. All of the things you judge yourself for, need a big laugh. You are God’s Son and you are still as God created you! When someone is unkind to you, you need to laugh inside at the tiny mad idea that any part of God’s Son could be unkind. We are in a dream, not the Truth. We will laugh away the “tiny, mad idea” and awaken to Love’s Presence.

The day that we have made

This is the day that we have made in the world we have made. The Love of God is yours today, awaiting only your awakening to it and the world you see will change before your eyes. Where there was hate, you will see it as illusion. Where there was unkindness, you will see through it as illusion. Where there was judgment, fear, anger, anxiety, pressure, doubt, you will see them all change before eyes that have been touched by the Love of God. Only see that God is in you, His son, and you will see God in everything.

So you are a Course in Miracles student. How do we act in the world?

So you are a Course in Miracles student. How do we act in the world? Obviously we do not preach to others. It would not be loving. But how should we act within this illusory world which WE made. God did not create it. It is our illusion that we miscreated or projected. It may help to realize that the Course is not the first spiritual system to see the world as a dream. Buddhists also see the world as a dream and yet they are among the most compassionate people on the planet. They have learned that harming any sentient being is harming ourselves. Course students should adopt the same attitude and the same compassion towards all things, sentient or otherwise. If we see a brother in need we do not go up to him and say, “This is just an illusion. You are OK.” Instead, we need to be in our Peace when we meet people in need so we can hear what the inner Voice tells us to do. I often now, find myself told to sit down next to a street beggar and just talk to him. He needs the most simple expression of God’s Love. One beggar I saw many times at his spot and always gave him money. But one time the inner Voice said, “Don’t give him money. Go into Subway and buy him the biggest sandwich they can make.” So that is what I did. When I handed it to him, he seemed shocked, but then a smile came to his face and he said simply, “Thank you.”

The way we act in this illusory world is important. We carry the Love of God with us and bless all that we see. We stay at Peace in the middle of this stormy dream world we have made, and listen for instructions from the inner Voice that always speaks for truth. Thank God ACIM has not yet splintered enough that we hand out tracts, “The five steps to being saved by ACIM.” It is very important that ACIM remain a self-study spiritual discipline rather than a new age church. Already the short history of the Course has more than duplicated the schisms of early Christianity into a myriad of opposing camps, and it will probably get worse. Come to Peace. You are the Glory of God along with all your brothers. Just be who you are.

Free Will and A Course in Miracles

Free Will and A Course in Miracles

What about FREE WILL? Do we have free will? According to the common sense view of life, the universe is real and we are real as separate individuals. We are all separate from one another, from nature, from other animals, and from God Himself. In this world of individuality we have desires, personal ambitions, and certainly we exert our “free will” to try to make them come to pass. So, in the common sense view of the world, of course we all have free will. You can jump up and down and declare to the heavens that you are a unique individual and, come the end of your life, you can sing the song, “I did it MY way.” In your life as an individual you may even use certain spiritual thought systems that help you “manifest” more stuff that you think you want, although next year your stuff will go out of style and you’ll have to manifest new stuff, but PRAISE GOD, you are an individual and can trace your genealogy back to Adam and Eve. After all, “God” created us as individuals, didn’t he? Careful my common sense friend. Even the scientists within this common sense world are now saying that the universe is not real! They are coming to the conclusion that the universe is more like a hologram…or a…dream! Whoa! That would mean that we as “individuals” were characters in a…dream! You have surely had some very vivid dreams in your life which contained many characters. The dream seemed real at the time you were experiencing it! So tell me. Did those characters in your dreams have (wait for it) FREE WILL? Of course not, you say. They were just part of my mind that was dreaming. In dream analysis, all the characters in the dream are a part of YOU! They seemed to be separate characters in the dream, but it was just a dream! For thousands of years, one of the world’s great religions, Buddhism, has been telling us that our experience in the world is more like a dream. Now Quantum Physicists agree!

Into this discussion now comes the spiritual system known as A COURSE IN MIRACLES. ACIM tells us a different story. Instead of the common sense one, it tells us there is a God created universe of spirit (or Mind) and a dream universe that we think is real. In the real universe of spirit which God created there is perfect Oneness. There are no individuals. There is God and His one Son, also called “Christ,” who God created by extending himself, sort of, by analogy, like the rays of our physical sun radiating light from it. The Father (God) and the Son are totally One. There is no place where the Father ends and the Son begins. They are totally One, totally unconditional love, totally true, and totally factual. In this universe of spirit (or Mind) Love is continually extending itself. There is also only One Will which is the Will of God, totally inclusive and indivisible. It is not possible in this real world for anything to be outside of the Will of God.

ACIM then gives us a spiritual epic myth to give us a deeper picture than Adam and Eve. It’s intention is to help us see NOW rather than some remote time in the very distant past. It says that in calm eternity where all is One, something SEEMED to happen which was impossible. A “tiny, mad idea” popped into the Mind of the Son that He could somehow be different from His Father. Since that could not be true, the Son fell into a little dreamlet in which He was split off from His Father and could now observe. In reality, in Heaven, there is no observer because there is total Oneness. But the Son now has fallen into a dream and believes he can observe as a separated Being. In His dream he now thinks he has a mind which appears to co-exist with the Mind of God and Christ. He believes He has split off from Oneness, which of course could never happen, but in His dream it appeared to happen. That split mind now has two reactions to the split it thinks it has made, two reactions to the “tiny mad idea.” One voice is what the Course calls the “ego,” and it says to the separated son, “boy you have really done it! Look how you have hurt God! He gave you everything and you have spit in His face. You have stolen the crown jewels! Do you really think He is going to let you get away with that? He is going to hunt you down like the mad dog you are and He is going to destroy you!” The ego is the thought that the separation from God has actually happened, just as the awful story of God, Adam and Eve and the Garden tells us! The other Voice is what the Course calls “The Holy Spirit” or the voice of Jesus. It speaks for the truth and says, “it is just a little dream. Nothing has happened. Laugh it off and just wake up.” The Holy Spirit is the memory of who the Son really is and He has taken this memory with Him into the dream. Now for some reason, we will never know why, the Son believed the ego’s story. He believed He had indeed hurt God by separating from Him. The ego gives a very nasty word for this act of separation. The ego calls it “sin” and now the split minded separated son has committed it! This is the beginning of all guilt or self-hatred. This is also where the fear of God comes from. The ego has turned the Love of God into the wrath of God, something that could never exist in truth in God’s Mind. The tale of the ego is one of sin, guilt and fear, its very unholy trinity. When the Son of God becomes identified with the ego thought system of sin, guilt and fear, he identifies himself as sinful, guilty, and fearful. The workbook says at one point, “You think you are the home of evil, darkness and sin” (W-pI.93.1:1). So the separated son, now fearful of the wrath of God decides to hide from God. He projects a physical universe in which to hide from God. And as he enters through the Big Bang he splinters into zillions and zillions of pieces, star dust, planets, matter, life forms, including humans. Now the separated son has a body to hide in. He is an individual now, as far away from Oneness as he can get, for he fears Oneness now. The ego tells Him that this Oneness the Holy Spirit talks about is really extinction. So he hides from God in a body in a physical universe of his own making by projection. The tiny mad idea has been projected outwards to create an entire fake universe full of bodies for the son to hide in. The Course says “This world was made as an attack on God. …[it] was meant to be a place where God could enter not” (W-pII.3.2:1,4) By the dynamics of denial and repression, the knowledge of who he really is gets buried in the dream. He must believe he is a separate individual in a body. He takes up an identity in a body with other bodies and appears to live a life all based on sin, guilt and fear. SO WHERE IS FREE WILL IN ALL OF THIS? Did the Son have free will when he chose for the ego’s story of separation? He certainly had a choice but it was a choice within a dream. Can that be thought of as FREE will? Hardly. What about the individual bodies who now believe they are real? Do THEY have free will? In their dream world they appear to be able to choose things: a certain job, a certain house, a certain life style. But could you call this FREE WILL when it is happening in a dream world created by projection and upheld by denial and repression? Hardly FREE! So in this physical world bodies hide from God, who they fear is wrathful, assert their individuality (like the tiny mad idea wanting to be something different from the Father) and believe they have a will of their own which is opposed to the Will of God! This is all in the dream of the fake physical universe. Each split off son in a body is a hologram containing the whole truth within him. The truth of who he is lies in him buried under denial and repression. Now we come to the essence of the Course which is all about MIRACLES. A miracle introduces a pause into our “normal” thinking. It gives us a gap in time. It brings us back to the truth that we chose wrongly for the ego and now we can choose rightly for The Holy Spirit’s view. THAT is FREE WILL. It is within the son’s power to decide again, choose again this time for the Holy Spirit. As he does, the memory of who he really is comes back to him. He can see that he is NOT a body! He is a spirit, a mind, and can choose again. He can forgive all the other bodies he interacted with because he sees now that he has been in a dream. His mind has been split into two parts, a wrong mind which believes the ego’s thought system, and the right mind which believes the Holy Spirit’s answer: “This is all a dream. Separation from God could never occur in truth. You are still as you were. I am not a body. I am free for I am still as God created me.” Gradually the son begins to come out of denial and repression and learn the truth. He is not a body. He is the Son of God. The Holy Spirit’s job is to bring together all the separate pieces of the son together. We help in this with our free choice to forgive our brothers for what we thought they did to us. The Peace of God comes to us and at some point we experience ourselves as simply The Love of God. Our bodies now become a useful tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Instead of hiding from God in a body, we learn the lessons that will help us all to awaken from the dream. Is there free will in this? Yes. The choice to join again with our Father is a FREE choice because it brings Truth. The choice to join our will with the Will of God is a FREE choice because it brings freedom. That is where we are today in the epic story. Either you are hiding from God and proclaiming your greatness as an individual or you are joining with the Holy Spirit in bringing the pieces of the Sonship together. Which will it be? Will you proclaim yourself an eternal individual forever separate from God or will you choose to rejoin with the Oneness of God and His Son? As soon as you see that it is not a fearful thing to rejoin with God, you will quickly and easily choose to do so. But as long as there is fear left, rejoining will give you fearful images of losing this great individual you think you are. That was the ego’s story, that the tiny individual will be annihilated within the ocean of God. That was the starting delusion of the dream, that the son could somehow be more than God! That one silly mistake in thought has given rise to our world of a physical universe filled with individual selves. To enhance the dream, individuals created religions to glorify the individual. New Age spiritualities came to call the individuals great and powerful beings who could “create” whatever they want. You see how clever the Ego is? It created religions, old and New Age, to bolster its story of glorious individuality.

