Let us leave the world of unforgiveness behind and live in our Love and our Song.

Let us leave the world of unforgiveness behind and live in our Love and our Song. The Song is not formal music. It is the eternal call to Home that the spirit hears in every rock and leaf, every grain of sand, every child’s face, every dog and cat’s response to our love for them. The Song is in you. I hear you singing it so sweetly. Oh precious Jesus how the world sings the song you know so well, the song of Oneness in praise of the Love that we are.

The world that was created by fear and anger we can now view through the eyes of newness. No longer must we see the world as separate factions fighting one another. We have forgiven the world of strife we created. Forgiveness now rests on our brows and on the world’s. Now can we see Heaven’s reflection made so perfect in the world. Now that

Love has come into aching hearts, the need for time is almost gone. The One Song sings beautifully throughout a world which knew it not and all creation gives thanks to you and to the Creator. Now do we see the steps to Heaven’s gate on which you stand. Now we have no need for the world which served us so well with lessons to be learned. The time for learning is over. The time of the great rejoining has come and every tiny part of all universes has come to join the One Song we sing. And tears of joy come in recognition of the vast ages of time we have entered bodies to remember our eternal Self, One with the Creator, AND WE ARE ALL THE BELOVED. Gently do Heaven’s doors open to receive back its One Son. Gently does the Creator’s arm reach out and gather His Son back to Himself. Less than a tiny moment was taken to heal the tiny mad idea that seemed to set the Son on His long journey. The time for time is over. Now in eternity does all-encompassing Love flow unimpeded through a universe of spirit created by the Song. Forever shall we flow. And shall our little days as individuals be lost forever in Oneness? Oh no, dear ones. Every loving thought you ever had, every loving deed, is perfectly remembered within the Christ Mind that flows through Heaven. And now we say Amen for the time of learning is over and the time of rejoining has entered eternity, with you my loved ones, with you, and you, and you, and you, with your animals and children and every thought of love that lighted your little mind as an individual. Home safe we are, and we shall never leave again. No more dreams will enchant us. We are Home. Love has found itself at last…at last.

There is peace in me today and there is strength.

There is peace in me today and there is strength.
The beauty I sought I see.
Around me there is healing
for I see no fragments.
The Whole needs no healing or forgiveness.
I bless the time when both seemed real needs.
And I bless now when I search not for them.
I rest now in the peace God has promised for me.
His voice will supply me with directions.
I need not plan.
He will provide for me day by day.
In time I have touched the hem of eternity.
What could this world offer me?
Through the Vision of Christ now I see it,
Fresh as Eden,
Its reflection of Heaven grows stronger.
And soon I will step through Heaven’s portal.
Home is the one who searched for Love.
Home is the one who felt loneliness and lack.
Gladly I offer my little dream of individuality to the truth.
I am as God created me, One with Him, His One Son.
And you are there with me.
Just as I enter the music of Oneness I see you
and memories of our love come to my heart.
I told you I would always love you.♥
In quiet eternity does the one song sing, unconscious of itself
As a song, singing only love.

Peace or Fear

Peace or Fear? That is the question. In every circumstance in every moment, we will act or respond out of peace or fear. If I am at Peace, I will hear the voice of the inner teacher and say or do what he tells me. If I am not at peace, the only voice I hear is the ego and the ego always perpetuates fear by projecting the opposite and then you are trapped in the same old cycle of reaction. The ego always reacts untruthfully by projecting the opposite, fear, which does not exist in truth because nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists. This is the great value of A Course in Miracles: It can bring you to peace and let you practice a life lived in peace rather than reaction. We need all the help we can get! We are “fear junkies,” addicted to reaction. Just look at CNN!! They LOVE tragedies! They will play and replay fearful scenes days and days after the event because they know that the “fear junkies” will keep watching! Listen to their leading questions when they interview a survivor. “Tell us how you felt when the building was coming down, when the tornado came, when the water came in your house?” They are all questions to continue fear. FEAR created this universe, the fear of God. We made this universe (and maybe others) as a place God could enter not!! Fear runs the world. But you have a choice for peace or for fear. So what do you do to teach yourself peace and non re-activity? The easiest way would be to do the daily lesson in the workbook for students that A Course in Miracles provides. You just do the lesson. Don’t try to understand it. You won’t be able to at first. You just do the lessons and little by little the Course will help you to undo the mistakes in thought you have made. Those little mistakes in thought have made a fearful world. But the Course will show you, “I could see peace instead of this.” Today is a good day to start. If you want to be a loving person you will have to undo all those attack thoughts you have. You will have to learn to let go of grievances. You will have to give up “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” What good would that do anyway? It would make the whole world blind and toothless. Where is peace in that?

