The Distance to God

In truth, the distance between God and I is nil, since I am a part of Him and have not left Home. But I travel in dreams and am a part of the Son’s crazy dream that he could be something different from his Father. We have gone through this many times. The Son’s crazy dream is fueled by GUILT that, just as you were taught in Sunday School, he has rebelled against god and god is very angry. So the Son projects into a physical world and physical bodies wherein to hide from his Father. The Son is not “playing” here. He is not extending God’s love! He is hiding in a body wherein he believes his Father, being Spirit, cannot see. But the veil of forgetfulness has fallen over the Son’s eyes after he projects into the universe and splits in the zillions and zillions of sensory data of the universe. He now feels that he IS a body and bound to die. Thankfully the Holy Spirit—the memory of the Truth–has come with the Son into this universe. The Holy Spirit’s job is to awaken the sleeping split sons and bring them together so they can awaken from the dream of duality. As long as you believe you are a body and in this physical world you will perceive distance between you and God, but it is just an illusion as is the physical universe. As I begin to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and forgive I also begin to see light around all things. As I forgive the world it begins to reflect the Light which is also Love. Now here is where dimensional talk comes in. 3D is just another name for the belief in the reality of individuality (my body, your body), separateness, duality, and morbidity. When we follow the Holy Spirit’s vision we see differently. Some call that the 4th dimension, a transitional state from duality towards non-duality. The 5th dimension is an awakening to the awareness of Love’s Presence. The 6th dimension on upwards is more and greater of Love’s Presence. All of these dimensions are as illusory as the physical world, but they are helpful illusions (like forgiveness–since there is nothing really to forgive) that are like stages to awakening. There are stages to sleep and stages to awakening. These stages to awakening are often thought of as dimensions. As long as you understand that they are illusory there is no problem. When I rise up in dimensions, I perceive less distance between God and I. This is obviously still an illusion since I have never left God, but the dreamer is beginning to rouse and stir. What if I could almost awaken, like someone sleeping begins to awaken as he hears faint sounds in another room. He is in that hypnagagic state between sleep and waking. What if in that state (call it a higher dimension if you will) I could almost touch God? I go to the filmiest edge of the dream and can almost see the Ocean of God on the other side of the film. I can poke at it and feel its flimsy substance. Really I could walk right through that flimsy film and go right into God’s Ocean! The Father is unconscious Love, flowing and extending throughout the spiritual universe which IS reality. If He were conscious He would be particular, and in Tillich’s famous words, just “a being along side other beings.” Thank God, God is not like that! You and I are a part of the divine Ocean of Love. Haven’t you had enough of 3D yet!!! How many more aeons are you going to keep coming into this illusion, projecting problems, pretending to find solutions! LOVE ALREADY! IT’S IN YOUR TRUE NATURE! And today I love all of my 638 FRIENDS. We are all ONE DIVINE MIND and we are awakening…ascending in the dimensions…going Home where we have safely been throughout all this long dream. But thank God, the dreamer is finally awakening♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