What could you want that the Love of God could not give you? Would you choose sin, guilt and fear over everlasting Love? If you broke free of denial and repression and knew yourself to be the Glory of God, would you go back to your little self? If you knew the Will of God encompassed you with nothing but Love for you, would you try to exert your own little will against His? All of these questions are before you TODAY and they call for a choice! The son of God can choose again and follow the Voice of Jesus back to our true identity and true Home. For the time has come and the choice must be made. Would you remain in chains and hold your brothers captive with you? Or would you choose to forgive them and receive your own salvation as you bestow it on them?

Do not fail to heed my voice, dear brothers, for the time has come and you must choose again, and in this I have perfect certainty that you will choose for Heaven. There is but a ladder reaching from your dream world to the Heaven which is your Home. I stand at the top of the ladder and reach down to take your hand. I will not fail you for it has been given me to succeed. We are but a tiny step away from Heaven’s Gate and we will awaken into our Home.

There is a trap in all of this I AM declaration!!

There is a trap in all of this I AM declaration!! “I AM” is the shout of the ego, according to ACIM, which is my practice. “I AM” is Yahweh or Jehovah’s cry in the Bible. Yahweh/Jehovah was an inflated Ego. He was never the true God. He is the ego’s picture of God. The Real God in spirit has nothing to say! He/She/It is only Love. He does not know “I am not,” and therefore cannot know “I am.” He does not exist in this physical world we created. God did not create this world. We did, and it was created as an attack on God, a hiding place where God could enter not.
In Heaven, our true Home, there are no cries of “I AM” because there are no individuals! There is only God, all loving, and his Son, exactly like Him, radiating the same Love. There is no place the Father ends and the Son begins. See yourself as a part of this Oneness and your only declarations will be, “The Love of God and I are One.”

I Am

The only “I Am” statement you need make is, “I am not a body. I am free for I am just as God created me.” Do you know yourself as God created you? You would have to question all your presumed “knowing” to find out. But you could come to a place where you have cut through all the belief of sin, guilt and fear, that has made your body and your perceptions, until you come upon the Truth that you are as God made you: Spirit, not a body, Love, just as God’s, and at Home in Heave. Your travel but in dreams while safely at Home.

Marriage and A Course In Miracles…

Marriage and A Course In Miracles…

Marriage as the physical world understands it,is the epitome of the “special relationship,” described in ACIM. Two people are “attracted” to one another, and whether they are conscious of it or not, they perceive there is something in the other that they want or need. This relationship is bound to fail and does about 60% of the time, and percentages of failure rise much higher for multiple marriages. Clearly there is something wrong with marriage the way the world views it. The Course talks about our “joining” with others. This joining is of the spirit, of the mind. It means that two characters in the dream have sensed that they share the same identity in spirit as Love’s Presence. When you are with that person, the Love of God is intensely felt, and it is not coming from one and being given to another. It is an experience you both share. This joining is needed for all the members of the Sonship. The Holy Spirit’s job is to bring together all the separate pieces of the Sonship back into one Whole for our awakening journey back into the Mind of Christ, at Home in Heaven, where we have never left in truth. We travel but in dreams while safely at Home. So….if you have joined in mind with another person and share Love’s Presence, what form will that take in the illusory world? It doesn’t have to take ANY form or it can take multiple forms. The form is not important. Such a couple can choose to be married in the world’s sense and share their work together as they continue to share Love’s Presence. That would be quite a different marriage than what we usually observe in the world! But marriage is not needed for these two. They can simply share their life’s spiritual work and live in different parts of the world if they so choose. What if you are joined in mind with someone who is also married in the conventional sense? No problem. For example, I am joined in mind with one of the leaders of ACIM who happens to also be married to a woman. Is she threatened? Of course not! She is joined to her husband as one Love and views joining as does the Holy Spirit! What if she is in her ego and objects to her husband being joined in mind to others? Well this would be a little work the couple would need to address in their own relationship because some “specialness” has crept in to project this jealousy.

What an example for the world could two people be if they are joined in mind, share their spiritual work in life, and share Love’s Presence! Wow! That is the example we should wish to put into the world as a living example for an alternative to the world’s insane ideas about love and marriage.

What if you are joined in mind with someone and they are still in their ego and cannot join with you? Well that would not be a real joining would it? Because both people do not sense Love’s Presence as being something they share. The person in the ego would even be afraid of joining. It might upset his/her plans for having a conventional marriage!! So you who would join, being in spirit, must hold the space for your friend until s/he can come into his/her right mind. Then joining can take place. And then the form it takes is up to them. FORM AND SUBSTANCE is the continual issue we deal with. I hope this helps a little to clarify marriage and ACIM! May the Peace of God be yours today and may you join in mind with your brothers and sisters.

The world began as a fearful illusion but I have seen it now as the Love of God

The world began as a fearful illusion but I have seen it now as the Love of God, so perfect a reflection of heaven that the distance between the two is so tiny, a toddler could make the step. Father? I am putting one of my little toddler feet on your step. I have remembered your Love. I will never forget it again or go off into little dreams. I have remembered your love in the garden and the river, in the fish that swim, the flowers that grow, the birds that sing. I have remembered your Love in the eyes of my brother, and Father I want to come Home now, away from silly dreams and into your arms.

I know what it means to forgive your enemies

I know what it means to forgive your enemies and forgive yourself, the latter being the hardest and coming last. As a young opera singer, I was not just an opera singer. I came into the profession with a voice God had given me in the wink of an eye. I quickly rose to be one of the leading singers of my generation. But not everybody in the business of opera was happy to see this miracle pop on the scene. There were men in powerful positions who enjoyed calling the shots to determine which singers would make it and which would be left!!! I found that I was not only creating art in opera, I was garnering enemies, powerful enemies who wanted to stiff arm me to show off their power. I accomplished some pretty amazing things in opera but my career was cut short because I could not deal with all my enemies! For not a short while that infected me with a bitterness and hatred for them, and the trouble with that was it made ME suffer all the more. If I had been into “magic” I suppose I could have hired a witch to put a curse on them! Some people do that, unfortunately. But I was not into magic and I didn’t do that, I just privately hated them!! Then one day, after a lot of spiritual work, I had one of my experiences of Cosmic Consciousness. I saw my whole life as a play that I had written. I saw all the people in my life as characters I had cast! I saw my life as a kind of melodrama that I had written. Of course I would cast some villains! All good plays need villains! They are often the most interesting characters. I looked on my casting for my life and I was amazed at the wonderful villainous roles I had created and the perfect people I had cast in those parts. All of a sudden, I did not hate them anymore!! I was happy for them! They had played their parts incredibly well!! They were villains to the back teeth and they were great!! Then I also realized how clever a playwright I was because the villains I had created had taught me so, so much!! In my mind’s eye I could see myself walking up to these people and just shaking their hands saying, “Fantastic! You played your role so great!!” And then I would just laugh for joy. That ex-wife I hated? Hey she was one of the greatest characters I ever wrote for!! I now LOVE my villains! They were just wonderful. There was nothing to forgive, just Bravos to shout. Then I saw myself in this play and realized I had played the part pretty well myself! There was no reason to be self-deprecating! I had played this character “Joe Shore” pretty darn well!!

