I am un-doing and I am being undone

I am un-doing and I am being undone. The seeming “individual” that I think is my persona, is being undone. My “persona” (my “soul” which renincarnates) is not real. It is just a collection of karma, a pattern of doing, sensing, feeling, acting which keeps going into more and more bodies. The bodies are unreal too!! We ARE all a spirit but we are the SAME spirit. There is just One of us here! ACIM brings great clarity to this ancient mystery that divided Hinduism from Buddhism. We ARE the divine Self split into zillions and zillions of bits and pieces. Some of the bits manifest as sand, water, birds, and some manifest as humans, some as Pleiadeans some as Arcturians, some as Grays…On and On it goes. As I begin to undo the belief that I am an ego housed in a bag of skin, born into this world and destined to die, I begin to make space. G.K.Chesterton said, “The angels fly because they take themselves lightly.” There is truth in that. When you make space you see and feel parts of the divine Self you didn’t know before. You’ll give thanks to the Arctuarians for all they have taught you. You will feel and perhaps even see, many spirits with your spirit, all right-minded, all climbing the spiral with you. There is just more and more space. You don’t need the heavy, dreamy body. It was a very silly idea we had to dream up this physical universe.
I am going to visit John of God in Brazil in a few days. Spirits that work with him at the Casa de Dom Inacio have been visiting me for months. Stretch out, child of God. Do the work. Forgive, be a Light to others and just watch what happens as you climb the spiral. You will find a different “you,” because what you thought was you was just a pattern of Karma, just a bunch of lessons that needed to be learned. We are so much more than we ever “dreamed” in this silly world. The journey to who we are is so much lighter and more spacious than the heavy trip of sin, guilt and fear that dreamed up this world as a place to hide from God!! Time to laugh now:) Love to all♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