Sweet Peace

Peace, sweet peace
I remember you.
I have longed for you.
In the hectic day, in the chaos of thought
I have longed for you

Sweet peace, you are so still.
In the moment of Now you come
Fresh as a Holy Instant.
Sweet peace.
You are here.
You lay over my world like a blanket.
I am safe.
Sweet peace.
The stillness of you silences thought.
My thoughts cannot intrude upon you,
And then there is no judgment, no opinion.
If I have no opinion I love…everything.
Sweet peace.
This gentle stillness of now is poised for me to enter
and as I enter I know I am not a body.
Gratefulness replaces thought in the Now of stillness and peace.
This peace I will take with me, Father, because You gave it to me
That others might have it.
Peace, stillness, Now.
Your son is grateful Father.

Salesman for ACIM

I know that I must seem like a salesman for A Course in Miracles to some of you since that is about all I write about…other than my cat Blanche.:) But I am not really a salesman. I don’t care if any of you ever study the Course. We will all go home anyway. You will eventually wake up and join the party even if you burn the Course. My words are for those who are READY to have their lives transformed. The advantage of ACIM is that it takes you by the hand and gives you one lesson a day which begins to undo the errors in thought which erected barriers to the awareness of Love’s Presence. The awareness of Love’s Presence IS enlightenment for Love and Light are One. One of my ACIM teachers, Tara Singh, had been an ascetic living in a cave in the Himalayas for three years, then he mastered yoga, then he became a humanitarian and helped Ghandi and Neru build the Indian nation. He became a friend of President and Mrs. Roosevelt and worked on so many humanitarian projects. J. Krishnamurti never accepted pupils or disciples, but he accepted Tara Singh and for many years Taraji learned from Krishnamurti. After that he moved to California and began a period of five years of silence. Can you imagine living in total silence, never uttering a word or a grunt, or any sound? At the end of these five years of silence, as he emerged, he came in contact with A Course In Miracles and its scribe Dr. Helen Schucman and Tara Singh came to enlightenment!!! He devoted the rest of his life to teaching a few serious students who had the ears to hear. He never commercialized the name of God. Taraji gave DISCIPLINE and discrimination to spiritual quests using ACIM. There are so many thought systems. It is so easy just to pick a concept here and there and make your own salad. It is not a true way. Taraji came to understand that A Course In Miracles gives us the Thoughts of God and is a gift of God to His Son. It is a way that is offered to all the separated sons, but it will be chosen only by those who feel drawn to it. Namaste♥♥♥

Connected and Hard Wired

Did you know that even your brain–as unreal as the body is–is designed to give you the experience of being connected to others? All throughout the brain there are special neurons called “mirror neurons.” What they enable us to do is amazing. When I see someone smiling or frowning or crying, my mirror neurons enable me to feel exactly what the other person is feeling. In other words, they connect me. We all know that we can do this and often have the experience, but our socialization has told us that this is improper or even bad to do. Sometimes it violates our first principle of egohood, (rule no. 1 “All egos are separate.”) When you walk by a homeless man begging for food, you really CAN know what he is feeling, but you shut it out because you may not WANT to know his feelings. You try to shut down your own mirror neurons. In other words, WE LIKE BEING SEPARATE! You can’t escape that! The evidence is too great. We have the ability to feel totally connected to all things and we choose an illusion of separateness! Here’s the thing: The ego is terrified of our feeling connection because when we connect there is only Love! The ego is terrified of love. It doesn’t know what love is, but it knows that love cannot coexist with it and therefore is its enemy. WE ARE ALL PSYCHIC! We can ALL connect.

There is a homeless man that begs near my supermarket. I always give him something, but a couple of days ago, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Go talk to him. Rub his shoulders. Give him loving touch.” So that is exactly what I did. He was very surprised but in a good way. I speak to him now most every day. Here is the problem with us: WE ARE UNWILLING TO REMEMBER GOD’S LOVE. We would rather hide out in a body and pretend to be separate. And we will keep coming back into these bodies until we change our minds!!! Just so you know, that’s where things stand!