The next time you are tempted to hate someone in your life or yourself, just look at life this way. You will see there is no need to forgive anything and so you can forgive everything and just enjoy the play that you wrote, cast, and starred in yourself. When the play is over we will go back to the Green Room and all have a big laugh, then think up new plays!!!!!!

What if you knew?

What if you knew that every brother who came into your life was brought to you by God? S/he was brought to you so that God might speak to her through you. Would you not be very careful with your words, your communication? What would God have you to say to her? It would seriously affect you as well as her, wouldn’t it? What if you blew it? We often do, but God gives us other chances, often with the same person, sometimes another. It takes two to have the ears to hear. It takes two to obscure the sweet message God would have you give. It takes two to become One.

There are moments of testing in life in which you must choose again, for God or your smallness; for the Holy Spirit or the ego; for eternity or for time; for magic or for Love, for family or for Truth. And your choices in these critical moments define your life. Choose well. It may be another lifetime before you are permitted to choose again! Bravery is required in these moments. If you react to them by denial, you will fail and the future you will create for yourself will not be one you would welcome for review in the presence of angels and your Higher Self. So often we fail these tests and live out our lives in chill penury that represses the noble rage and freezes the genial currents of the soul. And so we come back to this world in another body, dimly remembering the thousands of times we have been here before, and take the same tests again. Will you harbor resentments again and attack God? Will you choose for Love this time? Will you give God’s message to your brother this time?

I made my visit to Burnaby Lake this evening.

I made my visit to Burnaby Lake this evening. I wanted to be there for twilight. The air was still and peace was sparkling. The birds were singing the most beautiful chorale. Before I got more than a few steps into the park I saw a Belted King Fisher, a bird I had never seen before. One of my friends was there, an old Chinese lady who comes most every day to feed the ducks and geese. She pointed him out to me. In addition to the usual Mallards, who are plenty beautiful, there were also Wood Ducks, Teals, Pied-billed Griebes, lovely summer ducklings who have survived the crows now almost a month, Canada Geese, beavers and muskrats! Last year we had a mink living under the bank and he was so aggressive and belligerent that they had to trap him and re-locate him. He was a mean sucker! But I guess if people were hunting you to get your fur, you might get mean too! Just a thought. At Piper Spit we have the oldest beaver dam on the lake, and tonight two lovely beavers came out to show us their industrious selves, muskrats following along. The ducks were so happy tonight. They made us happy. When I go there, I go to put myself back into the flow of all things, the Tao of the marsh, and try to turn off the “observer.” The “observer” is the problem! Where there is the observer peace cannot be experienced. We must flow into the immensity to know peace and then peace is there, in every duck, every bird, every flower, every worm, every bee, and every “me.” What is the observer but the ego? There are no observers in Heaven! Everything is Oneness, which means there is no observer. In peaceful eternity when the tiny made idea crept into the Mind of the Son that He could be something different from His Father, he fell into a dream, and in that dream he became an “observer,” separate from everything he observed. Since this is impossible it never really happened. It only seemed to happen in the dream. That’s where we are! But one person who has seen through the observer and felt his immensity, his Oneness with all things, has discovered something to give to the world, and that something is peace! In my immensity I stand by the Lake in a body and know that I am not a body! I am part of this perfect beauty. This peace also contains within it Love that knows no end. I stand there and flow into timelessness. There is eternity waiting for us in that marsh and so easily does it give itself to us. You cannot look at a Wood Duck or Teal and not be stopped in your time! A simple garden slug can stop you in your tracks and bring the Truth back to you that you are a part of all things! You are just as God created you! Whole, not a part; spirit, not a body; immense, not localized! You ARE the flow. You are not the observer!! If you are the observer you are a body, localized and limited to your senses. Thank God that is a LIE! Such grandeur can be known. I know it when I am sane. Then I put the key into the ignition and back the car out and I become the observer again! Such insanity we have made for ourselves. I vowed tonight that I would spend one complete day this summer at Burnaby Lake and lose the observer!!

The Observer is a phantom

Follow me a bit if perhaps you can. Now I can tell you that the real “you” is also the real “we,” and the real “you” and “we” are the flow. We are the flow! I will tell you how we arrived at that conclusion later. We are the flow. We are not the observer. Neither science nor philosophy have ever found the observer. We THINK we are the observer but where is it? It cannot be found in the brain or the Mind, look for it as hard as you can. Now we come back to how we arrived at that conclusion: By deep intuition and deep meditation we found that there was nothing there but the flow. The observer is a phantom, a mistake in thought, if you will. The observer does not exist! Only the flow is real, and nothing is flowing! I wrote it this way in a poem: “In quiet eternity does the One Song sing, Unaware of itself as a Song, singing only Love.” A Course in Miracles goes into this in some detail. Heaven, it says, is a condition of total Oneness. There is only the Father Creator and His One Son. But there is no division. There is no place where the Father stops and the Son begins. There is total Oneness which is also Light and Love. Here’s the catch. We are thinking now in a dualistic world of opposites. We cannot even really talk about a place/condition of total Oneness without using our muddy terms of duality. Really the word “Oneness” would be in opposition to “Manyness,” wouldn’t it? We have no way of really describing this condition except to say that there is NO observer! A condition where there is no observer can only be experienced here in this world of duality for brief periods of time in deep meditation or clarity. We experience our true identity to be the flow, the immensity, the vastness of all that is, rather than our little “self” which we experience as the observer. We think we observe but we do not. To observe reality one would have to be outside of reality and unaffected by it, and that would be impossible, like trying to bite one’s own teeth or see one’s own eyes. If you can see with me that there is no Observer then also look at what that means in terms of Source and consciousness. There was no consciousness until the observer came!

