Leaving 3D

We came into this 3rd dimension to learn from polarity. Well, it is time to leave now! Haven’t we had enough of duality? Haven’t we had enough of projecting the opposite? We got real “good” at this game. We call ourselves “good” and name the “other” as bad and we have a great time of it! Somebody posted on FB “Goodbye to the third dimension. Thanks for teaching us polarity but you won’t be missed.” That should be the truth of it but some have gotten “stuck” in the game. Some want to keep the world in the 3rd dimension. That includes you and me every time we hate our brother for being “bad,” because we are so sure he deserves our hatred, right? It includes greedy capitalists who want to drain every asset from the planet. But wait…don’t hate them for it! That is the duality game! You see how stuck we are? To survive we will have to move up to the fifth dimension, get real perspective, learn real love, and stop projecting the opposite. That is how we started the 3D game and how we perpetuate it! We project the opposite! We will have to stop watching CNN. We will have to turn off the media because they are all enforcing 3D. They want to feed us fear, fear, fear, and keep the duality going! Many of us are in transit now through 4th dimensional thinking. We have experienced love’s presence as our own and we will never forget it. We have remembered our immensity and will never think again that we are a body! We have seen the Light and we know the darkness is not real! We have journeyed into the Light and felt angels’ touch. We have shared Thoughts with God. We will not go back to 3D. We bare the Light and we are taking it Home.