Why is it so hard to forgive!!!!

Why is it so hard to forgive!!!! First of all I would like to put forward the definition of forgiveness in ACIM. Forgiveness is to overlook something, let in flow on by as though it never happened because in reality (i.e.God’s world) it never happened. Jesus anticipated all our objections. We say, “Wait a minute. What if someone is killed or raped! How can you say that didn’t happen? And how can you forgive that?” That’s the question the ego loves and it thinks there is no answer to those questions except to accept victimization!! Once we accept victimization we have fallen deep into the ego’s system of thought and we will never be able to forgive. Knowing this, Jesus allowed himself to be crucified. He called it, “the last needless journey the sonship ever needs to make.” In allowing himself to be so cruelly tortured in the eyes of the world he showed us the truth. Instead of identifying with what the body was going through, he identified with his spirit which cannot be hurt, cannot be tortured, cannot be harmed in any way. That shift of identification changes crucifixion to resurrection, not the resuscitation of a dead body, but a living spirit identified as the Son of His Father. He asks us to follow his example so that when we are mistreated in this life, far less than he was in most cases, we identify with our spirit and refuse to accept the position of a victim. On the cross he said for our benefit, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Notice what he didn’t say, such as, “How could all of you do this to me?” Or, “You will all burn in hell for what you did to me,” or “Karma’s a bitch. Wait til you get yours.” Those are things the EGO says and wants you to say.

Our lessons are in relationships and how often do we find people playing the victim in relationships? “He hurt me once. I’ll never let him hurt me again.” Are you SURE he hurt you? Have you forgotten that projections makes perception? When you say, “He hurt me,” you are describing the poverty of your inner state. You could have interpreted the event differently. As the Course says, “I could see peace instead of this.” If Jesus could see peace in his crucifixion, you can see peace in a relationship. But what about rape or abuse? Everybody has their favorite crime which they think proves victimization. It doesn’t.

I knew a Christian woman once who was raped but she took a totally different and Christ-like view of what took place. She had nothing but compassion for the man who did the deed. She even described the event this way. “He broke into my house and he did what he thought he had to do and then he left.” She forgave the man because she refused to be a victim. She also showed the richness, the Christ-likeness within her by choosing to perceive the event the way she did. Tara Singh, our beloved teacher of ACIM, said often to us, “Regardless of what my brother does to me I will not hate him for it.” Tara Singh was a Christed man. He knew to “resist not evil.” Don’t react.

Another aspect of forgiveness as seen in ACIM is that when we “let it go, let it flow on by as though it never happened,” we don’t break relationships!! The ego wants you to say, “OK I forgive you but that is the end of our relationship. I don’t want to ever see you again.” The ego loves this because it reinforces its primary desire of SEPARATION!! When you say, “i forgive you, but I need my space from you now. Our time is over,” you are not forgiving at all. You are in the Ego, justifying separation and calling it your “space.” “Oh, I just need my space now.” Space is separation. No counseling was ever successful when the couple stayed AWAY from counseling!!! But that is the state of mind of the “victim.” “You HURT me and I am running away from you.” Really? Is that our model from Jesus? Hardly!! You have to see this if you ever want to forgive and if you don’t forgive you will go deeper and deeper into illusions and the “unwillingness” to remember God’s love. I didn’t say that. Jesus did!! Reactions happen within relationships because we are often in fear rather than peace. But if you learn to forgive by seeing that in TRUTH (i.e. in God’s world) nothing has happened, you can forgive on the fly, overlook things quickly, and the relationship goes on as a classroom for learning. Every time we break a relationship because we scream that someone HURT us, we send ourselves back into kindergarten. We will have to do the whole thing over until we choose for right-mindedness!!!