A Course in Miracles explains this in a cosmic myth. It says that in quiet eternity (why is it quiet unless it is because there is no consciousness?) where all is One there crept into the Mind of the Son the tiny mad idea that He could somehow be different from His Father. In the instant He thought that he fell into a little dreamlet and thought He experienced Himself from outside of Himself. His Mind split off (in a dream, because it couldn’t happen in reality) from the Oneness and began to observe Himself as separate. That dreamy split of His Mind IS the beginning of the observer and of consciousness. That split minded observer now is conscious and thinks about the meaning of his split. Two ideas come to him. The first idea is that the separation from Oneness has actually happened and the Observer is now in conflict with One-ness. That idea is what ACIM calls “the ego.” The other idea that comes to him is that nothing has really happened, his seeming split mind and his existence as an Observer are not real. They are an illusion, an error in thought. ACIM calls this idea the “Holy Spirit.” It is the truth that followed him into the dream of separation. These two opposing ideas become new splits and his observer “mind” is now split into two parts, the “wrong-minded” part that believes the separation has really happened and the “Right-minded” part that knows that nothing has in fact occurred. For whatever reason the Son chose to believe that the separation really happened. He chose for the “ego.” He now identifies himself as an Observer who is set apart from the flow, and in conflict with it! He is now conscious! Identifying himself now as an observer he senses Oneness as a threat! To the Observer, total Oneness seems like extinction. This wonderful new identity as “consciousness” IS the experience of being the Observer. He wants to preserve it. He fears for his little life in face of the immense totality of Oneness. But not only does he fear for his existence he experiences “guilt” that he has done something to Oneness. He has diminished it by coming into existence. His wrong-mindedness calls this a very nasty word. It calls it “sin” and the wages of sin is death! Sin, Guilt and Fear now come into consciousness! The Observer is now sinful, guilty and terrified. Remember that the Observer is really a part of the Oneness and has the power of mind. He is not physical yet. This is all, up until now, the beginning of consciousness itself! Being now sinful, guilty and terrified the Observer now projects those emotions outside of himself–what scientists call “The Big Bang”–and enters into another universe in order to hide from Oneness. As he enters this newly projected universe he splits into zillions and zillions of pieces, each now a hologram of himself, each believing it is an Observer. This is, of course, still a dream. Nothing has really happened. Now, I hate to leave you in this condition, but this is where we are! We are so in love with this new thing called consciousness that we have built whole thought systems about climbing higher and higher in consciousness!! Consciousness is not our Source, Oneness is! And that Oneness is not conscious!! This will probably make you want to puke about now! Now you will feel the fear that the original Observer felt as he experienced himself in conflict with Oneness! You will be afraid of losing this precious thing called consciousness. You will not see that consciousness and the Observer are one and the same. You will not see that the Observer is a “distraction,” a fairy tale, or a dream. You will fight to preserve it. You will study religions and philosophies all devoted to praising consciousness!! You will love the new age teachers who talk so glibly about “raising consciousness.” And this is all a distraction from the Truth that you as an Observer do not exist. The “ego” is not real. The “physical” universe the Observer created is not real. Your body is not real. Separation from Oneness is not real. And now maybe you can see…wait for it…that consciousness is not real!!! There is only the flow and no-thing is flowing. In that flow is total Oneness, total unconditional Love, total Peace and total Truth and unconsciousness. It doesn’t need consciousness! That would be a distraction, an interruption of the flow! Do the birds need to speak to be whole? Is not their singing enough? Do they need to contemplate? Aren’t they perfect as they are? Why would Oneness need Manyness? Why would Love need hate? Why would totality need partiality? Why would peace need interruption? Can’t you see the madness of this tiny little thought that crept into the Divine One Mind? And so we begin to undo the thought. We forgive parts of us that seem to have hurt us. What a silly thought that totality could be hurt. As we begin to undo the thought we start to voluntarily give up the special, “unique,” separated stuff of the Observer. WE meditate, we pray, we sit by the river, we listen to the birds, and we begin to identify with the vast immensity of all that is. We begin to identify with the “flow.” We are the flow! There is no-thing flowing and there is no Observer. I wrote the conclusion to this paradox in a poem as follows:

It happened one day very quickly as a singer sang his song.
He listened deeply as he sang and observed his song closely.
He listened to his breath. He observed the tone until he saw his sound.
As his sound progressed he followed it,
First to his ear,
Then to his brain,
Then to his world.
He followed his sound to no place,
And there the One Song was singing,
Not complicated, not embroidered.
The slow, smooth melody began to unwind the fabric of his bones,
The sinews of his body,
For they were made of nothing but the melody made complicated.
As the body unwound there was no fear.
The slow, smooth Song spoke only of a Love that could not be different.
As complicated key and tempo changes resolved into the One Song,
Notes that had been trapped in the body rejoined the melody.
Note by note they flew from the body back into the Song.
As the last note approached the Song,
It tarried just a little as an observer.
Do I need to observe? It asked itself.
And as soon as it asked the question
It chose to rejoin the Song.

Singers, listen deep within,
And hear the Song that makes you sing.
Follow it and let it change you.
The Song that seems to be forgotten is not.
Its melody stays there, firm, beautiful,
structured as it was.
What could you do to change it?
And so it haunts you, coming back in little wisps
of memory, phrase by phrase, asking for its whole.
And you would remember.
Remember, and let the whole Song
Find itself in you.
In quiet eternity does the One Song sing,
Unaware of itself as a Song, singing only Love,

Of didactic ways I would repent.

Of didactic ways I would repent.
My school years have passed.
The time for learning is over.
In this space I would put away all time and learning.
I would come afresh to stillness.
In that stillness there sparkles all the truth my learning could not attain.
In that stillness I find you,
perfect with the innocence of creation.
You have not changed.
As wisdom-bearer in Brahman’s House, who could change you?
As natural as the flow of the Tao, who could change you?
As the silence on the Buddha’s lips, who could change you?
In this space I have come to stillness
And in this stillness I have found you as perfect.
In perfection does my mind hold the moment and share it with you.
In this space where stillness shines there is relief from time
and freedom to remember the vast ages of our knowing.
Lifetimes upon lifetimes present themselves in parade of gallant splendor
for at last we remember.
Millions of years come to us in memory of who we are and the Love that grows within us.
We have not changed.
My alchemy shows its art.
In this space I have summoned stillness and I remember.

Peace and Love is Present

A cabin sits on the shores of a small lake, surrounded by evergreen trees. There is a fire in the fireplace. A thunderstorm is brewing. Rain comes through the trees refreshing the forest, pelting the lake with its droplets. Yet stillness reigns in me as I share such heaven with one I love. This one is a girl I knew who dripped of moonlight. Her smile entranced the sun, and the rain ran through her hair to the world’s deepest valleys. She stood above the earth as a luminous presence and blessed it with a Song. In her presence I believed nothing, but knew all things, touched all things afresh, as fresh as a dew drop that poised itself in eternity just so that we might join in its experience together. Of newness her brow was formed; of peace, her face, of sensuousness her long legs; and wisdom followed her footsteps as she sang her Song. I know her. I will not tell you her name. She has never left my mind for we are One. We watch the rain together as it showers the pond. In the distance, Coyotes sing their songs and Owls make comment. In this flow are all things perfect and meaning is unfettered by form. Love has remembered itself and taken up residence in our midst. The rain dies down. The pond becomes peaceful again. Not a ripple is left. We watch the glowing embers die in the fireplace. Peace, Peace, Peace and Love is Present. Love has found one home in two hearts and the two hearts have become one.
The Cabin still sits there on the shores of that small lake waiting for our return and Love is still Present.

It is a good day!

It is a good day!
I have pierced the veil of Brahma.
It is a good day.
I have touched the All and felt silence caress my lips.
It is a good day.
I have looked into chaos and pain,
Confusion and discord,
And I have seen you there,
Fresh as the dew on creation,
Innocent and whole.
It is a good day.
Peace has come to greet Love.
Who could deny them their union
Or freeze the genial currents of the soul so aroused?

Surprised at Sadness

I am always surprised by sadness. May it be so. It should strike us strange to find discord rather than harmony. When those we love act strangely it should surprise us. But in the sadness we do not have to find pain. We can love and love purely even if our love is unwanted. For it is often that those who need our love the most, refuse it. We are willing to give, but what, if anything, will be received? We must wait for answers to such soulful questions and in the time of our waiting, find stillness yet, and within it, the presence of our beloved.

Burnaby Lake and Peace

The barometer dropped last night in Vancouver and we awakened this Sunday to Fall weather in the middle of July!! The temperature dropped about 10 degrees C. I went to the waterfowl sanctuary at Burnaby Lake today. The ducks and geese were all huddled together with their bills under their wings. The birds were singing beautiful chorales as though unaffected by the weather. The marsh was peaceful and calm. What had been a sea of daffodils in Spring has now become a sea of lily pads full in bloom. The marsh is covered with the most beautiful white lilies. There were virtually no other people today, which was good for my purpose of coming to nature to find no purpose! I always find peace here but today it was deep. No people. No purpose. I sat with a group of half-sleeping ducks for hours, just to go into the flow. We ARE the flow. We are not the observer. As I sat with the ducks, redwing blackbirds landed and picked at seeds near me. I love their red wings and their beautiful cry. As a singing teacher I sat their for hours listening to the birds make such beautiful songs. Do you understand that the birds LEARN their songs? Darwin pointed this out. Birds learn their songs from their parents. How can a bird with a brain smaller than a pea LEARN songs?

The King Fisher came while I was duck sitting. What a stunning bird he is! The ten thousand things of the Tao are all there in the marsh, but the Tao is all that is real. We ARE the flow. Look, there you think you see flowers? That is your consciousness telling you that. In Truth, where you think you see flowers, there is the Mind of God in flow state.

