Healing God’s Son

Today God’s Son needs to be healed, and who will be his healer? Today God’s Son is asleep in a nightmare of good and evil, in a world he created out of guilt and fear to hide herein from His Father. He believes himself to be sinful, guilty and fearful, separate and alone, an ego encased in a bio-bag of mostly water. From this fragile and tiny citadel he looks out upon the world and sees his nightmare reflected back to him. He sees darkness and believes it is real. He sees light and is afraid of it, like some mole creature who cannot walk in the day. This is the pitiful image the son of God has made for himself in a world where weak and pitiful, helpless creatures come to die. Will you not save him, and you with him? Look but in the face of one so lost in dreams and see the Christ there, and seeing him in your brother can you fail but to see him in yourself? Forgive your terrified brother for all the sins he fears he has committed and receive your own absolution there as well. For today, all of God’s separated sons will be the focus of our prayer. Let healing come to the broken mind of him who shares Christ and knows his Father so well. Today is the day we blow away illusions and see God’s son as he is, guiltless, blameless and Holy, the radiance of His Father. Can you not find your little self in that grand vision, for you are there? God’s son is whole and One and we go back into the Father as Whole and One. One Love, radiating from the Father through a Spiritual Universe where only Love, Truth and Knowledge exist. As we step to the edge of re-entering the Ocean of God, I see you there, and you, and you, and you my friend, and you who were my enemy. Countless billions of split sons walk together into that Ocean and remember themselves; and the Father is happy at last because He knows that His Son who was asleep is now awakening and rejoining with Him in the eternal extension of Love’s Presence. O Happy Day, happy day, when the Love of God washed me away and gave me an Ocean of His Presence for my portion.