Someone said to me, “I have a pattern of choosing the wrong man for me.” The first thing you want to say is, “Oh, how terrible for you dear. Well you know a good man is really hard to find.” That would be the ego response. Keep the conflict going. The only real response is, “You are drawing the ‘wrong man’ to you by perceiving you are a victim. If you want to get out of this time warp, choose a man and perceive him as God created him.” Then it won’t matter if he is young or old, muscular, or any of the other external traits we use to judge a piece of meat!! But the question is, Can you break through your unwillingness to change by remembering God’s love for you as your own identity? Or will you just wallow in your life being a victim, always looking for the right man and always perceiving you got a bad one again!! How many lifetimes do we have to go through this class? Always projecting problems, reacting out of fear and claiming to be the victim? How many times have YOU been here going through the same drills and making the same ego choices? Often Lightworkers are just as egotistical as anyone. THEY have a claim to higher knowledge to justify their perception of victimhood!! Hmmmm….seems few people want to follow Jesus’ example and leadership! Our lessons can be learned joyfully but if they are not learned joyfully they will be learned by pain! Something happened in your relationship? Forgive it. Let it go as though it never happened. This is the only real way denial can help you. We deny that we can be hurt, tortured or crucified. And now comes the humor!! There has to be humor. All of this “stuff” that you are so mad about is just a silly dream. The dreamer has awakened in Reality. We are as we always were. Nothing has happened to God’s Son. But in the unfolding of the illusion of time, the dream appears to be played out and take “time.” We can speed up “time” if we laugh at the tiny mad idea that God’s Son could be “hurt,” or victimized in any way. Laugh as loud as you can. This is the greatest joke of all “time.”

I am un-doing and I am being undone

I am un-doing and I am being undone. The seeming “individual” that I think is my persona, is being undone. My “persona” (my “soul” which renincarnates) is not real. It is just a collection of karma, a pattern of doing, sensing, feeling, acting which keeps going into more and more bodies. The bodies are unreal too!! We ARE all a spirit but we are the SAME spirit. There is just One of us here! ACIM brings great clarity to this ancient mystery that divided Hinduism from Buddhism. We ARE the divine Self split into zillions and zillions of bits and pieces. Some of the bits manifest as sand, water, birds, and some manifest as humans, some as Pleiadeans some as Arcturians, some as Grays…On and On it goes. As I begin to undo the belief that I am an ego housed in a bag of skin, born into this world and destined to die, I begin to make space. G.K.Chesterton said, “The angels fly because they take themselves lightly.” There is truth in that. When you make space you see and feel parts of the divine Self you didn’t know before. You’ll give thanks to the Arctuarians for all they have taught you. You will feel and perhaps even see, many spirits with your spirit, all right-minded, all climbing the spiral with you. There is just more and more space. You don’t need the heavy, dreamy body. It was a very silly idea we had to dream up this physical universe.
I am going to visit John of God in Brazil in a few days. Spirits that work with him at the Casa de Dom Inacio have been visiting me for months. Stretch out, child of God. Do the work. Forgive, be a Light to others and just watch what happens as you climb the spiral. You will find a different “you,” because what you thought was you was just a pattern of Karma, just a bunch of lessons that needed to be learned. We are so much more than we ever “dreamed” in this silly world. The journey to who we are is so much lighter and more spacious than the heavy trip of sin, guilt and fear that dreamed up this world as a place to hide from God!! Time to laugh now:) Love to all♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

How Real Is The Near Death Experience?

How Real Is The Near Death Experience?

Since I have made it plain on this site that my path is ACIM, this question is pertinent. If the body is an illusion and the universe is an illusion, is the NDE an illusion? The Course uses ultimate terms for “reality.” To the Course, Heaven is the only reality. All else is illusion. In this sense, the NDE is an illusion too, though a very different one than our daily world in the body. Since we are minds (spirits) rather than bodies, the Course has no difficulty in accepting that the mind (spirit) can be “apart” from the body since the body is never real anyway. At the event that we call physical death, the mind (spirit) of the person is still just as it was when it believed itself to have a body. It still has its lessons to learn and still retains its illusions. Nothing has happened except the inherently illusory body has been dropped. Many NDE-ers have gone all the way into death of the body, as measured by this world. They come back with quite a story and some personal changes. Those who worship the Ego and believe there is no life after the death of the body always try to find a way to disparage NDEs. That includes skeptical scientists who think there is no consciousness after the death of the body. The NDE is a big threat to them. But how “real” is it? That depends on how you view reality. From the point of view of those who think life in the body is real, NDEs are at least that real! But the Course would not call our life here on earth “real.” It is an illusion, a dream. So for the Course, NDEs are an extension of the illusion but in a different dream state. The worlds of Light the NDE-ers experience are very interesting but they are just as illusory as the so-called physical universe we live in now. Minds without bodies seem to create other bodies, astral bodies, celestial bodies, all as illusory as the physical bodies and all preserve some sense of separateness which is illusory. What about the all pervasive love they feel in these states? From the point of view of the Course, the physical body is the greatest barrier we have erected to the awareness of Love’s presence which is our natural inheritance. When the body is gone, it may well be that the mind is flooded with the love it was hiding from in the body. But minds can be wrong-minded or right-minded. Wrong-minded minds will surely continue in their wrong-mindedness after the body is dropped, and they may create wrong-minded dream worlds to appear to inhabit. Purgatory or hell states will be just as real for them as the celestial beings experienced by right-minded minds. What about the life-review that NDE-ers report? The Course would have no difficulty with that. We are told that we are responsible for our learning and that lessons we did not complete have to be retaken. What about meeting Jesus in these dream states? The Course would tell us that Jesus is now a symbol of the Love of God present within the mind of the sonship.
What we know now about such “symbols” is that they PARTICIPATE in the reality they symbolize. They are not “nuda signas,” mere illusions. They have great power in the mind. Jesus as a symbol for the Love of God is active within the mind of the sonship regardless of the illusions of the sonship. When NDE-ers claim to encounter this Being of Love that they identify with Jesus they are doing just that in the mind. They are not meeting the historical Jesus but the Jesus who is an active symbol of the Love of God.