It is interesting to watch people come to the marsh with some purpose in tow. They have a bag of seeds and kids. The kids throw the seeds. They leave. Some come with a camera. They take pictures. They leave. They all seem to have some agenda for coming and quickly leave. I come to try to reconnect with the immensity of nature which is my true Self. I know if I can connect with my vastness my observer mind will still and thought will stop. Thought is what stands in the way of peace and truth. Thought never touches on either! And the observer mind, the ego, though it be illusion, never stops thinking. It never stops projecting.
The observer mind is wrong-minded. It believes in separation. It believes in the ten thousand things. It doesn’t believe in the Tao. The Tao would frighten it to death! But it can be tricked and this is what I do. I go into nature and turn the observer mind on to the max. I observe everything as closely as possible. The more closely I observe the slower the mind works to process the increased observation. Finally the observer stops and I am not a thought. I am not a body. I AM the immensity. I AM The vastness, but not as a thought!!!! As an experience!!!
The ducks are part of me and I of them. The flowers grow on my fingers. The blackberries grow in my arms. The lilies in the marsh grow in my hair. And there is flow. Have I mentioned WE ARE THE FLOW? No-thing is flowing. The Tao cannot be named.

Thank God consciousness is not real!

ImageThank God it is illusion. Were it real then pain, suffering, death, and my broken heart would all be real…and they would then be eternal! That could never be because Love is the only reality and what is all encompassing can have no opposite. All of its apparent opposites are illusions! Nothing but dreams. This Love that is the only reality is impersonal and unconscious. It has no observer, nothing outside of it! This whole world of observers is an illusion, as crazy as any schizophrenics’ mad house hallucinations! Now the great thing about ACIM is that it gives us a clear picture of how this madness began and continues and what we can productively do while we are here!
It is not the answer you might think. It’s not meditating or living in a cave. It’s not being religious in any conventional sense, whether Eastern or Western. What we can productively do while we are here is to forgive our brothers here in the asylum with us. We all made this cage together! And we must all leave it together. So don’t listen to your Los Angeles New Age guru talk to you about “raising consciousness,” or crap about “consciousness” being our Source! That is a madman talking. That is the EGO talking. For yes, consciousness seems to be its source, and yet, seen again, the ego and consciousness are the same thing. The ego is the observer and the illusory act of observing is…wait for it…CONSCIOUSNESS!! CONSCIOUSNESS is an illusion, a mad, insane illusion, that comes from a tiny, mad idea, that part of the Divine could split off, be outside of everything, and observe it! The very idea should have been laughed at the moment it entered the Mind and we would never be here now! We would be IN THE FLOW OF ETERNAL LOVE! And so we have to laugh at it now!! We laugh and we forgive. We forgive and laugh at the very silly idea that some “thing” could be outside of the WHOLE, observing it!

The world looks different now that forgiveness has come

The world looks different now that forgiveness has come. The coarse, thorny vines have softened and given way now to beautiful flowers and berries. Where there was no way forward, now the Light House is easily seen and we steer our “course” (I couldn’t resist.) by it. Where an ancient hatred had lane upon the world, only peace is found now. Where before we saw a world ready to self-annihilate, now we see a reflection of Heaven, so near, that it is but a small step to its gate. Let this be our vision of the earth and God Himself will reach down and pick us up to Him. We came to this vision, not by first seeing the old world real and fighting for reform, but by forgiveness and the faith that a new vision would be given to us, and so it has been given. Those who hold this vision of the earth are its Light Bearers. In Peace do we hold this vision with kind tolerance for those who perceive a threatened world in need of more and more defenses. “If I defend myself I am attacked,” and on and on the old world would go. “But in defenselessness I will be strong, and I will learn what my defenses hide.” Hold but this Vision of the world for it has been given to you by your own memory of Truth which your insanity could not destroy. Bravely walk the world with this vision as your only defense and our return Home is not only assured but quickened. God’s son is rejoining and awakening from a long, silly dream.

What Should We Do In This Current Crisis of 2012?

What Should We Do In This Current Crisis?

There is no doubt that 2012 brings the illusory world into an ending of one form and offers a transformation into another form. Just as surely, crisis stands between the end of the old world and a possible transformation. The transformation is not inevitable, and we are talking about an illusory world changing!! Consciousness IS the illusion of separation! Our Home is Oneness and there is no observer there! There is no consciousness in heaven! The observer is an illusion. Part of the whole cannot break off and observe the whole because there is nothing outside the Whole. But this impossibility is what seemed to happen, and the result is a dream world in a dream universe. The observer is not real, and the unreal act of observing is CONSCIOUSNESS! Consciousness cannot evolve because it is not real. It can appear to evolve only to those stuck in illusions.
A common question that comes up for practitioners of A Course in Miracles goes something like this: “Suppose you were walking and came upon a man standing on the edge of a bridge, about ready it seems, to take his own life. What would you do?” The answer is, You would need to be in your Peace so that you could hear the inner voice of your teacher, the Holy Spirit, and then you would do as that Voice tells you, whether it is to go to him and try to talk him out of it, or even to give him a little push over the side!!!!!! You would not know what to do, but in your Peace you could be told what to do.

Now we are coming into a crisis like that, except it is the world standing on that bridge in panic and threatening to jump. What do we do? The Futurists tells us to band together as spiritual activists, form new networks to help the earth. From the point of view of the Course (which is mine) they have forgotten that there is nothing outside of themselves. They see the world as real and in need of our help. They see the universe (a bigger view of the world) as not only real, but the result of God’s creation which He continues by evolution from matter to mind, to consciousness, self-consciousness, and ultimately to Christ Consciousness. Most theologians today would disagree with this point of view. Such a view is based on the earlier work of Teilhard de Chardin which has been largely discarded today as naive. From the point of the view of the Course, there is enormous illusion here. Problems do not lie outside of ourselves. The world, the universe, is not real. No problems can be solved by projecting them onto the universe. The crisis of 2012 lies within us, and that is where the changes need to happen. God did not create the universe, WE did! Not individually of course, but the mind of which we are all a part. All our work is within ourselves to forgive our brothers and every part of the sensory data we call the universe. As we forgive, our confused Ego mind stills and we can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. S/he will tell us what to do to help the suicidal world standing on that bridge. Our job is to come to Peace and extend that Peace to other minds. A still mind has no problems. Still minds do not project a universe in danger because still minds cannot know fear. That is the big fallacy of the Futurists. They make the universe real, knowing not that it is in itself a projection of fear. They would make that fear real and then try to fix the universe! Haven’t we had enough of that activity? First project problems and then solve them? Aren’t we tired of that yet? In Peace there is no opposite. A Peaceful mind will not project the opposite. A Peaceful mind does not know fear. A Peaceful mind follows instructions it receives from inner wisdom and is confident in his ability to carry out the instructions given to him. As we draw Dec. 21. 2012 to us, think of that man standing on the bridge. You need to be at Peace. If you are not already at Peace when you come to that bridge, you will be tempted to project fear. You will feel helpless. The answer is in the NOW and the NOW extends to Dec. 21 and beyond. Come to Peace.

Deeply Asleep

I have encountered something that should not exist! I have encountered and interacted with someone who is totally “dead” in the Spirit. I didn’t think that was possible. Oh I know the evangelical Christians talk this way all the time, but I am not one of their bunch. I don’t think that way. I know many people are totally ignorant of spiritual things, maybe even most people, but they are still aware of spiritual realities at a deeper level in their minds. You could hypnotize them or take them into deep meditation and they would become aware of spiritual aspects of themselves (and they usually say thank you). The person I am talking about registers as spiritually dead. That means she does not know what love is. She does not know its value. She is a living walking Ego who believes that she is separate from anything anyone could call “God,” and she believes she as an Ego is her own source! You can tell her the deepest secrets of the Spirit and they roll off of her like water off a duck’s back. In the terminology of ACIM she is deeply, deeply asleep, and such depth of sleep is an absolute wonderment to me. And yet, I come back to the wonderful lessons of my dear teacher in ACIM, Tara Singh, who told us, “Many of our brothers are deeply asleep. That’s OK. Let them sleep. They will all awaken some day.”

