“Eating” is a part of the scandalous nature of this 3rd dimensional dream world! Thank god it is not real. If it were, we would all be murderers. In this dream world nothing lives unless something else dies. We can be like the Buddhists and vow not to harm a sentient being and be vegetarians—and that is fine–but life still suffers for us in the vegetable world. EVERYTHING IS SENTIENT! We have made “practical” choices in this dimension. We will eat animals but we won’t eat our neighbor! Yet the difference is purely in our ego minds. In truth every animal, every plant, is our brother. We choose to eat some brothers and not others!!! What would happen if you went over to your neighbor’s house and knocked on his door and said, “We are having a dinner party tonight and I would really like to cook your liver with some nice fava beans and wine. Could I have your liver please?” That sounds pretty Monty Python but that is exactly what we do when we raise our pigs, chickens, cows, and sheep and then kill them to eat them!! Thank God it is all an illusion. We are just eating their illusory bodies, but that could also be said if we ate your neighbor!! The only way out of this cruel world is to see that it is unreal and awaken into spirit. We need to begin to look at eating the way we look at tragedies: “God did not make that plane crash, so it is not real.” “God did not make that horrible event, so it is not real.” “God did not make that chicken dinner, so it is not real.” We are all as God created us, One Spirit, part of Him, sharing His nature, spirit, not physical, all Loving, no opposite. But while we are here in this illusion, love your neighbor and all your brothers! 1♥