What about the other beings NDE-ers claim to experience, like dead relatives, friends or high beings? The Course has no trouble with the idea that disembodied minds meet other disembodies minds, and the illusion of separateness continues, so you can meet Aunt Sofie or Cousin Johnny. They are there in this new dream state that the mind has created since dropping their physical bodies. But even so-called “high beings” are as inherently illusory as us as separate beings. As long as there is the appearance of individuality and separateness, we are still in the dream.

What about the report from NDE-ers that there are levels in the worlds they experience, some higher to God than others? The Course makes it very plain that there are no hierarchies in illusory states. What we can say is that those minds who have almost finished learning their lessons create a different dream world than those who are just beginning their lessons. This would account for all the so-called levels in spirit (mind).

What about the so-called transformative effects of the NDE? It is true that when they return to the body they often “remember” more of who they are as a mind rather than just a body and they often return with the memory of Love’s Presence which broke in on them when the physical body was dropped. I have yet, however, to meet an NDE-er who was moved by his experience to come back into the body as an enlightened person. They still have lessons to learn and they still come back as egos. They are now happy egos and they do have a sense of Love’s Presence which helps them to be more loving in their daily lives. They also appear to have after effects that are interesting and which appear to be side effects of realizing that they are spirits (minds) rather than bodies. Like minded spirits (minds) can join and often NDE-ers return with a mind connection to disembodied spirits they have met in their NDE. So they may be able to talk to Uncle Fred even after returning to the body. For many NDE-ers, the experience breaks the illusion that we are bodies living in this world. They now at least have experienced that they are minds (spirits), not bodies, and that our “life” on the earth is just one phase of existence. That is quite a lot for any one experience to give to you, so we should not disparage the NDE just because it is not ultimate reality. It is a different dream from the earth, but a dream non-the-less. It can move people to learn their lessons faster while on the earth and it can make people more loving. By themselves NDEs do not provide a full theology and it would be illusory for people to try to create a theology out of them, but ACIM gives us a much fuller picture. Even the Course does not try to give us a full systematic theology. It aims at taking down the barriers we have made to the awareness of Love’s Presence so that we may hear the inner Voice (in mind) of our teacher, the Holy Spirit, or Jesus, the active symbol of God’s love. Let us be content with that for now.♥♥♥♥

Do you know the Love of God?

Do you know the Love of God? Have you ever, even if just for an instant, experienced yourself to BE the Love of God? I hope so. Awakening cannot be far away from those who have experienced themselves as the Love of God. Maybe you even had to die clinically and pass over to the other side before you felt the Love of God. When you came back, what did you feel for all those you know and meet who are still lost in emotional pain? Did you hurt for them that they will not accept the Love of God? Did you see their unwillingness to give up their view of the world as being victims? Did you see how they believe in sin, in themselves and others? Did you see that they do not know real forgiveness? What did you do? Maybe you tried to talk with them and share your experience of the Love of God but they
would not receive it. So now you see them suffering daily, blaming others for everything, taking no responsibility for their lives. What do you do? What do you do? You want so to bring them to true Self-Knowledge so they can know themselves as God created them. The Course tells us to see past their illusions and see them as the pure Son of God which they are in truth. If they cannot receive the truth, all the more reason for you to see them in truth, the blameless Son of God lost in her illusions. Then you give them over to Jesus who is in charge of the atonement. You remember that this dream is just playing itself out. In truth we are all One Son, the radiance of God, in Heaven. Never a chance is there that any of the sonship will be lost. Your friends will awaken as this dream continues to unfold. If they have chosen in this lifetime to learn by pain, respect that choice. All illusions were eventually be dispelled. Your friends are in no danger. They have chosen not to learn their lessons joyously but through pain and hardship. Let them. There is no need to hurt for them. You would but join them in their illusions. See them as God created them, even if they hate you for it. Remember the Love of God in you and you will remember for your friends too!