Projection makes Perception

Recently I taught two students who came from a foreign culture steeped in superstition and witchcraft. They literally believed in the magical thought that one person could actually make another person act a certain way or inhibit the fulfillment of a person. It was amazing to me! It was nothing for people in their culture to hire a witch to cast a spell to get a husband or to fight one’s “enemies” with witchcraft. We might accept this from people living in parts of Africa but it is quite another thing to find such people in my voice studio in Vancouver. ACIM is very plain about this magic business. It says

“I am Responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience,
And I decide upon on the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me
I ask for, and receive as I have asked.” (T 448) [417]

Nobody can MAKE you feel anything. Nobody can inhibit your progress. Nobody can use magic on you and make you do anything. YOU are in charge. The ego does not want to see this! The ego believes in magic and blame and victimization. In truth, The Course is telling us that whatever you experience about “me” is really about “you.” Projection makes perception. See me as loving and you gave yourself the gift of love from within you. See me as fixated instead of loving and you give yourself the illusion of attack and danger coming from within you. The ego cannot be responsible. It cannot choose the feelings it experiences. It cannot decide upon a goal. Everything happens TO an ego, never asked for. It is always a victim. Therefore the ego is dead to the Spiritual world. It does not know the Truth. The ego adores magic because it knows nothing else. It does not know Love for it views Love as its enemy. So the ego invents its own form of “ego spirituality.” It believes in preserving separation while seeming to fight its version of spiritual battles. It wants to be the great individual who will solve problems that it has projected. That is its game: First project problems and then appear to solve them. And spiritual egos spend their whole lives doing such things believing they are spiritual warriors! The ego cannot get the truth that there is nothing outside of ourselves! The world, the universe, is not real. It is our projection. The world has no problems of its own. The problems are within US! You cannot be a spiritual peacemaker (forget “warrior”) while you believe in magic! You cannot help the “world” on Dec. 21st 2012 if you are still looking outside of yourself! The problems are within US and they are illusions created by the blockages to the truth, the awareness of Love’s Presence. This Love is all there is in truth. Everything that seems to be an opposite is an illusion, a dream. This Love is completely One and Whole. There is nothing outside of it. No part of it can really split off and observe it, which is what the ego believes it has done. It is impossible. It is a silly dream based on the belief in sin, guilt and fear. THAT is consciousness. The phantom observer IS consciousness and it is unreal. No such thing could ever happen in truth. Popping the illusory bubble of consciousness itself is what we must do Dec.21st, 2012 and beyond. Leave the magic behind. Leave the spiritual egos behind. Leave the separated individuals behind. See through the illusion of consciouness and Oneness is all there is and has ever been. There is no observer in this state, no individuals, just the Whole of Love flowing forever, unconsciously!

None but the lonely heart

None but the lonely heart

By Joseph Shore

(This story is fictional in form but factual in Truth. It is constructed from actual events I have experienced and actual situations I have encountered while working in deliverance and healing. Any resemblance to any historical person is purely coincidental)


It was about 4:00AM when I received that call that you never hope to get.  I was half-asleep when I answered the phone but was propelled to full alertness as I listened to the voice of one of my eighteen year old students hysterically pleading with me for help. Her mother had just committed suicide in a most graphic way. She had jumped off the Second Narrows Bridge that connects Vancouver with North Vancouver and plummeted hundreds of feet to the inlet below. I tried to calm Giada over the phone. Her parents were divorced and her father was currently in Europe. The grandparents had passed away and she was an only child. She was all alone. She told me that she was in her house and that the police were there. I told her that I would get in my car and be right over.  Giada lived in West Vancouver, normally about a 45 minute drive for me. But at this hour I drove my big Cadillac like a madman and reached her house in 20 minutes.  The police questioned me and wanted to know why I was there. About that time Giada came running out of the house and hugged me for dear life. She explained that I was her teacher and she had asked me to come.  I took her inside and tried to find a private place away from the police where we could talk. I made her some tea and sat her down in a comfortable chair. She was still semi-hysterical and I needed to calm her down more to be able to talk to her.  She continued to cry and just wanted me to hug her. I hugged her and just held on. In a few minutes she was more able to speak. I asked if her father had been contacted yet in Europe. She said that no one had been able to find him. He was on a private yacht with one of his clients.  I asked her to tell me whatever she wanted to say about her mother. I knew the family. I knew the divorce had been very hard on Giada since she was an only child. Her mother was Dr. Eva Morin, a clinical psychologist, who had been married to a man, Edward Johnson, a Canadian investor.  It was not a loving marriage. The two were apart more than they were together and they had little in common. Johnson was the kind of man who saw what he wanted and got it. He had met Eva at a socialite party in West Vancouver and fell in love with her. He courted her extravagantly with cruises, fine dining, and extravagant gifts. You might think that a clinical psychologist would know all the tricks but Eva needed loving attention. She allowed herself to fall in love with him and soon they were married. Giada came the next year.  Dr. Morin was a fine clinical psychologist but she had enormous personal problems stemming from an austere childhood devoid of love. She was born in Milan into a wealthy Italian family deeply rooted in European politics. Her father was a very important man and seemed to be narcissistically devoted to his political career. Eva had been totally unwanted. Her father wanted an abortion but the mother refused. Her father reacted by simply not admitting Eva existed. He never spoke to her or touched her. It was as though she didn’t exist.  When Eva was four she painted a picture that she wanted to give to him. She walked into his study to give him the picture but he was in a meeting and did not even acknowledge her. With a small wave of his hand, he had his body guard remove Eva from the room. Her mother was not much better to turn to. Her mother was an alcoholic and a socialite who had neither interest, sobriety, nor time for Eva. Eva grew up alone and unloved. She never had a hug or a kiss as a child; never had a birthday party or sleepover. She was neglected and severely emotionally abused. Is it any wonder that she became a clinical psychologist? She wanted to cure herself! Unfortunately, her wounding was so deep she had never found the courage to work on it with another therapist. Her colleagues would volunteer but she would push them away. She held all her wounding inside and tried to cover it up by helping others. It was a technique which was not working for her.  Her marriage to Johnson failed for many reasons, not the least of which was that she had never learned to love. She did not know what love really was. The early infatuation that she called “falling in love” did not last long and she found herself as lonely in her marriage as she had been as a child. She and Johnson held the marriage together until Giada was sixteen and then they divorced. Eva threw herself into her work as the only technique she knew for dealing with her deep problems. It was not working.

Giada was my private student in singing and she confided in me about all the problems in the house. I acted as a counselor to her, a role I often took with students and friends. I had been trained in pastoral counseling when I was a minister and I had also been a social worker in New York City where I counseled abused and neglected children as well as their abusive parents.  Counseling is a role that had come with me through life.

First, I made sure that Giada had a friend who could stay with her until her father could be located. Giada was 18 and would surely inherit the house, but what would her life be like all alone unless her father came back into her life?

The police finally left and Giada began to calm down a little bit. “It was all his fault, you know?”  I thought she was referring to her father. “No, not him,” she said. “It was all Richard’s fault.”

“Who is Richard,” I asked, wondering if we needed to make a call to another involved party.

“He was my mother’s patient,” Giada said. “And mom loved him.”

Here was a development that Giada had never mentioned to me. “Would you like to tell me what you know,” I asked.

“Of course I am going to tell. I have to tell somebody.”

“OK,” I said. Would you like a glass of water?”

“No,” she said. “I don’t need anything. I am just so glad you are here. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“That’s OK,” I said. “I am glad to be here for you.”

“My mom told me she had fallen in love with one of her patients,” Giada began. “Mom didn’t usually talk about her work with me. We were not really close. I mean, we were pretty much enemies in my teens, until maybe this year. She thawed a little bit.”

“OK, so she thawed a little bit?” I responded.

Giada continued: “I always knew mom was fucked up really bad from her childhood. Her dad never loved her. He wouldn’t even treat her as really there. And I know her mom was no prize either. Poor mom grew up without hugs or kisses, without any emotional support. I always knew she had this hole inside of her. She needed love so badly. I don’t know if she ever really loved daddy, but I sure know that daddy did not love or respect her. It made me feel really badly for them. And there I was caught in the middle and they would take their stuff out on me. It was so unfair. But I didn’t want them to get a divorce and I sure didn’t want mom to kill herself,” Giada said, crying.

After she calmed down, I asked her, “What role do you think Richard played in your mom’s problems?”

“Mom told me that Richard came to her to work on problems just like hers! He had not been loved as a child. When he was little, his parents would not even get a babysitter if they wanted to go out. They would just lock Richard in the closet! ‘Now be good! Mommy and daddy will be back in just a few minutes.’  Shit like that. Mom said his dad was a real piece of work. He thought he was an inventor and was always building things in the back yard. One time he even built a big sail boat and bought a trailer for it. One day he called the family together and said, ‘We are going to take a little sail on the ocean in our new boat. Everybody get in the truck!’ They drove to the ocean, off-loaded the boat and everybody got in. Richard’s dad did not know how to sail. Nobody did. His dad just thought he could figure it out on the ocean. They sailed for three or four hours and a big storm came up with huge waves and rain. Richard’s dad yelled at the family to all get under the tarp that was on deck.  They continued going into the storm and Richard raised his head out from under the tarp and said, ‘Are we all going to die now dad?’ Somehow they managed to get back to port.  Shit like that. Mom said Richard did not know what love was and he wanted to find out.”

