The need for love and connection

Love is an ache we all share. Even the biggest ego secretly aches for something he doesn’t know. We are all drawn to music and nature because they radiate the love we need and the connection we crave. This need is wonderful. It shows us a light away from the dark world, shining towards a Source we have almost forgotten. It shines through the denial and repression we have used to keep ourselves in the body. It begins to open our eyes to another world we always hoped existed but were too afraid to ask for. The time is now to remove denial and repression and remember our ancient identity. We would know ourselves as God made us, and take nothing less for an identity. The ocean of God’s Love is our Home. We travel here in dreams while safely at Home in that Ocean. Nothing real is extinguished there. The fullness of that Ocean enters into the one drop of this life. Perfectly remembered in the Mind of God are all your loving thoughts and deeds. All else was illusion and cannot enter that Mind. Nothing real can be threatened♥ You can let down your defenses now and invite the Truth to make itself known. If you defend yourself you will be attacked. “If I defend myself I am attacked. But in defenselessness I will be strong, and I will learn what my defenses hide.” I will know myself as God created me and I will know the Love that I have craved.♥♥♥