God did not Create this World

A Course in Miracles is the only Scripture among the world’s religions to tell you the explosive, hard, liberating truth. GOD DID NOT CREATE THIS WORLD. WE DID. Not we individually of course but we altogether as one mind. We miscreated this universe, this planet and this body as a place that God could enter not. We are hiding from God whom we fear out of guilt that we have left heaven and stolen from him! What do we fear we have stolen? US! We fear we have broken off from the ALL that is God and now stand outside him, observing. That, of course, could not ever happen. There is nothing real outside of the ALL. The very thought that we could break off and become independent is a DREAM. In this dream we have created universes and bodies to hide from God in a material world, where God could never find us…or so we thought. But the Holy Spirit came into the dream with us and is constantly whispering in our ear the truth of who we are. We are the Son of God, temporarily lost in a dream.

The Course is very aware and would make you aware that there is a God created spiritual universe and the material universe that WE made. God is spirit and his universe is spirit. God is Love, all encompassing Love, the Whole, which has no opposite. This Love is also Truth and Knowledge. Within this spiritual universe, God and His One Son (of which we are a part) create by extending themselves. God is a spirit and his creations are all spirit. God knows nothing of evil, of tragedy, of bad dreams. God knows nothing of “sin,” “guilt” or “fear.” God is not a part of this human universe. The only part of God that really comes into this human universe is the Love that comes into your heart when you begin to listen to the Holy Spirit, forgive your brothers, and learn your lessons the Holy Spirit would give you. You are not a body!! You are a spirit, and we are all the same spirit split off (in our dream state). We are the Son of God, the radiance of God. We created this world as a place to hide from God, but the Holy Spirit has changed it to a classroom where we can learn the lessons that will enable us to remember our true identity.

This dream world of duality is based on the beliefs in sin, guilt and fear. It does not know the Love of God and is therefore unreal!! Only Love is real. (“Amo, ergo sum.”) The events that happen in this dream world are not real. They are all nightmares of terror, which itself is a nightmare. We are so sure this world is real and the terror in it, and so we ask, at every tragedy, “Where was God?” God does not even know this dream world exists. Were he to be aware of it, it would make it real, which it never could be. God is aware his Son is dreaming, but he cannot know the dream.
THIS IS NOT GOD’S WORLD! HE DIDN’T CREATE IT! WE DID!!! Out of our nightmares of sin, guilt and fear we have created a world of duality which constantly generates tragedy. These tragedies are no more real than anything else in this world.
The Course and Buddhism have similar perspectives on being compassionate to all things and people in this world who are suffering. We come along side and do what Jesus would do. But we can do that precisely because we know that God is in control of reality, and everything that happens here is unreal, except for the Love you remember!

When you are tempted to go into despair over some tragedy in this dream world, express compassion for those suffering, and then say: “GOD DID NOT CREATE THAT PLANE CRASH, SO IT IS NOT REAL.” “GOD DID NOT CREATE THAT SHOOTING SO IT IS NOT REAL.” “GOD DID NOT CREATE THAT WAR SO IT IS NOT REAL.” After a short while, you would come to a place of peace inside yourself where the Love that you are lives. Then you have something to give to the world, suffering illusions about itself. You have the Light of Love and so you are the Light of the World, and you have Peace. In the middle of every tragedy you can extend your Peace. THAT is true compassion, to lead your brother out of his illusions to the Peace of God.

Once an hour today, look around at all the tragedies in this dream world and say: “GOD DID NOT CREATE THAT TRAGEDY SO IT IS NOT REAL. I LIVE IN A SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE WHICH KNOWS ONLY LOVE, TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE.”297498_10150396855086320_676206319_9966848_1785417421_n

The Lessons of The Bridges of Madison County

The Lessons of The Bridges of Madison County
Last night I watched one of my favorite movies, The Bridges of Madison Country, the story of true love starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. This beautiful movie has so many lessons to teach us about true Love. True Love is often unconventional. It does not come to you the way you wanted or envisioned. Most people “settle” for a conventional marriage and then get divorced in a few years. In my generation, in the American South, you got married young and if you found out that you didn’t really love your spouse, you stuck it out, like a prison sentence. That was your duty. Francesca Johnson (Meryl Streep) is living in THIS generation in the American Midwest. Her conventional marriage is like everyone else but her heart is sad, but not yet crushed. Deep within her heart she still yearns for love. It is just that her conventions of being a wife on a farm have steam-rolled over her deeper desires. This beautiful movie shows us many things. True Love may be very unconventional. If you are bound to convention you may miss out on Love! You would need to know yourself to know love, wouldn’t you? How else could you recognize love when it came to you. You have a conventional image in your mind of marrying your high school sweet heart, having good jobs and a house, 2.5 kids and vacations in the Hamptons! Isn’t that about it? Really? That is also the picture of a 60% divorce rate. What if your true love came to you in a very different form? An older man, a younger woman, you name the different form.

