Do you know the Love of God?

Do you know the Love of God? Have you ever, even if just for an instant, experienced yourself to BE the Love of God? I hope so. Awakening cannot be far away from those who have experienced themselves as the Love of God. Maybe you even had to die clinically and pass over to the other side before you felt the Love of God. When you came back, what did you feel for all those you know and meet who are still lost in emotional pain? Did you hurt for them that they will not accept the Love of God? Did you see their unwillingness to give up their view of the world as being victims? Did you see how they believe in sin, in themselves and others? Did you see that they do not know real forgiveness? What did you do? Maybe you tried to talk with them and share your experience of the Love of God but they
would not receive it. So now you see them suffering daily, blaming others for everything, taking no responsibility for their lives. What do you do? What do you do? You want so to bring them to true Self-Knowledge so they can know themselves as God created them. The Course tells us to see past their illusions and see them as the pure Son of God which they are in truth. If they cannot receive the truth, all the more reason for you to see them in truth, the blameless Son of God lost in her illusions. Then you give them over to Jesus who is in charge of the atonement. You remember that this dream is just playing itself out. In truth we are all One Son, the radiance of God, in Heaven. Never a chance is there that any of the sonship will be lost. Your friends will awaken as this dream continues to unfold. If they have chosen in this lifetime to learn by pain, respect that choice. All illusions were eventually be dispelled. Your friends are in no danger. They have chosen not to learn their lessons joyously but through pain and hardship. Let them. There is no need to hurt for them. You would but join them in their illusions. See them as God created them, even if they hate you for it. Remember the Love of God in you and you will remember for your friends too!

“Help Me to wake My children from the dream of retribution and a little life beset with fear, that ends so soon it might as well have never been. Let Me instead remind you of eternity, in which your joy grows greater as your love extends along with Mine beyond infinity, where time and distance have no meaning. While you wait in sorrow Heaven’s melody is incomplete, because your song is part of the eternal harmony of love. Without you is creation unfulfilled.

“Return to Me Who never left My Son.
Listen, My child, your Father calls to you.
Do not refuse to hear the Call for Love.
Do not deny to Christ what is His Own.
Heaven is here and Heaven is your home.”

ACIM, A Song of Prayer(VIII)