“And so was their therapy successful,” I asked.

“Yeah, to a big extent, mom said. Richard began to make real progress. He was really beginning to open up. He started doing nice things for people. He said that he had hated his neighbor for years and didn’t like feeling that way anymore. So he knocked on his neighbor’s door and asked him if there was anything he could do for him! The guy thought it was a stupid joke so he said, ‘Sure. You wanna help me? You can wash my car.’ So Richard did. He washed the guy’s car. His neighbor was so stunned he thought Richard had gone nuts. But it made Richard feel really good. He would volunteer to help out in soup kitchens for the homeless. He was always bringing flowers to mom. NOBODY had ever brought her flowers. I think the roles got changed. Richard had really found something and he was giving it to mom.  She didn’t know what was happening. Richard was doing therapy on her. She would find little ways to get him to come over. Once she turned off the water and broke a pipe so she could ask Richard if he knew anything about plumbing. He came right over and fixed the pipe and mom asked him to stay for dinner. Richard really liked mom and he thought her therapy was really helping him. But mom liked Richard a lot more. She loved him. She was receiving more love from Richard than she had ever received before.”

“So what was the problem,” I asked.

“Well, my mom is 62. She had me really late. Richard was 30. I don’t think it ever occurred to Richard that my mom really loved him. He certainly could not imagine being in love with a 62 year old woman. But my mom was changing inside. She was a lot nicer to me and we actually started being friends. She stopped thinking of herself as being old. She really started to live for the first time because of the love she was getting through Richard. It was more like the love was there when Richard came and she just absorbed it like a dry sponge. I mean, she actually was happy in the morning and that had never happened.  She would hum little tunes around the house and work in her garden. She would play with the cat and she never paid any attention to him before! It was like she was really changing! Then she asked me one night, ‘What would you think of having Richard for a step dad?’ I said ‘WHAAAA?’ Then she stepped back and said, ‘Oh well, it was just a hypothetical question.’ But it was pretty obvious that she was in love with him. I didn’t see anything wrong with that. Mom deserved love after all she had been through. And I didn’t see anything wrong with a 62 year old woman loving a 30 year old man! Like, it happens, right?”

“It can happen,” I said.

“Right. Well mom was really happy. Richard would come over to dinner and tell us all about the people he had just helped and how good it made him feel. Mom would just sit there beaming at him and thanking him for sharing. She began to do loving things for Richard too. She knew his brothers and sisters were also really fucked up so she volunteered to counsel them for free! It made her feel good to do that and she brought that home to me. We began to have really wonderful talks. She spologized for not being a better mother to me, and she began to cry. She never cried before. I cried too and we just sat there in front of the fireplace crying together. God how I loved my mom right then,” Giada said as she began to cry again. She was sobbing, almost uncontrollably. I asked her if it were OK if I hugged her. She nodded yes and I hugged her in my arms as though she were a child.  When she had calmed I asked her, “Where did the problem come in for your mom and Richard?”

“Richard began to sense that mom loved him. At least that’s what mom said. At first he was just surprised and startled but then he began to feel uncomfortable. He started to cancel his therapy appointments for funny reasons, like his car kept having trouble just before an appointment or he would come down with a cold and just not want to come. Mom is a good therapist and I am sure she saw what was going on but she wanted Richard. She loved him as best as she knew how to love. You can’t criticize that. She could visualize a great relationship with Richard but Richard was hung up on the age thing. If mom had been 30 years old I am sure they would have gotten married and been really happy. But she wasn’t thirty and she was looking at love in a wholly different way than Richard. He was still looking for young chicks with big boobs who liked to screw, even though he was learning about another love by helping people. Richard hadn’t put the big picture together yet. Mom got sort of desperate. She would break something in the house and ask Richard if he could fix it. Richard would say he was too busy. She would ask him over to dinner and he would say he already had plans. And all this time my mom was still being faithful to her pledge to counsel Richard’s family for free. She never once tried to use that to try to manipulate Richard. She just suffered. Gradually she started to change back to the old sad mom. She wasn’t happy anymore in the morning. We wouldn’t talk at night. We started to fight. She would criticize me for my choices in boyfriends, what I wore, or the way my room looked. One night she was laying into me and I just starting crying very hard. I just blurted out, ‘Why don’t you go talk to Richard and tell him how you feel about him?’ She stopped still and just looked straight ahead for a minute and then left my room and walked out of the house. I heard the garage door open and her car pull out, and that is the last I ever saw of my mom.”

Giada was now sobbing harder than ever.  I comforted her as best I could.

The police came back and questioned me again in my involvement with the family. I asked them directly if the body had been recovered yet and if they had any information about what took place after Eva left her house. They answered that yes the body had been recovered and was in the city morgue awaiting identification. I asked them if that had to be done by Giada. They replied that usually a relative would need to make the ID but since Dr. Morin was well known clinically, one of her colleagues could do it. I prevailed upon them to call the counseling center where Eva worked and request that one of her colleagues indentify the body and release it to a local mortuary. Apparently, after Dr. Morin had left the house she drove to the apartment of Richard Langley where she roused him from sleep, demanding a meeting with him. According to Langley she blurted out that she loved him deeply and wanted to be with him the rest of her life. His reaction was one of shock and disgust. He said something like, “You woke me up in the middle of the night to dump shit like this on me?” He had no compassion for her and certainly could not envision marrying her. He told her to get the hell out of his apartment and go sleep it off!! Apparently, that was more than she could take. She drove her car to the Second Narrows Bridge, parked it and jumped.  When she did not return home Giada called the police. They had traced the car parked on the bridge to Dr. Morin and had come to the Morin house to investigate. Shortly thereafter a witness had called in a report of seeing a woman answering to the description of Dr. Morin jumping off the bridge. It was about this time that Giada called me and I arrived on the scene.

Now there were some practical things that I had to do. I asked Giada if she knew where her mother kept her check book and bank records. She took me to her mom’s dresser drawer where bank records were found.  I showed them to the police. Apparently Eva had been thinking of suicide earlier because she had made her banking accounts into joint accounts with Giada. The house and all its possessions had been signed over to joint ownership with Giada. There was no will. Giada was the sole owner of the estate and we could now plan for a funeral service. The checking account had over $300,000 in it and other accounts held much more. Giada could just write a check for the funeral. I explained all this to her. It was now 6:00AM but she could not sleep. We sat up together. At 10:00AM one of Eva’s colleagues, Dr. Lawrence Fogel, identified the body and we asked for it to be released to Park Lawn Mortuary in West Vancouver.  Giada’s father had been located in Morocco but declined any interest in returning to Vancouver! There I was, with an eighteen year old girl, planning a funeral for her mother. The family’s friends and Eva’s colleagues were notified and a simple funeral was conducted two days later. I road with Giada in the  limo to the funeral, burial and back to her house. The family doctor had prescribed sleeping medication for Giada but I also stayed over with her. She was just about to take her meds when she asked me, “Did I kill my mother? After all she just did what I told her to do.” Her face was full of pain and the tears were welling up again.

“No. It was not your fault. Your mother had been thinking about ending her life a long time. The cause of her pain was in her early life and she had carried around those past hurts her whole life.”

She began to cry. “Is my mother in hell now? I mean, we were never religious but I always heard that suicides go to hell.”  She burst into inconsolable tears. I thought to myself, “Dear God what am I to say to her now?” My inner voice said, “Stay in your compassion for her and you will be guided in what to say.”  I put my hand out to see if she wanted touch. She grabbed it with a desperate grip. “Do you want me to hug you,” I asked?  She nodded yes and I hugged her like a loving father does with a frightened child. Then I told her of people I have known who died and came back to tell of a life after death. One of the people was Sandra Rogers, a nurse, who had tried to kill herself. She was surprised to find herself out of her body as a spirit in another dimension of spirit. Instead of being condemned she was surrounded by Divine Beings who helped her to see her life fully. She came back to life and became a very loving, wiser person.

“But my mom is not coming back,” she said.

“I know. But it may give you comfort to know that people who kill themselves out of pain and confusion are not met in the afterlife with judgment. We can pray for your mother’s spirit to find peace. Would you like us to do that?”

