God Chaser!

Some people are storm chasers. They chase tornadoes and get valuable information even while putting their lives at risk and some die. I am not a storm chaser. I am a God chaser. I have been all my life. I have just gotten much better at it over the past 15 years. Last year I went God chasing to Brazil to see the world’s greatest healer, John of God. He works out of his healing center called La Casa de Dom Inacio in the little village of Abadiania, Goias, Brazil, about two hours from Brasilia. I didn’t fully know why I was going but I obeyed an inner voice that directed me. All God chasers are like Abraham. We hear an inner voice that tells us to leave the old land and journey to a new land that will be shown to those who trust. The journey to Abadiania opened my spirit into transdimensionality, in which I have been working a year now. I am going back to Abadiania shortly, God chasing again. I am simply going to visit “home” again. I discovered my true Higher Self in the village streets of Abadiania. Abadiania is a part of the Higher Self I am. I am not searching outside of myself. Abadiania is a part of me. The greatest vortex of healing energy in the world is there. The wonderful transdimensional entities are there. But just as wonderful to me are the little dogs that live on the streets, the sweet little chickens who live a beautiful life in the open lots, guarded by their rooster and the village people who life such a beautiful simple life in a village which has no doctor, no drug store, not even a barber. Food is purchased from area farmers who just picked the fruit and vegetables.The village shares the vortex of energy with the Casa and with our beautiful John of God. Abadiania is a part of my immense Higher Self. Going there again will change me yet again and open up my journey into remembrances of yet other dimensions of my Higher Self. We are going Home, dear ones. We are letting go of all things not of Love. We are embracing the Love that we in truth are. I wept last year as I left Abadiania. I will weep this year when I arrive. I know Abadiania is in my heart and can never leave me. And I am eager to the Chase now. I will know who I am and I will see you as God created you♥ I will keep God chasing while this silly dream of a universe lasts, and I will laugh at the tiny mad idea that dreamed up the idea that a part could break off from the Whole and observe it.