“Help Me to wake My children from the dream of retribution and a little life beset with fear, that ends so soon it might as well have never been. Let Me instead remind you of eternity, in which your joy grows greater as your love extends along with Mine beyond infinity, where time and distance have no meaning. While you wait in sorrow Heaven’s melody is incomplete, because your song is part of the eternal harmony of love. Without you is creation unfulfilled.

“Return to Me Who never left My Son.
Listen, My child, your Father calls to you.
Do not refuse to hear the Call for Love.
Do not deny to Christ what is His Own.
Heaven is here and Heaven is your home.”

ACIM, A Song of Prayer(VIII)

How can we see the world as “OK,” right now, just as it is?

How can we see the world as “OK,” right now, just as it is? You say, “You’re crazy man. Look at all the evil.” Well so long as you see that you are going to be upset.

ACIM says, T-21.in.1. “Projection makes perception. 2 The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that. 3 But though it is no more than that, it is not less. 4 Therefore, to you it is important. 5 It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. 6 As a man thinketh, so does he perceive. 7 Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. 8 Perception is a result and not a cause. 9 And that is why order of difficulty in miracles is meaningless. 10 Everything looked upon with vision is healed and holy. 11 Nothing perceived without it means

anything. 12 And where there is no meaning, there is chaos.

T-21.in.2. Damnation is your judgment on yourself, and this you will project upon the world. 2 See it as damned, and all you see is what you did to hurt the Son of God. 3 If you behold disaster and catastrophe, you tried to crucify him. 4 If you see holiness and hope, you joined the Will of God to set him free. 5 There is no choice that lies between these two decisions. 6 And you will see the witness to the choice you made, and learn from this to recognize which one you chose. 7 The world you see but shows you how much joy you have allowed yourself to see in you, and to accept as yours. 8 And, if this is its meaning, then the power to give it joy must lie within you.”

Seek not to change the world but choose to change your mind about the world! What you see will either come from your peace or your projection!! If you have learned your lessons you will know that the atonement has already happened. We are all One right “NOW” in Heaven. Here in this world of illusion, the fact of the atonement is just being rolled out a bit at a time. But the results are already in!! So you can look on the world with peace and see it as “OK.” It doesn’t need to change! Your perception needs to change from projection to peace! I don’t REALLY care if Romney or Obama gets elected! It doesn’t really matter. We are not really here! I don’t REALLY care if you choose to learn right now through pain rather than through joy! It’s your tiny choice but the sonship is already home.

Walking tonight two blocks to the grocery store.

Walking tonight two blocks to the grocery store…the night is beautifully cool but not chilly…dark sky, typical car noises on the street. And then, “tap, tap, tap”……my old friend hits me gently…timelessness, immensity…and the walk to the store is pure beauty.♥♥♥ Forgive someone today who you have kept chained in some dungeon of your mind, someone who you swore “hurt you,” someone you swore you would never forgive. Do you think God does not see him there in the dungeon you have created for him? He sees his son in chains and you bound with him through your unforgiveness.

Gratefulness this morning.

Gratefulness this morning. The day should begin and end in gratefulness. I am grateful for the little sage plant that grows right beside me. I am grateful for the beautiful fog and rain on the tops of the mountains. I am grateful for quiet. I am grateful for the flowers that still bloom in the garden in spite of the season. I am grateful for those with whom I have joined in mind. In the morning when the sunrises, all is quiet and the world is at peace. I am grateful. In the evening at Twilight, peace again covers the earth and I am grateful. Gratefulness, my old friend, connects me with my immensity, my time-less-ness. When I am grateful I AM NOT A BODY. I am a spirit and I am just as God created me. Today, find gratefulness

Tonight love fills the air.