One of the things I loved about the movie is the attention to details. I grew up in this time in the Midwest. People really lived that way. Nobody locked their doors. Nobody thought of bad things happening. People would just drop over for a visit and home made ice tea was always on hand to offer people. Most of us couldn’t afford to drink cokes so we drank ice tea. I used to love to visit friends more well off than us because they had soda pop to drink!

The little country roads in this film are all straight out of my childhood. I recognized them all. I have been over them so many times. The little town square with the big Court House in the middle that looked like a castle… that looked exactly like my town of Carthage, Missouri. The people were also accurately portrayed. On the one hand they were neighborly and helpful, unless you stepped out of convention, in which case they were bitterly judgmental and unforgiving. So just what does the movie teach us about real Love (especially as we look at love through the lens of A Course in Miracles)? It teaches us many things. First Francesca did not marry for love. She married Richard to escape Italy. She had dreams of making a life for herself in America. Richard did not respect her dreams. When she found something of herself in teaching, Richard wanted her to stop, so she stopped. Her children didn’t respect her. She liked to listen to Callas on the radio. When they came into the kitchen they immediately changed the station without even asking her. Nobody cares for HER. She is the slave around the house to keep all their lives running in the world Richard wanted. Then when she has lost all hope, her true love comes to her door, in an unconventional way. Robert Kincaid, a photographer for National Geographic, has lost his way on Iowa country roads and has found Francesca. She is amazed at his life of freedom which she wishes she had. Then they fall totally and completely in love with one another, but Francesca does not know how to respond to love. She has never really had it before. She is addicted to her routines. She makes excuses that it would be bad for the kids were she to leave. But look how her kids grew up. They grew up not knowing love and having terrible marriages that didn’t work. By staying with Richard when she really loved Robert she taught her children the life she led, denying love and living by sacrifice.

So there Robert and Francesca are in town after Richard has returned and Francesca has very tentatively decided not to leave with Robert. Robert’s truck is in front of Richard and Francesca. He stays at the light, giving Francesca one last chance. Her hand goes to the door handle and wants to open it. She wants to run into Robert’s truck. At this point anyone who has ever loved is cheering for her, “Open the door! Run quickly to Robert.” She is just finally ready to open the door when Robert drives on, never to see her again. Stupid old Richard cannot even see what is going on.

So what would she have taught her children had she run away with Robert? She would have taught them to accept love wherever it comes to you, especially if it defies convention. She would have taught them to analyze their lives and really look at themselves. In the end, they have to do that anyway as they read her diary. Sacrifice is not the road to love. True love doesn’t call for it. It only asks us to receive it from whatever channel it comes from, conventional or unconventional. Francesca’s love for Robert is the crowning event in her entire life, but she cannot receive it because she believes in sacrifice and convention. That’s a helluva lot of truth in one movie!!

red covered bridge


“Eating” is a part of the scandalous nature of this 3rd dimensional dream world! Thank god it is not real. If it were, we would all be murderers. In this dream world nothing lives unless something else dies. We can be like the Buddhists and vow not to harm a sentient being and be vegetarians—and that is fine–but life still suffers for us in the vegetable world. EVERYTHING IS SENTIENT! We have made “practical” choices in this dimension. We will eat animals but we won’t eat our neighbor! Yet the difference is purely in our ego minds. In truth every animal, every plant, is our brother. We choose to eat some brothers and not others!!! What would happen if you went over to your neighbor’s house and knocked on his door and said, “We are having a dinner party tonight and I would really like to cook your liver with some nice fava beans and wine. Could I have your liver please?” That sounds pretty Monty Python but that is exactly what we do when we raise our pigs, chickens, cows, and sheep and then kill them to eat them!! Thank God it is all an illusion. We are just eating their illusory bodies, but that could also be said if we ate your neighbor!! The only way out of this cruel world is to see that it is unreal and awaken into spirit. We need to begin to look at eating the way we look at tragedies: “God did not make that plane crash, so it is not real.” “God did not make that horrible event, so it is not real.” “God did not make that chicken dinner, so it is not real.” We are all as God created us, One Spirit, part of Him, sharing His nature, spirit, not physical, all Loving, no opposite. But while we are here in this illusion, love your neighbor and all your brothers! 1♥


