To save God’s son

I have written many times about my mediumistic abilities so I will not shock you by sharing something. Often I get a feeling of remembrance about someone I knew and I begin to wonder, “Where is s/he now?” I may try to check old emails or google the person, check old connections, and many times I come up dry, but the desire to know about that person stays. And then, sooner or later, it hits me that the person has died and crossed over into spirit. Then it is so easy for me to connect with that person, talk with them, share with them, help them if they need it. I would not trade this gift for anything. Instead, I pray that God will amplify my ability so I can help others. There was a young girl I knew in the late 1990’s who came to a church I was going to at the time. She had many problems. I visited her in hospital once. She had a crushed spirit and I so wanted to help her, but I was not high enough at the time. Religion was putting a damper on my mediumistic gifts. Yesterday I had the strongest desire to find out where she was now. I checked all the usual sources. Then tonight at this lovely full moon, I knew that she was in spirit. I cried. I reached up and touched her. She had died of a drug overdose and her soul was still in confusion and illusion. We talked for a good while and I brought her the Light, and set her eyes on it. I watched as she followed it up. I watched as her spirit changed from dark to light. I told her all the things that religion had denied her, that she is still as God created her, that God is not angry at her and that nothing she has done can change the love of God for her. My dear brothers and sisters, there is no veil. We are all here together and we are as God created us, One Spirit and One Love. Fly high my darling, fly up to Heaven’s gate. It’s doors are open for you…and for me. This is not what I was expecting to receive on the night of the full moon, but how could I ask for anything greater than to see into spirit and help a lost soul. God knows my heart. I am here to save God’s son from his many illusions. I am here to heal and to make whole all those who fear they are broken and lost. Will you not join me my beloved brothers and sisters? There are worlds of lost souls in need of the Light and the Love it brings. To save God’s son is the work before us♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Will you not shed a holy tear for God’s son who fears his Father so and believes hell is waiting for him? For his release is ours also. We go back to the Father as One. On this lovely night of the full moon, I commit my life to saving God’s son.