Giada nodded yes. I closed my eyes and extended my mind into Spirit, inquiring of my guides about the soul of Dr. Eva Morin who had just passed over. Giada knew about my work in Spirit. We had discussed it in the course of our time in lessons.  The message I got was, “inquire again when she asks you.” This was sort of a cryptic message but I tried to stay true to it. I advised Giada that it would be good for her to sleep now. “In your sleep you can pray for your mom.” I really did not know what that meant. She took the sleeping meds and within an hour had managed to go to sleep. I sat up. I did not feel it was right for me to sleep.  After about three hours I was just beginning to nod off when I heard Giada’s voice say, “Mom? Mom?” I quickly came to her bed side. Giada was sitting up looking at the ceiling. “There was a woman here all shining and dressed in white. I thought she was mom but the woman said she was an angel. She asked us to pray for mom. Will you help me?” That was my cue. I extended my mind into Spirit once again and this time I was met by golden orbs of Light who I knew to be angels. They said, “Look there. She is down there.”  I looked down from the spirit dimension I had gone into and saw a dark layer that we call the Astral level.  There I saw her mother’s soul wrapped in layers of a dark substance. I asked two of the angels to take me there and in that instant we were there. She was surrounded by malicious spirits who enjoyed the state she was in. But at the sight of the golden orbs with me they fled. She was in a fetal position, rocking back and forth, saying something over and over again. I asked the angels to let me hear what she was saying. Over and over again, she repeated the words, “Nothing good will ever happen for me ever again.” I was filled with such pain, the angels had to sustain me. “Help her,” I shouted to them. They conveyed to me telepathically,” Call in the missionary angels to help.” I did not know who they were at that time, but I had faith and called for them. Instantly that spirit space was filled with the most amazing Light Beings I have ever seen. It was their job to rescue lost souls from the hell minds had made. In the deepest part of hell, no souls are alone. These angels are there, trying to turn their gaze upwards to the Light. As I stood in their presence I also had hold of Giada’s hand. “Pray for your mom right now,” I screamed. These divine Beings moved into that Astral layer as though it were not there. They unwrapped Eva’s soul from that bondage. As they did Eva’s eyes opened and all the Light of Heaven moved into her soul, washing out all of that pain and illusion. A great smile came to her face. Down below Giada screamed, “I love you mom. GO, GO, GO. You will find what you have always been looking for.”  Those amazing Beings took her under each arm and ascended with her. Giada saw her too as she ascended and we both gave thanks. As I came back to Giada’s bedside, all her tears were gone. There was just the same bright smile that I had seen on Eva’s face.  “My mother is in heaven,” she exclaimed. Words failed me. I just cried tears of gratefulness, for in the darkest hour for both Giada and her mom, Love had come at last to show its presence. All pain had been wiped away as easily as a breeze disperses a little cloud. Love truly is all that is real. Everything which is of fear and pain is an illusion which confused minds have miscreated. Love truly is present. It is our natural inheritance. The pain and confusion we miscreate on earth cannot harm us in truth. Only Love is real and nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists in truth. We are truly as God created us. No cloud of illusion can be left to obscure the truth of God’s creation.

In the days that followed this great event of ascendance Giada came to peace within herself. Her father returned from Morocco and begged for her forgiveness. The angels had touched him as well. They eventually sold the big house and moved into a smaller house in the interior of British Columbia. Giada has entered Nursing School and her father works at home.

Amazing are the works of peace and blessed are they who know Love’s Presence.

The Real Lesson of the Crucifixion

Have you learned the lesson of The Crucifixion lately? I have. In ACIM, Jesus tell us the meaning of His Crucifixion. It was the last needless journey the sonship ever need make. Jesus allowed himself to go through the crucifixion in order to show us that the Son of God cannot be harmed, crucified, killed, or tortured! He did not identify himself with the body that was undergoing such things. He identified with Himself as a spirit which cannot be harmed, cannot die, and so He lives on, for He was never of time and time cannot contain Him. He asks us, when we go through hardship, usually far less than His, to take His model for how we see ourselves. Jesus did not see Himself as betrayed but regarded Judas as a brother.

When relationships sour because of ego reactions, often both people want to crucify the other. The ego believes in vengeance, not forgiveness. The ego believes in holding to its point of view at the cost of sacrifice and crucifixion. Each person demands that the other accept His/Her view of what took place. In Unrequited Love, the person who cannot reciprocate often demands that the other person accept her view of things. “You don’t love me. You are fixated on me. I need you to see that.” The person who cannot reciprocate demands that you accept her view of yourself!! No one should do that!! ‘I am as God created me. I am not as you view me!’ The person who cannot reciprocate also does not see herself as God created her or she could not attack! The unrequited lover has a choice of how he will view his situation. He can see himself as the other person wishes to see him, up on the cross, suffering duly for sins, or he can choose to associate himself with his spirit and say, “I am as God created me. I cannot suffer. I cannot be harmed. I cannot be killed. I am not of time.” In that space he can say “Father forgive her. She knows not what she is doing.” Especially in unrequited love, people do not see that how they react is out of themselves. Projection creates perception. If you see me as loving, that is a gift you give to yourself from the love that is in you. If you see me as fixated instead of loving, you give yourself the experience of attack and fear, from a place within yourself where they live. How you react to the other says everything about you!! Forgiveness can come out of crucifixion rightly seen. Will you do that? Will you see it that way?

The Oneness which is Love flows unconsciously.

  • How could a Perfect, Good God have created a world which fell into such evil? Surely you have wondered that! The answer is simple but it will shock you. GOD DID NOT CREATE THIS WORLD. WE DID! All our minds are a part of One Mind which miscreated this world. The world is more like a dream than real. It is a projection. In truth there is nothing outside of us. God did not create that terrorist act, therefore it is not real! Evil things that happen here are not real! They appear real, of course, just as the world appears real, and we must show compassion to the injured and suffering. The real God is in His own universe of spirit. THIS is the fake universe we made as a place God could enter not. The real universe of spirit is our Home. It is total Oneness and total Love that flows throughout the real universe. In that Home, there is no observer, no individuals. The Oneness which is Love flows unconsciously. Our job is to be a Light in this fake world we have made by forgiving our brothers and sisters. The Light in one is able to awaken the Light in all. Dec.21, 2012 is all about US. The cosmos is a projection of US. There is nothing outside of us. Dec.21, 2012 is a date we have given to ourselves as a time of awakening to Love’s Presence.

Are You Ascending in 2012?

SO MANY PEOPLE are SO sure they know what is going to happen on Dec.21, this year! These people think God created this universe. He did not. They think the universe is evolving towards God. It is not! They think that “consciousness” is evolving! IT IS NOT! The universe is not real. It is our projection! “Consciousness” cannot evolve because it IS the ultimate illusion of separation. “Consciousness” is not real. It cannot evolve. Illusions cannot advance! WE have given ourselves the date of Dec.21, 2012 as a time WE wish to advance. The whole issue is in US because there is nothing outside of US. Many people are working like dedicated egos to help “the universe.” Illusions cannot be helped. They have to be popped! If we wish to do anything on Dec.21 and beyond we have to work inside, to get rid of the blocks to Love’s awareness, forgive the world and you will not try to change it! The Course says, “Seek not to change the world. Seek to change your mind about it instead.” All the “stuff” will happen inside of YOU!!!!!!!! That is the fallacy of the Futurists. They see the universe as real and want to help it. They don’t see that there is nothing outside of ourselves. So you think you are going to evolve into a 5th dimension do you? You are not going anywhere until you have learned all your lessons! You who still believe yourself a powerful individual (ego), are going nowhere real fast.

The REAL changes in Dec.21, 2012

The REAL changes in Dec.21, 2012

The world looks different now that forgiveness has come. The coarse, thorny vines have softened and given way now to beautiful flowers and berries. Where there was no way forward, now the Light House is easily seen and we steer our “course” (I couldn’t resist.) by it. Where an ancient hatred had lane upon the world, only peace is found now. Where before we saw a world ready to self-annihilate, now we see a reflection of Heaven, so near, that it is but a small step to its gate. Let this be our vision of the earth and God Himself will reach down and pick us up to Him. We came to this vision, not by first seeing the old world real and fighting for reform, but by forgiveness and the faith that a new vision would be given to us, and so it has been given. Those who hold this vision of the earth are its Light Bearers. In Peace do we hold this vision with kind tolerance for those who perceive a threatened world in need of more and more defenses. “If I defend myself I am attacked,” and on and on the old world would go. “But in defenselessness I will be strong, and I will learn what my defenses hide.” Hold but this Vision of the world for it has been given to you by your own memory of Truth which your insanity could not destroy. Bravely walk the world with this vision as your only defense and our return Home is not only assured but quickened. God’s son is rejoining and awakening from a long, silly dream.