How Much Love

We do not know how much Love there is in our present condition. We do not know how many “dimensions” there are or how spirit views what we call dimensions. We have been in a dream where nothing is clear but we are coming out of it now. We are beginning to awaken from our long nightmare of separateness and duality, the phantom world of bodies, of sin, guilt and fear. Let us simply keep open by admitting the fact that we do not know much yet about Love, nor do we remember very well our heavenly ways. At best, as St. Paul said, we see “as through a glass darkly.” But we will remember. We will awaken fully to Love’s Presence and it will put an end to silly stories. The fully awakened, One Son will know that it is impossible for Him to be anything unlike His Father♥♥ The One Love Son is the radiance of God, and that we are NOW even as split sons who think we are a body. I am NOT a body. I am the son of God and I will know my Father’s Love for me.♥♥♥