How hard it is for us to rid our minds of the ideas of sin, guilt and fear

How hard it is for us to rid our minds of the ideas of sin, guilt and fear. They make up the unholy trinity which comprises the “Ego,” our crazy idea that we are ugly bags of water and fat, localized, born to die, separated from everyone else, the world and God! This is the illusion that keeps miscreating this world we have. But let’s make it personal. What keeps ME from letting go of these ideas and seeing myself as not a body, but as a Mind, limitless and boundless, as the radiance of God? Well, I have done a lot of personal work using A Course in Miracles. I have lost the fear of God! Thank God. The fear of God must die! God is not a personal being, alongside other beings. Even if he were the most powerful being he would still be a being along side others. If a personal God loved you it would be “attachment,” not love, and it would come with strings attached: “Thou shalt…Thou shalt not…The soul that sineth it shall die…All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death. Whosoever believes and is baptized shall be saved. But he who does not believe shall be damned…” We could go on and on with this system of thought. The Bible is the Ego’s book and the Ego wrote it. My mind has been purged of believing in a personal God, Jehovah or Yahweh or Adonai or HaShem, whatever you want to call him, the God of the Bible is a literary character only, not a “real” being.

In ACIM God is seen as creator of a spiritual universe (not this one) and He extends Himself into that universe like light radiating from our physical sun. That radiance is US!!! We are the radiance of God, not these awful bodies. In ACIM this radiance of God is called the Son of God, so in this spiritual universe there is only God and His One Son. They are spirit, not form, and they share One MInd, the Christ Mind. The nature of that Christ Mind is unconditional love, impersonal, no strings attached, Light and Knowledge. Now I have already given you the Course’s view about how the Son fell into a little dream that he could somehow be different from his father. While in that dream he heard two voices that came to explain what he had done. The Holy Spirit told him, “This is just a dream. Nothing has happened. Wake up and you will see you are the radiance of your father.” The other voice that came to him in his dream was THE EGO, and it told him, “Boy have you done it this time! You have separated from God! You have diminished Heaven! God gave you everything and you spit in his eye, stole the crown jewels and split! Do you think he is going to let you get away with this? You have SINNED and that is a very wicked thing. God is going to hunt you down like the dog you are and annihilate you!! And don’t listen to the Holy Spirit. He is God’s general who has been dispatched to capture you!” The Ego told the dreaming Son quite a tale. For some reason we do not know, the Son believed the Ego’s version of things and when he did he believed himself sinful, guilty and fearful of God. The Ego tells him he must hide in a place where God could never find him, so the Son, in his dream, projects himself into a physical universe (Big Bang), this universe, and as he does he splits into zillions upon zillions of pieces, light, matter, plants, rocks, animals, and…US, human beings. Like a hologram each piece contains the WHOLE truth within it, and just as surely each piece believes itself to be sinful, guilty, and in fear of God’s punishment. St. Paul said it, “The whole creation (universe) travails and groans.” This feeling of guilt that we all carry and our fear of God is all a dream, a very bad dream. We are in truth not bodies. We are spirit and all the same spirit, the Son of God or the radiance of God. We are only in a dream here. In truth we have never left Heaven (our spiritual universe) or our Father, God.

Working with ACIM I am losing the fear of God and making good progress in losing the idea of sin and fear. But it is a process. The Holy Spirit came into the dream with us. He can guide us in our lessons we must learn, of forgiveness, giving up fear and hate, and passion for personal power. As we learn those lesson we begin to remember more and more of who we are as spirit. This dream is all unfolding in time and the end of the dream cannot be threatened! All of the split pieces of the Son with be gathered together as One and awaken from the dream. There will then be no need for time and this dreamy physical universe with disappear!

In truth, in eternity, as soon as the Son fell into a dream, the Holy Spirit corrected the tiny mad idea. That correction is just now being displayed on the long canvas of time, through billions of years. The Truth has never been in danger. WE ARE AS WE WERE CREATED, the radiance of God. Say with the Course, “I am NOT a body! I am a spirit. I am free for I am just as God created me.” Receiving the truth will set us free from the tiny mad ideas of sin, guilt and fear of God. ♥♥♥♥♥