To save God’s son

I have written many times about my mediumistic abilities so I will not shock you by sharing something. Often I get a feeling of remembrance about someone I knew and I begin to wonder, “Where is s/he now?” I may try to check old emails or google the person, check old connections, and many times I come up dry, but the desire to know about that person stays. And then, sooner or later, it hits me that the person has died and crossed over into spirit. Then it is so easy for me to connect with that person, talk with them, share with them, help them if they need it. I would not trade this gift for anything. Instead, I pray that God will amplify my ability so I can help others. There was a young girl I knew in the late 1990’s who came to a church I was going to at the time. She had many problems. I visited her in hospital once. She had a crushed spirit and I so wanted to help her, but I was not high enough at the time. Religion was putting a damper on my mediumistic gifts. Yesterday I had the strongest desire to find out where she was now. I checked all the usual sources. Then tonight at this lovely full moon, I knew that she was in spirit. I cried. I reached up and touched her. She had died of a drug overdose and her soul was still in confusion and illusion. We talked for a good while and I brought her the Light, and set her eyes on it. I watched as she followed it up. I watched as her spirit changed from dark to light. I told her all the things that religion had denied her, that she is still as God created her, that God is not angry at her and that nothing she has done can change the love of God for her. My dear brothers and sisters, there is no veil. We are all here together and we are as God created us, One Spirit and One Love. Fly high my darling, fly up to Heaven’s gate. It’s doors are open for you…and for me. This is not what I was expecting to receive on the night of the full moon, but how could I ask for anything greater than to see into spirit and help a lost soul. God knows my heart. I am here to save God’s son from his many illusions. I am here to heal and to make whole all those who fear they are broken and lost. Will you not join me my beloved brothers and sisters? There are worlds of lost souls in need of the Light and the Love it brings. To save God’s son is the work before us♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Will you not shed a holy tear for God’s son who fears his Father so and believes hell is waiting for him? For his release is ours also. We go back to the Father as One. On this lovely night of the full moon, I commit my life to saving God’s son.


The Message

The Message…..I went to Burnaby Lake tonight around sunset to get a feeling for the big night tomorrow….the full moon. Burnaby Lake has been my teacher for these many years and I have accepted my position as a learner. I always come expecting to get a message. Part of the way ACIM has changed my life is in my relationship with nature. I literally feel no distance between myself and nature. I “know” and feel all the flowers, animals, birds, ducks, geese to be my “brothers.” They are a part of the Son of God along with me and my human brothers and I love them. There is some form of quantum communication we share. I know the flowers put on their best when I come to see them and the Honeysuckle smells sweet just for me. The bees linger longer around the flowers when they know I am watching them. The ducks and geese always put on a show for me. The lilies are more beautiful when I am there. The beavers flap their tails louder and the fish jump higher. We are one family and we love each other. Sometimes a deeper quantum happening takes place and I experience the Beloved in all things, including in me. At such times, all things remember their divinity and we are One. So tonight I listened for the message, thinking I could get a sense of what the full moon tomorrow will bring! I listened hard. I listened for the music nature sings to me. But there was silence. Then a flower spoke to me and I was overwhelmed in wholiness. Tears came down my face as the Blue Heron placidly swooped down from the trees and began to fish for his supper. He is my most prized sight in the marsh and I know he came out for me. My love for him was sent on quantum wings and he manifested. This marsh is a part of me, and I it. Here I am not Joe Shore. I am the Heron and the birds, the flowers and the bees. I am the fish that swim and the beavers that dance, and I am Whole. The Beloved and I are One. Maybe it won’t seem strange then that at this point I saw the ducks and geese placidly floating on the water, without thought or burden. And then it came into my old Hippie mind that they were “stoned.” They were absolutely “stoned” on the energy that was making its way into the marsh. They were “hammered.” A smirk and a smile came to my face, and I thought to ourself, “It’s going to be THIS kind of full moon, is it?” Bring it on. Bring out the Jethro Tull records and Led Zeppelin albums, and a little Joe Cocker too!! Bring out that Hookah!! We are going to watch the walls melt! What a message tonight and what a night tomorrow will bring!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Heron-2