Tonight love fills the air. Your name was mentioned and that was all that was necessary to bring in Love’s Presence, like a cool, soothing breeze on a hot summer’s day. You name has brought Love’s remembrance to me. The many have become One. No little blot or stain can stand in Love’s Presence. All illusions flow gently down the stream of ages while the rocks whisper; “Only Love is real.”

How hard it is for us to rid our minds of the ideas of sin, guilt and fear

How hard it is for us to rid our minds of the ideas of sin, guilt and fear. They make up the unholy trinity which comprises the “Ego,” our crazy idea that we are ugly bags of water and fat, localized, born to die, separated from everyone else, the world and God! This is the illusion that keeps miscreating this world we have. But let’s make it personal. What keeps ME from letting go of these ideas and seeing myself as not a body, but as a Mind, limitless and boundless, as the radiance of God? Well, I have done a lot of personal work using A Course in Miracles. I have lost the fear of God! Thank God. The fear of God must die! God is not a personal being, alongside other beings. Even if he were the most powerful being he would still be a being along side others. If a personal God loved you it would be “attachment,” not love, and it would come with strings attached: “Thou shalt…Thou shalt not…The soul that sineth it shall die…All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death. Whosoever believes and is baptized shall be saved. But he who does not believe shall be damned…” We could go on and on with this system of thought. The Bible is the Ego’s book and the Ego wrote it. My mind has been purged of believing in a personal God, Jehovah or Yahweh or Adonai or HaShem, whatever you want to call him, the God of the Bible is a literary character only, not a “real” being.

In ACIM God is seen as creator of a spiritual universe (not this one) and He extends Himself into that universe like light radiating from our physical sun. That radiance is US!!! We are the radiance of God, not these awful bodies. In ACIM this radiance of God is called the Son of God, so in this spiritual universe there is only God and His One Son. They are spirit, not form, and they share One MInd, the Christ Mind. The nature of that Christ Mind is unconditional love, impersonal, no strings attached, Light and Knowledge. Now I have already given you the Course’s view about how the Son fell into a little dream that he could somehow be different from his father. While in that dream he heard two voices that came to explain what he had done. The Holy Spirit told him, “This is just a dream. Nothing has happened. Wake up and you will see you are the radiance of your father.” The other voice that came to him in his dream was THE EGO, and it told him, “Boy have you done it this time! You have separated from God! You have diminished Heaven! God gave you everything and you spit in his eye, stole the crown jewels and split! Do you think he is going to let you get away with this? You have SINNED and that is a very wicked thing. God is going to hunt you down like the dog you are and annihilate you!! And don’t listen to the Holy Spirit. He is God’s general who has been dispatched to capture you!” The Ego told the dreaming Son quite a tale. For some reason we do not know, the Son believed the Ego’s version of things and when he did he believed himself sinful, guilty and fearful of God. The Ego tells him he must hide in a place where God could never find him, so the Son, in his dream, projects himself into a physical universe (Big Bang), this universe, and as he does he splits into zillions upon zillions of pieces, light, matter, plants, rocks, animals, and…US, human beings. Like a hologram each piece contains the WHOLE truth within it, and just as surely each piece believes itself to be sinful, guilty, and in fear of God’s punishment. St. Paul said it, “The whole creation (universe) travails and groans.” This feeling of guilt that we all carry and our fear of God is all a dream, a very bad dream. We are in truth not bodies. We are spirit and all the same spirit, the Son of God or the radiance of God. We are only in a dream here. In truth we have never left Heaven (our spiritual universe) or our Father, God.

Working with ACIM I am losing the fear of God and making good progress in losing the idea of sin and fear. But it is a process. The Holy Spirit came into the dream with us. He can guide us in our lessons we must learn, of forgiveness, giving up fear and hate, and passion for personal power. As we learn those lesson we begin to remember more and more of who we are as spirit. This dream is all unfolding in time and the end of the dream cannot be threatened! All of the split pieces of the Son with be gathered together as One and awaken from the dream. There will then be no need for time and this dreamy physical universe with disappear!

