The Gift of Spiritual Motion

We are all being given the gift of spiritual motion right now. We are being taught by Light Beings to let go of all fear and its miscreations, and live out of love. The awareness of that living out of love is called the Fifth Dimension. Many of us are spending a lot of time in the fourth dimension as we learn to see only love and transition to true vision. This is how we awaken and this is what awakening feels like. It is also what you could call ascension. Those of us who practice ACIM would prefer to consider it an awakening. No matter. Love by any other name is still the same and to live in Love’s Presence is indeed our natural birthright. Even science is awakening. I posted a video of quantum physicists saying that the universe in unreal. The father of Quantum Physicsts, Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger, calculated that the number of all minds in this universe is ONE! This information was coming out long before the Course came through. We are all One Mind, even though we appear to be split into individuals. The Course takes us from there. Some of our teachers are our brothers on this illusory planet and some are from other illusory planets in different dimensions. We are awakening dear ones. Since my trip to John of God in Brazil I have been taught by Light Beings who work through John. They are only love and I can approach them only when I am in that love. What will it be like to live in love without an opposite? Something like this I suspect. Before I went to see John of God I had an experience of total Oneness which lasted three weeks. It was fifth dimensional. I shared it with you in this form:A stillness has come to me

A stillness has come to me which is unlike anything I have experienced before. The Love of God has come into my mind to take up abode. I am not alone, nor lonely,nor do I ever feel bored. I am actively experiencing the Love of God in my mind. I need no TV. The thought of it is humorous. I need nothing. I eat my meals while looking happily out my window at the beautiful clouds and mountains. I walk to the grocery store, talk to the street beggars with a smile and love in my heart while I pull out the change in my pocket and give it to them. I come back home and look at the clouds and the mountains and am more than content. Songs play in my mind of peace and the love of God. I write on Facebook, email friends, and pet the cat. What more need there be? I am still inside and need no entertainment. I know that I am a part of God and share his holiness and glory. I am at the gates of heaven. This is a stillness which I have not had before. This is not the stillness from nature, as beautiful as that is. This is the Love of God which has taken up abode in my heart and I want for nothing more; not fame, nor riches, not wife, nor position. I have found peace and happiness within the Love of God. And I am not alone here in my mind. You are here too. We are all one Mind and we are almost home. We are the Glory of God.
The Glory cloud of God will fall on us. Be grateful that it will fall. Nothing in all your life has prepared you for anything like being under the Glory cloud of God. You will not be able to stand. The body cannot stand in the Glory of God. In the Glory cloud there is the weight of holiness and as much as our spirits belong there, the body does not! The body will groan, shout, and travail under the Glory cloud. But your spirit will never want to be any other place than in the Glory of God. We belong in the Glory cloud of God. We are the rays of His Glory. When the Glory cloud falls the spirit remembers its true home. We know then that we are not a body, but a spirit and a part of the Great Spirit of God. The holiness we feel under the Glory cloud is our holiness as well. But the body can only groan or bark like dogs. In the Glory cloud we speak the language of the Spirit. No human language can work in the Glory cloud.
Pray for the Glory of God to fall, as we awaken to Self, One with God. In the Glory cloud will all our lessons be reviewed. In the Glory cloud will we climb up the ladder. In the Glory cloud will we see Jesus. In the Glory cloud we will know our Home. Soon we will be done with the troubles of the world. Soon we will just be what we are. We are the Glory cloud of God.
The Glory of God is all I need.
The Glory of God is my Home.
The Glory of God is my peace.
The Glory of God removes all illusions,
None can stand in The Glory of God.
The Glory of God is all I want.
The Glory of God is all I seek.
The Glory of God is the will of my spirit.
The Glory of God is the answer to my deepest question:
“Who am I?”
I am the Glory of God,
As rays from the sun,
I am His Glory.
I am The Glory of God.