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear, buried under the deepest level of repression, is that love will fail us in some way! We do not yet firmly realize that nothing real can be threatened. We still carry around this haunting, debilitating fear that either we are inherently unlovable or that love will suddenly turn on us and become hate. This fear is the biggest gun in the arsenal of the ego and at some time our repression mechanism will indeed fail us and we will have to confront this, the deepest of all our fears. That one person you love more than anyone else in the world will be the subject of the ego’s next little story it tries to create in your mind. S/he will fail you in this story. S/he will turn on you and say she/he never really loved you, or worse yet, that you are too old, too fat, too ugly, too this or that to merit her/his love. And in this story you will be devastated, left with nothing to hold on to and no future to look forward to. We still do not realize that we help to create this holographic reality by entertaining this, the worst of all stories. We will play out various ends to the story a hundred times, see ourselves homeless, destitute and loveless, or see our suicide which we will commit as one last act of anger against such lovelessness. You will see yourself asking a thousand times, “Why didn’t s/he love me? I loved her/him so deeply. How could she/he fail me? How could God fail me?” That is the deepest pit in this fear, the belief that God is not enough. In your story you will suffer without God’s intervention. God is powerless to change your story! Is this not the deepest despair? That is where the ego wants to take us and that is where we cannot go. As any soul who has done it will tell you, suicide will not change things. You will just be a despairing soul without a body. The ego believes there is no way out of this despair except to change the “other” person. “Make her/him love me, God! Change her/him!” And you really know that the “other” person is not going to change! She is NOT going to change her mind and marry you! He is NOT going to come back and tell you he loves you!! We have set up the story too well!!! At some point–take as long as you like–we are going to have to surrender our despair! We are going to have to trust God again!! We are going to have to hear the music and ignore the little stories!! We CAN create a world based on love instead of fear! We can! Love is our natural inheritance. We can find the way!! Though the path be dark, because we have tried to extinguish the light, we can find the way. And as we do, look to your left and right and see you are not alone. We are all on this journey together. We have all lived in the same world of fear. In our minds, love has let us all down a thousand times and made fools of our passion. To me, the first step in turning on the lights, is to have compassion for our brothers and sisters in this journey with us. In this journey, someone you may not know well, will say to you, “I love you.” It will surprise the hell out of you and you will react with fear. You will come up with a thousand things to say to make him/her go away. Let me hand out one little piece of advice. When someone says, “I love you” to you, you might want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Precious few people will say those words to you in this life!! Don’t jump into a lecture about how s/he is simply obsessed or needy or experiencing attachment! You might just say a simple “thank you” and smile, and if the spirit leads you to, you might even want to know that person a little better. This is a good first step out of the hologram of fear that we recreate daily. S/he might indeed really love you! Wouldn’t that spoil your story?


The Stream of Ages

The stream of ages flows and in it is all that is of love. You and I are one bubble in that stream. Could we but see the world truly, the flow is all we would see. All love is the same. In every place and in every one you have experienced it, it is part of that stream of ages. I sit here now with my companion, Blanche, and we are one love in two silly bodies.:) The flow comes into and through the heart. Here we live and move and have our very being. We are Love’s Presence:) We are the magnificent radiance of God!♥♥♥ Could we but know that and stay in the flow, the world we think we see would disappear and all separations removed. Love is and we are its manifestations. We are the bubbles in the stream and the rocks over which it flows. We are source and the end. We Love therefore we are, not as separate bodies, but as One. We are the breath of the wind through the trees; we are the cat’s purr; we are the happiness of two becoming one; we are the birds that fly through the air and the fish that swim through the creeks; we are the Love that holds all things together as One; and we are here NOW, not in time, but in this moment of Love realized and fear vanquished. We are the tears that stream down our faces; we are the arms that embrace us; we are Love’s Presence, and there is nothing to do. No ambitions can stand in Love’s Presence. Consciousness itself cannot stand in Love’s Presence. From deep within the unconscious flow of the stream of ages, I know that I Love you.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥269336_388327181227476_1611554788_n