In truth, in eternity, as soon as the Son fell into a dream, the Holy Spirit corrected the tiny mad idea. That correction is just now being displayed on the long canvas of time, through billions of years. The Truth has never been in danger. WE ARE AS WE WERE CREATED, the radiance of God. Say with the Course, “I am NOT a body! I am a spirit. I am free for I am just as God created me.” Receiving the truth will set us free from the tiny mad ideas of sin, guilt and fear of God. ♥♥♥♥♥

I am filled with gratefulness for you:

I am filled with gratefulness for you: You who care for animals so much you make God smile and weep for joy; for you who love nature so and wish to take care of this beautiful planet; you who have a golden spirit of song and sing all over the world spreading joy and love wherever you go; for you who care for children so much that you are the best first grade teacher ever; You who love people and help them, old and young; you who love God so much you wish to connect with him like a son to his father; you whose mind is so sharp you love to teach math and science to kids; for you who care for your spouses and have learned to love; for you, the blue collar worker, who works at back-breaking toil because he loves his family and he wants to support them. For you, and you, and you, and you, and you over there. For you, Carol, who cared for me; for my animal friends who have joined in mind with me; for you my students who share their lives with me. I am so grateful for you. You are my brothers and we are all One Spirit, the Radiance of God’s Glory. Thank you my brothers for the Light we are and the Love that is all there is to share.♥♥♥♥♥


The time is coming and almost is when we shall be able to call in the Light of God, that unspeakably wondrous Light of God which is Love, the Light we call “the other side,” or “home.” Most people have had to be near death to see that light, and enter it again. The transformative Light changes all who enter it by stirring our remembrance of our true Self. We are the radiance of God. The Light is us and we are it. Now you can see why we are not a body and there is no universe. We ARE this Light and in it we are all One. This Light knows no judgment. It only is the Love that is God, Truth and Knowledge. When you go into the Light you will not want to be a body again. You will weep at the thought of leaving the Light to come back to such a sour illusion as the body. Now the time almost is when we will be able to call that Light into our being now and the veils will be lifted from illusions. Your loved ones who have passed over into the Light are still here with you. We will soon need no channel or medium to contact them. Their presence will touch you when the Light comes and it will come. We will call it in. THIS IS OUR GREAT TIME OF SERVICE to each other and to the Light for God is lonely without his Son. Our minds are being prepared now to be able to call in the Light. If you have felt like a caterpillar about ready to change into something you know not what, this is part of what we have been sensing and feeling. So soon now, the Light will come and take down the barriers to our illusions. The Light will come. We will call it in and it will fall on us like the rain of Heaven, bringing with it all our beautiful memories of the Truth we have forgotten. So easily will all our fears slip away from us into nothingness and we will know that Love is all that is real. While for a while bodies will remain and the phantom we call Earth will slip in and out of the Light, I will look into your eyes and see only the Love of God and the Light will lovingly and gently wash away anything that would come between our joining. Would it not be something of great worth to you just to speak to your grandmother again, or your husband, or that child you lost too early? They are not gone. You will speak with them and you will know them in the Light. WE WILL CALL IN THE LIGHT AND IT WILL FALL FROM HEAVEN LIKE RAIN ON A DRY AND DUSTY PLAIN AND LOVE WILL MAKE ITSELF KNOWN. When the Light comes, first the air will sparkle with living glimmer, then the glimmer will enter you, every little place where you need Love’s Presence. Soon the air will become nothing but Light and the sight of bodies and planets will disappear. In the Light we will be transformed by remembrance. We are not native to this physical, dreamy place. We come from the Light. We are Light Beings native to a spiritual universe of Love which is also Light and Truth and Knowledge. We have been trying to remember our Home all these ages of bodies, coming from the Light, going into bodies, going back to Light. It is enough to make the world spin.

Our school years have almost passed.

The time for learning is almost over.

In this space I would put away all time and learning.

I would come afresh to stillness. I would call in the Light.

There sparkles all the truth my learning could not attain.

In that Light I find you,

perfect with the innocence of creation.

You have not changed.

As wisdom-bearer in Brahman’s House, who could change you?

As natural as the flow of the Tao, who could change you?

As the silence on the Buddha’s lips, who could change you?

In this Light there is stillness,

And in this stillness I have found you as perfect.

In the Light all minds join into One.

When the Light comes there is relief from time

and freedom to remember the vast ages of our knowing.

Lifetimes upon lifetimes present themselves in parade of gallant splendor for at last we remember.

Millions of years come to us in memory of who we are and the Love that grew within us.

We have not changed.

Our alchemy shows its art.

In this space I have summoned the Light and I remember that I Love you